Vendor Spotlight: Garden Streets

Ben Jablow

A survey of B2B companies in Adobe's 2020 Digital Trends Report disclosed that customer experience was the most exciting business opportunity of 2020.This means organizations must go above and beyond to ensure customers feel like they are part of their brand's family. Just a 5% increase in customer experience can lead to upwards of a 95% increase in revenue...and sending a periodic email with a subject line of "Just checking in" to see how customers are doing isn't going to cut it.Organizations frequently overlook more significant instances to interact with customers. To thank them for doing business or celebrate milestones, many have seen success sending branded items with personalized notes.But what about sending...plants!?Postal’s resident vegan & plant collector, Josh Blanc, showcases Garden Streets and their plant offerings that will impress any prospect, lead, client, or employee.

Pretty much everyone loves receiving plants because they require little care and make aesthetically pleasing additions to any workspace.The best part? Postal's partnership with Garden Streets makes it easier than ever for me to select from a variety of plants - foliage plants, air cleaning plants, succulents, or a set of multiple plants!There's a great choice for every occasion and price range!The sales and marketing teams have been sending plants in their sequences and workflows as well, and HR can even use them for employee appreciation.Plants from Garden Streets are the perfect gift as they don't impose on health concerns, they're unique, long-lasting, and there's even pet friendly options!I strongly encourage you to peruse Garden Street's variety of plants next time you are looking to WOW a customer, prospect, or employee.Happy sending!

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Ben Jablow

Ben is an experienced tech executive that has launched multiple products, built alliance & channel operations, and managed sales organizations. Jablow spent 16 years at CareerBuilder, developing and growing multiple products, including their Niche Websites. He also built and launched their partnership and channel program. Jablow was formerly the Chief Revenue Officer at Hunt Club and is currently VP of Alliances and Channels at Jablow is a board member of Zero Keyboard, and an advisory board member of multiple tech start-ups. He has his MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.