Getting Creative with Lead Engagement: An Omnichannel Approach

Ben Jablow

In this webinar, I was joined by Daniel Cross, Director of Business Development at Verse to uncover creative strategies to leverage in an omnichannel approach to engage with leads.

If you’re in sales or marketing, you’re most likely familiar with how a lead lifecycle works. In most businesses, leads come in rapidly and representative typically outbound with a one-time phone call...yet oftentimes, the lead on isn’t picking up or being responsive.Any sales and marketing team knows how a sales cycle works with leads. In the majority of B2B and B2C businesses, the lead is generated and a salesperson or inside sales agent (ISA) responds with a phone call. However, this is where the common struggles lie, many leads aren’t answering the call whatsoever.Here's some possible reasons why:

The lead is in a busy environment and can’t talk on the phone adequately

They don’t know who is calling and don’t pick up because of it

The lead hates talking on the phone

The lead thinks it is a spam call

The lead isn’t interested in the product or service you’re selling

The list goes on, and the sad truth is most conversations rely on an automated sequence with a hopeful response...which is why personalization throughout channels is a must to get the most out of your strategy.The reasons are endless, but the reality is: an automated sequence with a hopeful response is not guaranteeing any connection. This is why personalizing and diversifying communication approaches will squeeze the most juice out of leads you’re already generating.

What is missing in your sales approach?

The best in the business are working the top of the funnel with an omnichannel approach. With the pandemic and it’s circumstances, traveling and conferencing have nearly come to a standstill.As a result, companies rely on Sales Engagement and Marketing Automation platforms - Outreach, SalesLoft, HubSpot, etc...but the best companies are figuring out creative ways to stand out. In doing so, some of the highest performing organizations have discovered how to STAND OUT across multiple channels.

Are there other channels to implement?

Companies have become extremely sufficient regarding the automation of emails, phone calls, texting, social engagement, etc. This is why Postal had to build robust relationships with the go-to platforms such as Outreach, SalesLoft, and HubSpot. However, such technology only covers digital process automation, and lacks the ability to break into the offline.Postal’s integrations now enable teams to automate engagement in the real-world as well. For instance, setting up a campaign to include a gift or note within an existing workflow, or through a specific triggered event in their CRM. In addition, Postal has made it easy for the everyday marketer to incentivize attendees or form fills by sending a MagicLink containing an item to claim.Verse saw a change in the market over the past 15 years. People were starting to become annoyed with constant phone calls from numbers they didn’t recognize. Verse realized that texting, which used to be invasive before unlimited SMS became the norm, was now the preferred method of communication for consumers. They began leveraging text in order to better connect and follow-up with leads. Their clients have much higher connection rates because of it.

Adapting to the changing times are tough...which is why leveraging Experience Marketing within existing strategies can be such a game-changer

There’s a trend taking place right now that wasn’t on the market a decade ago - the idea of “personalization at scale”. After the huge switch to automation in the early 2000s, relying on it can now be a tremendous downfall. Experience Marketing helps organizations add a human element to lead engagement.Just a little bit of personalization goes a long way! Even something as simple as offering a book with a personalized note can get the attention you need to create an opportunity for your sales team.

Is "personalization at scale" possible?

Knowing your audience is key, and understanding that is integral to connecting with them. Postal has vendors who will go as far as writing a personalized note for you to send to anyone...prospect, lead, customer, even employees! What we’ve found is personalizing in the offline, similar to digital channels, is what establishes that extra level of trust to bring in more clients.Most of our customers are those who’ve been on the receiving end of our mail or gifts - they were blown away by the thought of using Experience Marketing at the scale of channels such as email. Bringing in people and keeping them happy is enabling them to continue creating authentic connections in such trying times.In the end, automation and personalization are like two polarized magnets pushing against each other. However, the Experience Marketing channel is certainly a new, underutilized opportunity to personalize at scale.

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Ben Jablow

Ben is an experienced tech executive that has launched multiple products, built alliance & channel operations, and managed sales organizations. Jablow spent 16 years at CareerBuilder, developing and growing multiple products, including their Niche Websites. He also built and launched their partnership and channel program. Jablow was formerly the Chief Revenue Officer at Hunt Club and is currently VP of Alliances and Channels at Jablow is a board member of Zero Keyboard, and an advisory board member of multiple tech start-ups. He has his MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.