Marrying Physical and Digital for a Seamless Buyer's Journey

Richie Pusateri

It’s become evident that many organizations are adopting the hybrid workforce model going forward. For instance, a staggered schedule of a certain amount of days in the office and the remainder of the time WFH. This means individuals will still have to rely on digital channels to stay connected with their colleagues, customers, leads, and employees.

With the increased reliance on digital channels, go-to-market teams must authentically reach others to nurture business-critical relationships amidst the noise. Marrying physical and digital communications is a must for teams who want to continue driving revenue.

This is one of the largest challenges B2B brands are facing right now: being memorable—particularly in markets with a large number of competitors or where the product has become commoditized. Enabling organizations to create moments that stand out from the noise is a matter of critical importance for brands. It’s basic human psychology—we recall and replay high-reward events when retrieving information from our memory, and tend to forget the neutral or inconsequential. Offline Marketing Automation goes a long way in helping to give your communications a lasting impact.

The Difference Between a "Touchpoint" and a Meaningful Interaction

A touchpoint sounds like a checkbox item for a brand; something to report to the executive team as having been completed. Meaningful interactions are far more valuable as they’re something the buyer remembers and contributes to their decision to work with a vendor.

Organizations must stop looking at their automation tech stack as a way to increase touchpoints with others. They should be more focused on integrating meaningful experiences into their existing workflows and sequences. Why?

Because brand trust has reached an all-time low.

In fact, Havas Media Group surveyed 395k people globally and found that less than half of brands, 47% to be exact, are seen as trustworthy.International and in-person events look unlikely to fully return and replace virtual events. Much like how the pandemic spurred a shift to digital, the desire from buyers for ‘real’ experiences and opportunities to engage with vendors grows each day. The novelty of webinars and online content in isolation is wearing off. This presents a tremendous opportunity for marketers to round out their strategy with offline experiences.

Leveraging Offline Marketing Automation Throughout the Buyer’s Journey

Offline Marketing Automation is simply a way to maintain trust and loyalty throughout the buyer’s journey. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not sending branded tchotchkes to prospects as an incentive to take a meeting. It’s all about integrating personal, intimate experiences into digital channels to deliver a more authentic message.

Offline Marketing Automation platforms such as Postal enable you to save you time when it comes to procuring and honing in on items that resonate with buyers at an individual level. Doing so will yield far better results than a ‘mass mail’ campaign. This requires both sales and marketing’s input in devising the right experiences to deliver at the different stages of the funnel. Particularly as you get further down to the point of the conversion, you can start to enter account-based territory (particularly with high-ticket accounts). Devising a deep, personal understanding of the account’s motivations and pain points is critical.

Here are some ways Offline Marketing Automation is traditionally used throughout the sales funnel:

Top of Funnel Ideas

top of funnel ideas
  • Leverage ‘incentive marketing’ for 3x engagement with your content—give away a $15 Amazon, GrubHub, Target, UberEats, or another gift card to each person who downloads the content. Yields a 60% on-page conversion rate to form fill.
  • Get more organic reach on social media—Create virality to 2x organic impressions by hosting giveaways and incentivizing people to share your post “1 share=1 bag of coffee”.
  • Include gifts such as books, office supplies, desk toys, charitable donations from your behalf, and gift cards into your nurture campaigns to give leads a better reason to take your call-to-action. Set Triggers to automate after the lead reaches a certain step in your campaign or workflow.
  • Host experiences that drive attendance and engagement. Use one of the following events as a high-volume lead generation program: virtual game show bingo, virtual scavenger hunt, trivia, comedy show (every one of these is $25 per attendee or less)

Middle of Funnel Ideas

middle of funnel ideas
  • Improve sales conversion rates by 55% by leveraging direct mail and gifting as an incentive to get in front of prospects.
  • Sometimes figuring out what your prospect likes takes time. When you’re trying to hit your meeting quota, you don’t have the resources or established relationship to know their interests. Book more meetings by generating a Postal Collection full of items that run the gamut.
  • Re-engage with cold leads who’ve ghosted.
  • By offering personalized boxes of cookies to prospects who went cold, Broadly was able to increase their close rate by a whopping 30%. Saying ‘Thank You’ following a meeting or closed deal.

Bottom of Funnel Ideas

bottom of funnel ideas
  • Welcome new clients with a custom branded experience. Custom etched wine/champagne bottle: {your company} + {new customer logo} “We’re looking forward to the future of this relationship!”
  • Fully automate retention campaigns by scheduling a series of items to be sent throughout the lifetime of a client contract or subscription. Day 1: Handwritten Thank-You note for signing, Day 90: Sweet treat checking-in on their experience, Day 180: Bottle of champagne thanking them for their business, etc.
  • Establish brand loyalty by hosting an unforgettable virtual event, such as a canvas and cold brew tasting event.
  • Sensory chocolate experience, margarita masterclass, yoga class, or olive oil and balsamic tasting for your Customer Advisory Board.

Employee Experience

  • Reward performance and celebrate milestones. Put together customized branded swag collections to let new hires choose their favorite branded gear
  • Host fun events to bring remote teams closer together such as a virtual scavenger hunt or a make your own cocktail happy hour.

Holidays and Other Occasions

  • Family/Personal matters such as, graduation, having a new baby, or getting married.
  • Grab a meeting with anyone - “Lunch or coffee on me!”
  • Workplace achievements
  • Holidays—Every holiday is an opportunity to enhance relationships with others

Leverage the Offline for a Better Buyer's Journey

Integrate offline experiences into your digital strategy for a more authentic buyer’s journey. Request a trial with Postal to explore the local B2B Marketplace and Offline Marketing Automation platform.

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Richie Pusateri

Rich graduated from Cal Poly in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Concentrating in Marketing. He is a B2B marketing enthusiast with a passion for storytelling through relatable content and memorable experiences. Rich was one of the first founding team members of when he started as an intern in 2019 and now holds the Content Marketing Manager role. When he isn’t creating content to tell the story of Offline Marketing Automation, you can probably find him on the ocean. Rich holds a U.S. Coast Guard-issued captains license and owns a small local business—Central Coast Fishing Charters out of Morro Bay, CA. He currently lives in Shell Beach, CA with his brother Dominic.