Infographic: Boosting Your Business with Strategic Gifting

Erik Kostelnik

Whether you recognize it or not, every single interaction with a lead, prospect, or customers has potential to add intrinsic value to an organization.

From sending an email to making a phone call, every point of communication matters. Sales and marketing technologies enable us to track many of these interactions, yet some simply perform much better than others.

How do you stand out and rise above the noise?

As the average person is getting over 100 emails a day, businesses will have to look elsewhere to create meaningful connections. Doing so offline via strategic gifting can create pattern interrupt and enhance relationships throughout your sales funnel.

From prospecting, to booking meetings, to customers retention, reciprocating each interaction with genuinely personalized gifts will boost your business.

Sales generates nearly twice as much revenue when they distribute a small gift at the onset of negotiations. And not to mention, rewarding high-performing customers will make them want to stay around.

We made this infographic that goes deeper regarding how you can boost your business with strategic gifting!


Each interaction you have provides another opportunity to add significant value to your organization. Depending on deal size, strategic gifting can add to this and provide an additional channel to your approach.

Creating human-like connections throughout your network is next to impossible strictly through digital channels. Showing reciprocity by engaging with gifts in the offline will reflect the sincerity of your message. Check out our guide to direct mail and gifting for more!

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  • 90% of prospects say they'd be willing to engage with salespeople early in their buying journey
  • Furthermore, 83% of Americans say they have a positive experience to receiving packages
  • Buyers want to hear from reps in the first stage: 71% when they’re looking for opportunities to improve their business and 62% when they're trying to solve a problem
  • Personalized gifts can help communicate this as 88% of marketers who used personalization saw a measurable lift in business results
  • 94% of top executives believe gifts facilitates a deeper personal connection and are important to business success
  • 54.1% purchase corporate gifts direct from the manufacturer/supplier: This process can be automated to save time
  • Sales reps generate more than twice as much revenue when they distribute a small gift at the onset of their negotiations
  • Over 80% of C-suite executives believe that business gifts generate positive measurable ROI in addition to intangible benefits
  • When business gifts were called “memorable” by their recipients, revenues for the campaign rose by 40%
  • In a Sales Hacker survey, they found useful gifts had a 47% chance of response, compared to edible gifts which had a 3.7% chance of a response
  • 82% of buyers take meetings with reps who reach out to them but 58% say these sales meeting aren't valuable
  • 70% of buying experiences are based on how a customer feels they are being treated
  • New customer acquisition is five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one
  • Increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase profits anywhere from 25-95%
  • 95% or more of millennials want their brands to actively court them
  • Gifts can increase sales revenue by 300%
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Erik Kostelnik

Erik Kostelnik is the co-founder and CEO of Postal, an Offline Marketing Automation platform that generates leads, increases sales, and improves customer retention. Prior to, Erik founded TextRecruit, one of the fastest-growing HR technology companies in the world, leading it to acquisition in 2018 by iCIMS, Inc. He also served as the Head of Sales at Wrike from 2014 to 2016 helping it reach #116 in 2015 Deloitte Fastest 500. Erik was named an Upstart 50 Top Inventor by the Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2017 and lives in San Luis Obispo, CA with his wife and three kids.