Announcing: New Enterprise-Grade Product Features

Allyssa Eclarin

Today we are thinking bigger.

Postal was created to help more brands bring a more humanized approach to their engagement with partners, employees, and customers. Today, we are proud to announce we are doubling down on that promise with even more new product features to help enterprise organizations go global while thinking local.

This product news comes on the heels of our latest funding announcement. We’re excited to announce that we added more new features that will help enterprise organizations surprise and delight every customer, partner, and employee.

  • Domestic and International Warehousing
  • International Gifting and Currencies
  • Enterprise-Grade Virtual Event Experiences
  • Calendar Booking on Gift Landing Pages

Domestic and International Warehousing

In order for companies to stay competitive, they need to be able to delight recipients regardless of their location. Postal customers can now bring in and send their existing inventory. These items are included in your Postal Marketplace and can be sent like any other item or gift. Remove the hassle and logistical pain of managing a physical swag closet. Postal becomes your swag closet in the cloud by storing, shipping, kitting, and packing items from your existing inventory with ease.

Distribute Your Inventory

Store your inventory near your prospects, customers, partners, and employees. Or close enough for your next on-site event.

Swag Management

No need to haul and house swag items at your HQ. Ship, upload, and send your items from your Postal Marketplace.

Customizable Options

From picking, packaging, kitting, and more – we've got you covered.

International Gifting

We understand that today’s business world exceeds beyond the four walls of your office. That’s why we are excited to offer international gifting options to every Postal customer. Because we don’t charge per send or per seat, the entire organization can surprise and delight recipients with items native to their region.

We’re taking the local mindset and applying it globally. Postal customers can now gift and ship to 70+ countries and categorize their wallets by currency.


When we announced Postal Events back in February, we envisioned a more dynamic events marketplace for teams looking to stay engaged in today’s hybrid workplace. We created Postal Events to alleviate the time spent sourcing and booking talent, managing logistics of event kits, capturing registration, and more. We are proud to announce that we succeeded in that our customers’ events have an average attendance rate of 90% on all of their events. Postal customers are using Postal Events to drive more pipeline, close more deals, and boost employee engagement and productivity.

To keep this momentum going, we’ve upgraded the Postal Events platform to give our customers even more customization across their experience.

Customers can now:

  • Customize event images that are on brand and actionable. Upload up to 5 images on your page to complete the event experience for your attendees.
  • Edit event email templates with custom messaging. Did something change? Need to add extra information for your attendees? Share valuable information across the email reminders.
  • Custom form fields on the registration page. Need to address any dietary restrictions? Ask attendees on the registration form.
  • Map their Postal Events to a Salesforce campaign. Go-to-market teams can assess the return on investment (ROI) from events to see which event drove the most conversions.

Calendar Booking on Gift Landing Pages

Booking meetings got a little bit easier. Today’s sales leaders are using gifting to book more meetings with prospects and clients. To take that concept one step further, many leaders ask that prospects coordinate and schedule a meeting with them prior to accepting their gift. As this has become a more widely used practice, we are equipping Postal users to have this option on Postal MagicLinks and Gift Emails. You can choose to require a meeting booked with or without an item being accepted.

Because we know circumstances are different across every experience, we have provided users the ability to turn this on globally across their sends, as well as modify it on a per send basis.

Looking Ahead

Every day more companies are moving their offline engagement to Postal. Companies, big and small are the backbone of what we do. We aim to help organizations surprise and delight all the important people in their life.

From local to global, Postal delivers a best-in-class experience for offline marketing automation.

To learn more about these latest product features and enhancements, please request a trial or speak with one of our experts today.

Until next time,Allyssa Eclarin, Director of Product at Postal.

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Allyssa Eclarin

Allyssa Eclarin is the Director of Product at Postal, an Offline Marketing Automation platform that helps companies drive brand loyalty, increase conversions, boost overall employee happiness, and improve customer health scores. Prior to, she brought her passion and expertise on all things design, brand, content, strategy, and customer advocacy to notable early-stage tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been featured on various podcasts and publications such as The Marketing Brew from The Morning Brew, Product Marketing Alliance, Women in Tech Show, AppSumo, and AdvanceB2B.