Introducing Playbooks

Shadi Mazoub

Marketing platforms that automate digital communications are essential within the tech stack of any organization. Yet when it comes to finding the right offline platform that automates back with your system of record platform, this can be costly, have a poor user interface, operate separately giving you no control, or all of the above.

Our main focus here at Postal is to enable our customers to have a seamless online to offline communication platform. Below I explain how marketers and CX teams can now automate physical items to be sent throughout a period of time, such as a subscription or contract, using Playbooks.

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Marketers and sales teams should never have to worry about unnecessary tasks outside of their existing digital platforms. Right now, to leverage handwritten postcards and gifts, teams are finding this as just another time-consuming task, not an integrated part of their workflows or sequences.

In the world of Marketing and Sales, digital drip campaigns to automate communication for nurturing prospects are native and a go-to. However in the offline world this is still a foreign concept.

So here at Postal we took note and developed a solution for online and offline efforts to come together.

What are Playbooks?


Playbooks from Postal are an offline "drip campaign" that automates the sending of direct mail and gifts from Postal's Marketplace over a series of days. As the admin, you are able to utilize any Saved Templates you store in Postal or customize your own based on the send step.

You then select contacts to add to a campaign and select a pre-made Playbook. If you need to stop a Playbook being sent to the campaign as a whole or to an individual contact, you can quickly disable it at any time.

Playbooks enable users to automate direct mail and gifting communication through steps set up by days. For instance Day 1 recipients receive a notecard and Day 7 recipients receive a gift card...but it's up to you to customize your Playbooks however you see fit.

Coffee Lover Playbook

Ideally, Playbooks are meant to help you and your team focus on more decisive tasks throughout your workday while automating personalized offline communication!

The Playbook will start when a contact is added and you set a delay to begin the steps. If you'd like to send out your Postal immediately, simply set the delay for Day 0. The Playbook will end for that contact once each step is completed.


This is a great way to connect and communicate with a set group of contacts. The gifts and direct mail you choose to engage with your contacts serves as a sub set of activities you are already doing online, helping to drive more leads and create quicker conversions.

Playbooks will give you the ultimate power of engaging with your contacts in the real world! Why limit your efforts to strictly online when you can open all channels of communication?

Our customers are already seeing a 2X their lift in their pipeline, and direct mail integrated with digital channels have seen response rates increase by 118%. You won't ever have to worry about sending manually again.

Sign-up today to start using Playbooks to fully automate your offline communication!

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