Introducing Postal Concierge: 7 Ideas to Start Delivering Curated Gifts and Experiences

Allyssa Eclarin

We’re excited to announce the launch of Postal Concierge–a service now available to all Postal customers. Think of Concierge as an extension of your marketing team.

Our Concierge team can source and manage curated, branded, specialty items and experiences that are guaranteed to surprise and delight your prospects and clients. All custom items can be sent on-demand or warehoused by Postal's partner network.

We’re thinking bigger so organizations such as LeanData, Lessonly, Teladoc, and DemandBase can create custom gifting experiences for their partners, customers, and employees. We know that experiences matter and sometimes the occasion calls for something a little more curated and detailed.

Every Postal customer has access to our Concierge team. We believe more teams should be enabled to create curated experiences that will surprise and delight the recipient in your life. From Marketing to Sales to Customer Success and People Ops, you get full support for any project on your plate, this quarter or the next. We’re here to help you boost employee engagement, uplevel your event gifting, close more deals, and reward top performers.

How Marketing Teams Can Use Postal Concierge

For curated experiences big and small, from ABM gifting to announcing a product launch, our concierge team will work with you and your team to create a kit that brings your product launch to life.

Idea: A wood box with your company logo engraved on it. Inside you’ll find a stuffed animal of your brand mascot and a rocket ship desk toy to announce your latest product launch.


How Sales Teams Can Use Postal Concierge

For sales teams, the ability to use our Concierge team for special gifting experiences is a game-changer. Sales leaders can create curated boxes to accelerate cold or stale deals or say “Thank You” to accounts at the end of the fiscal year.

Idea: A personalized gin-making kit that includes the executive’s last name monogrammed front and center on the gin bottle. You’ll be top of mind every time they see it.


How Customer Success Can Use Postal Concierge

Customer Success teams can create special one-of-a-kind kits for their top accounts as a way to upsell or start the renewal conversation. Postal Concierge is there for all your business-critical projects to ensure you reduce churn and deliver top customer health scores.

Idea: A personalized dartboard kit to reward top users of your product. Add the company logo or the champion user’s name with a special stat that’s relevant to them. Did they achieve a big user milestone that quarter? Engrave it on a dartboard case. It’s sure to delight that special customer in your life.


How People Ops Can Use Postal Concierge

People Ops teams are able to use Concierge for all their employee and culture initiatives. From curated onboarding kits to quarterly kick-offs, employee life events or milestones, and everything in-between, Postal Concierge has the ability to ideate and curate a gift that makes sense for your organization, budget, and timeframe.

Idea: Curated boxes for a company anniversary are almost table stakes at this point—they usually come with the headache of managing logistics and physical assets. Design a special box that’s eco-friendly and reusable with a commemorative award tailored to the person along with limited edition swag that’s specific to the milestone. Curated employee gifts are great for milestones and those ‘just because’ days to show your team you’re grateful for their hard work.


Postal Concierge for Investors and Friends of Your Organization

From funding announcements to special board anniversaries and company achievements, the Postal Concierge team can help curate meaningful gifts that are much more than a t-shirt with your logo. While those have a time and place, events like this require an extra special touch that investors and stakeholders will always remember.

Idea: A kit complete with a limited-edition windbreaker, an etched wine glass with their last name, and a bottle of wine is a great way to show appreciation to friends and peers of your organization.


Postal Concierge for Events

Leveling up your events is serious business these days. Put an end to Zoom fatigue by incorporating a curated gift experience. Utilize the Postal Concierge team to create curated gifts that pair with your next in-person, virtual, or hybrid event. From swag packs, curated kits, souvenirs, and more, we’ve got you covered.

Idea: A party box that’s themed to the event. Try a casino theme for your next kickoff and curate a kit full of branded poker chips, special dice, and a deck of cards that will be used and remembered for years to come.


Postal Concierge for Holiday Gifts

Holiday gifting for internal and external use cases just got a lot more manageable. The Concierge team will ensure your gifts are memorable and delivered on time for any occasion.

Idea: Deliver specifically curated boxes for customers and employees. Send the same box or a team-specific box to different relationships within your organization. A branded box with a nice blanket, a scented candle based on your region or favorite part of the country, and a box of matches will create a cozy night-in experience for your recipients.


With Postal Concierge, the vendor relationships and logistics are handled from start to finish. From ideation, sourcing, logistics, swag management, and more–we've got you covered.

Get started by requesting a free trial of Postal and get access to our Concierge team today.

Allyssa Eclarin

Allyssa Eclarin is the Director of Product at Postal, an Offline Marketing Automation platform that helps companies drive brand loyalty, increase conversions, boost overall employee happiness, and improve customer health scores. Prior to, she brought her passion and expertise on all things design, brand, content, strategy, and customer advocacy to notable early-stage tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been featured on various podcasts and publications such as The Marketing Brew from The Morning Brew, Product Marketing Alliance, Women in Tech Show, AppSumo, and AdvanceB2B.