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Erik Kostelnik

If you're reading this, we want to first thank you for following us and taking your time today to hear what we've been up to. A new chapter in our company's history has begun and I can't be more excited to tell you about it.

The Big News

We are pleased to announce the official product launch of Postal and our $9 million dollar Series A financing round from Mayfield Fund, the sole investor.

     This was a strategic decision based on Mayfield’s success in the sales and marketing automation space with their early stage funding of unicorns Marketo and Outreach.The capital will be used to grow the Postal team and scale the revenue operations of the business.

Our Mission

After being in multiple sales and leadership roles over the last 20 years selling everything from power tools to AI software, I was inspired to start Postal after experiencing the difficulty of creating meaningful connections with customers.Creating these real human relationships are more important than ever in today’s world.

create human relationships

While sales and marketing technology has made it incredibly easy for companies to automate the sending and tracking of ads, social media, email, and text, until now, technology did not exist for the automation of sending and tracking your business’s offline engagement.

Existing solutions to this only cover large enterprise customers that are using expensive, time consuming, very personalized ABM gifts that are not scalable. We offer a solution that can be used by small businesses and enterprise companies alike. As a local real estate or insurance agent, you can now engage with the largest enterprise level technology companies with hundreds of sales and marketing professionals.

Postal is the first all in one platform that businesses need to manage offline communication with their prospects and customers.

Empathetic marketing and creating company/product brands is becoming essential for new and old businesses alike. Handshakes are gone, yet Postal introduces the ability to engage with customers offline.

Our mission is to empower customers to create authentic connections efficiently.

Our Journey

The last year has been quite the journey for us. We worked with our partners, thought leaders, and our customers understanding how today’s sales and marketers work along with the technology that makes them great.

During this time we've also grown our team to twenty-seven employees - the majority in San Luis Obispo and others working remotely across California, Arizona, and Chicago. While we're all currently working from home, as of almost three months ago we moved into our new office in the Pacific Coast Center off Higuera street.

Our engineering team headed by co-founder and CTO, Jed Danner, have been working around the clock to ensure our product is ready for launch.Based on LinkedIn data, there are 50m professionals that are in a sales based role. There are 51m marketing professionals. Every one of these people use digital engagement to communicate with their customers. Now Postal gives them the ability to leverage offline with the ease and speed of digital.

We're happy to report our customers are already seeing a significant increase in conversion rates when complimenting their digital efforts with offline engagement through Postal. The best part is it’s free to sign-up and start using today for up to 3 users.


customer success

Once signing up, admins can integrate their systems with existing CRMs, Sales Automation, and Marketing Automation platforms, creating data consistency and offline marketing automation through Postal triggers. Admins can also set user budgets, and design and approve all offline content and messaging for their team to use.

Users are then able to engage their contacts through personalized direct mail campaigns, gift/donation emails, or drip marketing playbooks in their own separate accounts. All activity records pull back to your integrations.If you don’t have direct mail designed already, the Postal design editor enables you to create your own direct mail designs with mail merge technology to personalize the text.

To help with work from home deliveries, Postal will send an address verification email that collects address information to complete the delivery of the direct mail piece.

Postal’s AI handwriting turns real handwriting into a font that can be used in the system to create an even more eye-catching effect.

The "Postal Anywhere" Chrome extension makes sending direct mail and gifts from the system as easy as email.

We also developed a proprietary metric called “Cost per Touch” or CPT, similar to Cost per Click or Cost per Lead, which helps you track and compare their average cost of offline engagement with online.

Offline Engagement

As response rates continue to fall and privacy regulations hinder marketers’ ability to retarget prospects digitally, direct mail will be an integral resource for sales and marketers.

Direct mail response rates more than double overall prospect conversion rates when integrated into the existing prospecting workflows of calls, emails, chat, digital ads, and text.

B2B sales and marketing has hit critical mass with their digital strategies and must differentiate themselves to capture eyeballs and stay competitive. Traditionally, B2B organizations take 3-5 years to follow the B2C trends.

Retail has been effectively merging direct mail with their digital marketing to drive personalized authentic connections with their customer base for years. There's no reason why Technology, Real Estate, Insurance, Healthcare, and other B2B sales professionals can’t leverage it the same way.

Thank You, from Our Team

thank you from our team

Thank you so much for being a part of our network. While our launch and financing will help get us off the ground, I can assure you there will be a lot more coming.

The team here at Postal couldn’t be more excited to help you create more meaningful connections with your prospects and customers. Start using our Offline Marketing Automation platform by signing-up for a free trial.

For more information about direct mail, gifting, and offline marketing, check out our guide!

Happy Selling!

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Erik Kostelnik

Erik Kostelnik is the co-founder and CEO of Postal, an Offline Marketing Automation platform that generates leads, increases sales, and improves customer retention. Prior to, Erik founded TextRecruit, one of the fastest-growing HR technology companies in the world, leading it to acquisition in 2018 by iCIMS, Inc. He also served as the Head of Sales at Wrike from 2014 to 2016 helping it reach #116 in 2015 Deloitte Fastest 500. Erik was named an Upstart 50 Top Inventor by the Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2017 and lives in San Luis Obispo, CA with his wife and three kids.