10 Creative Corporate Gift Ideas for Revenue Teams

Richie Pusateri

From marketing and evaluation, to closing and customer success, revenue teams face numerous challenges in an increasingly digital and ever-competitive market. Even once teams have determined their ideal customer profile (ICP), found organizations with matching pain points, and identified decision-makers within these accounts, it can be a challenge to reach out and make a genuine impact that convert leads to sales, and eventually long term relationships.

Once accounts have been established, minimizing turnover and retaining customers becomes its own challenge. As high turnover can be exceedingly costly, every part of the customer journey is crucial to nail to achieve growth and success. It’s hard enough to find qualified leads, and once you do, it can be another challenge to turn those into conversions. Even with a competitive product, it’s difficult to break free from the clutter of digital marketing that business-critical prospects are inundated with.

One of the ways revenue teams are often able to bolster their success is through offline engagement. In an increasingly digital business world, offline experiences such as corporate gifts hold the potential to stand out among the flood of digital advertising and outreach. Unique gifts help sales teams create authentic connections with prospects, and branded gifts for clients are helpful for retention and spreading brand presence. Above all gifts should be perceived as thoughtful and meaningful. Corporate gifting is a massive industry and a widespread practice—it’s important for revenue teams to ensure that their efforts can stand out among the rest.

Some of the ways gifts can have a diminished or less-than-positive impact are them being perceived as low value, generic, or impersonal. Creating positive connections is important, especially for revenue teams who wish to reach prospects and clients who value positive personal relationships in business. To that end, creative corporate gift ideas are necessary.

Marketing gift ideas must reflect these needs and create lasting impressions. All too often, corporate gifting ideas fall short of these requirements and gifts leave little to no desired impression on recipients. People aren’t only advere to digital marketing tactics, they’re often fed up with ill-fitted t-shirts and unwanted generic gifts as well.

Why go-to-market teams should use personalized gifts

One of the most important elements of a successful gift is how meaningful it seems to the recipient. At the core of a gift is the message that it sends to a recipient. With that in mind, it’s important to consider what message a gift is sending when you’re trying to break through to a high value account or close an important deal. That’s why personalized business gifts for clients and prospects can be powerful.

Personalized corporate gifts have the power to perform much better than generic counterparts. There are a few approaches to personalization. Speaking to interests that a recipient has expressed is one way to create a personal experience. Another is through custom personalization—items such as monogrammed corporate gifts that bear the name of a recipient. Another is through curation—creating sets of gifts that are designed with a recipient in mind. Sending custom corporate gifts with a logo is also an excellent way of integrating personalization with brand awareness.

All it takes is a little bit of personal touch to create experiences that are unforgettable and carry a positive impact to last. A prospect who has mentioned their love of cooking, for instance, might particularly enjoy a gift set of high quality infused olive oil and balsamic from Dorota Botanicals as a way of saying “thanks for taking the time to meet up.”

With so many touch points at every level of our online experiences, gifting makes a great compliment to existing digital channels. The idea behind lead magnets is that they offer reciprocity to potential customers who’ve shown interest in a product or service you offer. Gift incentives offer that same reciprocity in a very tangible format. Imagine, for instance, that rather than simply offering a download of your ebook through a landing page, you could automatically offer a $5-$10 gift card to further incentivize engagement—you can imagine how engagement might increase.

Unique executive gifts to break into target accounts

While at one time, marketing and sales teams may have focused primarily on generating as many leads as possible, many now focus on generating quality leads and finding higher value prospects based on compatibility, volume and pain points.

The latter approaches—account-based sales (ABS) and account-based marketing (ABM) seek to cut out inefficiencies in marketing and sales can save time and resources. Marketing and sales teams can spend less time and resources on prospects that aren’t a good fit or don’t offer high volumes and more time with important accounts that offer higher volume of sales and services. Sales teams who utilize a MEDDIC approach may be familiar with the concept. For sales and marketing teams taking a measured and targeted approach, the right premium gift ideas can help foster engagement and interest.

Within these approaches, effective gifting strategies enable sales and marketing teams to more successfully pursue prospects that have been qualified as potentially high-value. Unique executive gifts are an excellent way to reach high-level decision makers and influencers within target organizations, and hold the power to create a lasting impression that adds a needed personal touch. Champions within these organizations can be important to connect with, and unique high end corporate gifts are an effective way to show good will and offer reciprocity after meetings. Even after virtual meetings, luxury virtual gifts are a powerful way to encourage further engagement and signal a serious interest in providing prospects the best experience as potential customers or clients.

Branded corporate gift ideas for customers and employees

Your brand is everything. Encompassing your professional reputation, and a key asset to marketing and sales teams, brand awareness is highly important. One of the ways to establish and spread your brand presence is through branded gifting. Branded corporate gifts enable senders to combine a delightful positive experience with their brand, associating the two and creating impact. For employees, this can mean an easy way they can identify with their organization and feel a sense of pride in their team and organization. For clients, this can mean they have a positive association with your brand and think of it fondly when they see or use your gift.

Branded corporate gift ideas can take a few approaches; they can be highly useful items that recipients are likely to use often, charming and funny gifts that they smile when they think of, and luxury gifts that they come to associate with your brand when they enjoy. Funny corporate gifts, when branded, hold the power to make your recipient smile or chuckle every time they see your brand logo. Luxury corporate gifts with logos, such as an engraved gin set, can combine your brand with a pleasurable experience. 

Unique client gift ideas

Customer and client retention are essential. For one thing, finding new customers can be far more costly than retaining existing ones. It’s also good for your brand reputation to be able to retain customers for the long haul. What’s more, long time customers can become valuable sources of referrals. There are many client gifting use cases that can help you retain customers for the long haul, whether they’re new customers, or long time customers that you want to keep around. Unique client gift ideas can take a few different approaches—novelty, personalization, memorability—or best, all of the above. Gifts for clients during covid, for instance, often featured self care items and at-home work essentials. Corporate gifting is a common practice, so unique corporate gifts can be important for standing out. Gift ideas for VIP clients should be meaningful and personal, but also memorable and unique.

Sending personalized gift boxes, curated to speak to recipient interests is an excellent way to show clients that you value your personal relationship with them. Gifts that are particularly novel and tailored to individual recipients such as a pet grass kit for a client who has mentioned their cats, or a Gone Fishin’ gift box, containing snacks, a puzzle, a unique knife, and a fishing care kit for a client who has mentioned their weekend fishing trips, or a can be some of the most memorable, thoughtful experiences. High end corporate gifts for clients, such as a customized bottle of champagne from Dumangin, featuring a client’s name engraved on the bottle can wow and leave a lasting impression.

Customer incentive ideas that drive action

Acquiring customers is half the battle. Engaging further purchases and engagement, and fostering long term retention is the next challenge. Incentive marketing aims to encourage further engagement from customers through incentives—for example, offering gifts with purchases, or sending a token of appreciation for valuable feedback.

Customer incentive ideas can directly encourage engagement by offering gifts as reciprocal value associated with customer action, or they can indirectly incentivize further engagement through gifting during important occasions such as holidays or career milestones of customers. Christmas gift ideas for clients that offer incentives to continue with you for another great year might include delectables such as a Sweet Treats Holiday Tower from Gourmet gifts, including three tiers of sweets to satisfy even the sweetest of tongues, or a Perfect Pair Holiday Cookie Tin from Christie Cookie Co., featuring not only 3 flavors of cookies, but brownies as well.

Even inexpensive customer appreciation gifts can send a clear message that you highly value your customers, and want to provide them with the best experience possible. Cheap gifts with purchase ideas might include sending a customer who has made a recent purchase with a You Are Appreciated chocolate bar and card from Postal vendor Sweeter Cards, or a You Plant We Plant Tree Cup, giving your recipient everything they need to plant their own tree. Even better, Forest Nation will plant 10 trees in a developing country, 11 if recipients use the code on the kit to name their tree online.

Corporate gifts for employees

Today’s market isn’t just competitive for businesses. It’s competitive for employers as well. Showing employees that they’re appreciated doesn’t just boost motivation and morale; it also drives loyalty and helps reduce turnover. Corporate gifts for employees are a strong way to remind team members that they’re valued individuals in a strong team that values a positive work environment for everyone. These corporate gift ideas are perfect for sending that message to your employees.

Luxury corporate gifts, such as a Taste of Napa Valley Wine Gift Set from Kerr Cellars, featuring critically acclaimed cabernet sauvignon and sauvignon blanc, or a powerful and portable bluetooth speaker from Bose, can create a strong impact. Expensive employee gifts can more than make up for their own cost, motivate employees, and foster loyalty and productivity. Branded gifts for employees, and customized corporate gifts, such as a Home Town Map blanket, adorned with a map of a recipient’s home town, or a box of cookies, branded with your logo bring customizable flair and foster pride among employees.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your marketing approaches or create a positive work environment and show employees how much they’re appreciated, Postal can help. Reach out for a trial with Postal to see how through a robust Offline Marketing Automation platform, you can make gifting personal at scale, and send out the best corporate gifts of 2022 with ease.

Corporate Gifting Best Practices
Richie Pusateri

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