Postal's Account Picker for Marketing Agencies

Patty DuChene

As a marketing or sales professional, you may be familiar with the ability to manage one or multiple accounts within a platform of choice for your online communication.

However, for offline communication, it's a new concept for Admins to manage multiple accounts at a time.

When it comes to platforms having team management capabilities, this has been around for a while in CRMs and Sales Automation Platforms. Yet until recently, this has been a foreign concept when it comes to leveraging platforms that automate offline communication.

That's why we created the Account Picker tool within Postal's online-to-offline engagement platform.

With Postal's Account Picker, now you can switch between multiple accounts to manage team billing, team users, and content, all without having to sign-out repeatedly.

This tool is built for agencies and teams looking to separate their messaging and sending usage. For example think of a marketing team and a sales team within the same organization. Both teams may have a separate budget and saved messages they want to pick from. In this case, the Account Picker would be a great option for both teams to manage their spending and sending volume independently.

The Account Picker also helps agencies manage their customers. Consultants or agencies always aim to take a hands-on approach while maintaining transparency. Similarly, as an executive, you want to have the oversight to see into the performance of your sales and marketing teams.

Interested? Here's the basics of how this functionality works:

Simply log-in as the Administrator of Postal and from there go ahead and invite Users. You can also assign them to a team if you wish. Users can then toggle between accounts and teams once they've been added.

We recommend the Administrator of the account to set up a team's budgets and billing. Admins will still have full oversight of multiple teams or accounts and won't be restricted to solely one.

Maintaining organization across the accounts you work with is imperative to your job. With the Account Picker, you now have the power to manage multiple accounts or teams, to ensure their offline communication is aligned seamlessly with your other channels.

Account-Based Marketing
Patty DuChene

Patricia DuChene (also known as Pat, Patti, Patty, Tricia, and PD) is the Vice President of Sales at Postal, an Experience Marketing platform that generates leads, increases sales, and improves customer retention. Prior to joining Postal, Patricia was the Vice President of Int'l Sales & Managing Director for a work management software company called Wrike, where she built out client facing teams in Dublin IRE, Melbourne AU Tokyo JP, and Kyiv UA. A native of the 805, she was thrilled to join the Postal team with the promise of delivering an authentic, scalable engagement platform in San Luis Obispo. She is a passionate advocate for women in technology and takes an active approach when encouraging women to consider careers in technology. When she isn't in the office, Patricia can be found hiking with her husband and princess pug, Hammond von Schnitzel.