Marketo Integration Partnership

Shadi Mazoub

At Postal, we've spent time getting to know our customers to better understand their goals, challenges, and needs. One of the things we've learned is that many of our marketing users trust Marketo as their automation platform of choice.

Since we learned this, our team has been hard at work making this integration partnership come to life. I explain below how the Postal X Marketo integration will help marketers drive more revenue from the top of the funnel.

Marketo is trusted by thousands of organizations to automate personalized marketing campaigns throughout multiple channels. Their product covers an array of features, from account-based strategies, to SEO, and other content creation.

With this new integration, you can leverage Postal's powerful Experience Marketing platform as a channel in Marketo to create a seamless buyer's journey. Remodel your top-of-funnel around an experience-centric approach, empowering the buyer and establishing more trust with your brand.

Trigger Postal sends off Marketo smart campaigns, and track effectiveness through activity history sent back. Here's some other examples of what you can accomplish with the integration:

Add a handwritten note from the CEO within a retention campaign to be sent to welcome a new client

Send a customized gift such as a bottle of champagne with a note to celebrate a 1-year anniversary with a client

Offer an incentive to generate more sign-ups when promoting a webinar

Give buyers the option to donate to the charity of their choice within a campaign

We are super excited to add the offline channel to Marketo to create more memorable experiences with buyers. Try it out for yourself, we can assure you it'll be your most effective marketing channel.

Start your free trial to try out this integration and send items in the Postal Marketplace from Marketo.

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Shadi Mazoub

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