Vendor Spotlight: Noms Bake Shop

Erik Kostelnik

When it comes to corporate gifting, much too often do you hear about people receiving "cookie cutter" gifts that simply lack originality or are just flat-out basic. Stop giving gifts that even you don't want and check out Noms Bake Shop for your next gifting campaign.

We recently started a monthly showcase series profiling our amazing Postal Marketplace Vendors.

Our vendors go through a simple vetting process to ensure they can handle the speed, quality, and warehousing that Postal customers require. All items in the Marketplace can be leveraged in Postal's personalized gifting campaigns and automated playbooks.

This month we're featuring Noms Bake Shop. Noms is a family owned business out of Tempe, Arizona that was established in 2015.

When we first met their CEO, Trevor Martin, we instantly connected because of his passion to provide a high-quality product with his assorted selection of cookies.

But what impressed us even more was his vision on how their cookies can serve a greater purpose, by providing them in customized gift boxes with your customer's name or brand laser etched on the cover. These personalized boxes allow you to create an excellent client appreciation or prospecting gift that will help your company stand out and make a memorable impression.

Within the Postal Marketplace we make it easy for you to send Noms Cookies in your sales or marketing sequence through integrations with your CRM or Sales/Marketing Automation systems. Postal offers the small, medium, and large deluxe wood box, which will range from $39.99 to $89.99. The small assorted box has 10 cookies, the medium has 20, and the large has 45.

Each option comes with an assortment of amazingly tasty flavors like Berry Shortbread, Chocolate Brownie Crinkle, Confetti Sugar, Peanut Butter & Jelly, and Chocolate Chip. They also add in unique seasonal flavors throughout the year to help mix things up.

So far the two most common scenarios we have seen our clients use Noms Bake Shop are for booking meetings with decision makers through Postal's gift emails and for helping with their customer retention efforts.

Offering up a box of cookies has been a very effective way to give prospects a sweet incentive to take time out of their schedule to attend a demo.

All tracking data for the cookies is pushed back to your Postal account allowing you to know when someone has accepted the gift through email and when they have received the delivery. Noms delivery turnaround is less than a week from order.

Next time you're considering new gifts to leverage in your sales process, we highly recommend you try out Noms Bake Shop through Postal's Marketplace.

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Erik Kostelnik

Erik Kostelnik is the co-founder and CEO of Postal, an Offline Marketing Automation platform that generates leads, increases sales, and improves customer retention. Prior to, Erik founded TextRecruit, one of the fastest-growing HR technology companies in the world, leading it to acquisition in 2018 by iCIMS, Inc. He also served as the Head of Sales at Wrike from 2014 to 2016 helping it reach #116 in 2015 Deloitte Fastest 500. Erik was named an Upstart 50 Top Inventor by the Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2017 and lives in San Luis Obispo, CA with his wife and three kids.