Boost Event Acceptance Rates with Cold Calling & Incentive Marketing

Richie Pusateri

If you're familiar with cold calling, you're also likely familiar with rejection. However, if you told an SDR they were expected to reach out to cold leads and achieve a 100% acceptance rate to a virtual event, they'd think you're crazy.

A common challenge with cold calling is that your offering can come off disingenuous and unnatural. When you invite someone to a product demo, all prospects hear is pressure to buy something they don't want. However, Ryan Reisert, host of "Swallow the Toad Daily," proved that 100% acceptance rates from cold prospects to virtual events are possible. This episode, sponsored by Postal, featured the infamous Josh Braun as the expert cold caller who explained that sweetening the deal with virtual event kits and a unique experience is what it takes to get people to commit their time with you.

Read on to learn how Josh Braun achieved his goal.

Who You Call Matters

It's harder than ever to get people to attend virtual events unless they see value in the time they will invest. That's why Josh Braun was ready with phone-ready leads to begin his 100% conversion journey. He began calling people from a hyper-targeted list of people with job titles he knew would have interest in his offering.

Braun kicked off each call explaining how they were connected on LinkedIn and then followed up with a statement of credibility: how he's reached thousands of sales people with a guide to book meetings with prospects. Additionally, since Braun was calling SDR managers, he could reasonably infer his credibility paired with the unique experience would spark interest.

Who you call matters. If you're calling people who aren't familiar with you or your offering, conversion rates will plummet. By removing those who wouldn't find value in the offering, Braun was able to achieve higher conversion rates.

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Your Virtual Event Should Be an Experience

Braun took his cold calls to a new level by offering a beer tasting experience to accompany the event. Not only did attendees learn relevant sales tips from a renowned sales expert, but they got to enjoy it alongside a cold beer. This elevated the virtual experience because a tangible element was included.

Pro event tip: Attendees are more likely to pay attention and stay engaged when their hands are full. This keeps them from context switching during your event.

Braun led with a conversational, relatable style on calls. He explained that top-of-funnel leads aren't far enough in the sales cycle to be ready for a product demonstration. That's why initially offering a demo, even when useful and relevant, isn't always the appropriate ask.

He explained that his tone was conversational and compared it to the laid-back demeanor of a recreational golfer. In order to get into this relaxed and inviting attitude, he detached himself from the outcome of the call. This made the phone call feel conversational as if a friend was offering a cold beer and some helpful advice.

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Thinking Outside the Box with Virtual Event Kits

Overall, the reason why Josh Braun was able to achieve such incredible results was the combination of a few crucial pieces in the planning including targeting the right people with the right message and tone. In this case, The X factor was the beer tasting experience.

In addition to boosting invite acceptance rates, adding an experience to your event gives people a reason to attend. In fact, Postal Events yield an average 50% attendance rate, far exceeding the industry standard of 35% for webinar attendance rates.

Ultimately, Ryan Reisert and Josh Braun showed the world that inviting cold leads to attend a virtual event doesn't have to be a low odds game. By using incentives such as the beer tasting experience, a new layer of excitement is built into your event, making it more enticing for prospects to attend. Event kits transform the coldness and impersonality many of us have become accustomed to in this new digital-only era. It adds that necessary spark to get people excited about your event, which results in higher attendance and increased pipeline creation.

If you're interested in hosting an exciting virtual experience, explore the events in the Postal Marketplace. Start your free trial and see for yourself what it's like to get 100 sign-ups on the first day of promotion.

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