Virtual Events Ideas Throughout the Sales Funnel

The narrative of virtual events taking the place of in-person events isn't a new story. It's not a matter of when events will go back to in-person—everyone knows they're here to stay for good. After all, there were a number of challenges revolving around in-person events that virtual events solved: people being hesitant to dress up and show up, avoiding awkward small talk, etc, whereas virtual events are a micro-commitment that requires few barriers to entry, making them an invaluable tool for bringing remote folks together.

Not to mention, the use cases of virtual events extend wide and far. They can be used by sales teams to engage high-value prospects, by customer appreciation teams to build rapport within a client base, by HR teams to enhance remote company culture, by marketing teams to generate qualified leads, or simply as part of a larger event. Many have the perception that virtual events are strictly for their lead generation. The reality is that they can be effective revenue drivers throughout the sales funnel. Here are a few virtual event ideas that will generate attendance and create engagement.

Top of the Funnel Virtual Event Ideas

top of funnel virtual event ideas

Top-of-funnel virtual events are typically low cost and aim for a high lead volume. These events should have a low barrier to entry because you don't always need to provide a physical item, equating to a minimal cost per person. Marketing teams can reference these event ideas and put their own unique spin on how they relate to their brand. Other ways of boosting engagement for top-of-funnel events include live Q&As, polls, giveaways, and contests.

Trivia Virtual Event

Host 3 or 4 rounds of bar-style trivia, each round posing 10 questions. All are read at once and people are broken into teams of about 4 to 8 individuals per team. Only one submission to the questions per team is given. The first round is a picture round, where related pictures are shown and teams have to identify as many as possible. The second round is a music round where clips are played based on a common theme, where teams need to name the song/artist combinations. The final round is creative and topical. In the end, the winning team is named and bragging rights begins.

Comedy Show with The Second City

The Second City began creating its own brand of satirical comedy in 1959. It's a world-famous institution in Chicago with theaters in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto. Legends such as Steve Carell, Tina Fey, and Stephen Colbert are all alumni. Other people currently seen on SNL, such as Chris Redd, Cecily Strong, and Aidy Bryant are also associated with Second City. Host your legendary comedy night with the "best of" or a more personalized option, making the event memorable. Timing can be customized for the event and typically runs between 45 and 60 minutes. A more exclusive top-of-funnel event, hosting a comedy show can be a great experience for attendees and pose as a great opportunity for a sales pitch or product demo. This is an event where leveraging themed kits can maximize engagement and attendance. When used correctly, kits give attendees a reason to show up and engage during the event, making the experience better for everyone.

Middle of the Funnel Virtual Event Ideas for Prospects

middle of funnel virtual event ideas

Smaller groups and a higher cost per attendee are the names of the game for middle-of-funnel virtual events. Invite key decision-makers who may be in the evaluation stage and incentivize attendance with event kits and live experiences that involve talent or thought leaders.

Single Cocktail Class

This class is hosted by experienced mixologists, giving event attendees both education and fun. Attendees will be able to learn about the history of cocktails and how to make their cocktails better. If you have a preference for a cocktail or base alcohol, you'll want to make a note of it when planning this event. Otherwise, options can be offered, such as margarita, mule, old-fashioned, and many others. Importantly, the experience timing can be customized for your needs.

Chocolate + Cold Brew Tasting

What could be better than chocolate and coffee? At this event, education is provided about three different brewing coffees, the different strengths of coffee and flavors, and the history of chocolate. There are also five different chocolates to try. A great topic of conversation is how the two complement each other.

Artisan Chocolate Tasting + Learning Experience

This event is unique because each person gets five different cacao beans and chocolate samples from the same beans. You'll learn about the different types of beans and how chocolate tasting is traditionally done.

Bottom of Funnel Virtual Event Ideas for Customers

bottom of funnel virtual event ideas

Coffee or Cold Brew Tasting

At this event, you'll enjoy coffee with your customers and experience new beverages in a tasting session led by a seasoned barista. This event provides education about coffee, from growing to brewing, and all participants receive a coffee tasting kit. This tasting session is a great idea for team-building exercises or client appreciation.

Farm Fresh Feast

Bring new meaning to the term "Farm to Table" with a four-course meal, ethically sourced from the highest-quality ingredients. The timing of the event can be adjusted and the food can be either vegan or gluten-free. You'll need to order at least 4 weeks in advance, depending on the size of your audience.

Virtual Event Ideas for Internal Team Building

Supplementing a lead or prospect's buyer's journey with an engaging virtual event will yield lasting impressions and tremendous results. However, as many organizations have shifted to remote work, hosting internal events for remote teams is a great way to boost productivity and bring virtual teams together.

3D Virtual Escape Room

Attendees are divided into teams and must race through a series of puzzles across three levels to contain the spread and find the antidote to save the human race. Even harder? Do it before you run out of time.

Virtual Gameshow Bingo

This is a spin-off of the classic game and, instead of numbers, prompts are used based on clips from TV, movies, and commercials. All events are led by professional facilitators trained to keep the energy and pace high...not to mention the laughs.

Body Weight Workout

Host a fun bodyweight workout that can be done at home and doesn't require any equipment. The focus of the class is on functional movements for strength and endurance-building through intervals. It's a great alternative to a typical workout in the gym.

Plant Nite

Here, you can virtually connect with co-workers and create a living plant display. The planters are stylish and are great desk accessories when done. You get a choice of glass or wooden planter, soil, 2 succulents, mini bags of pebbles and moss, a surprising decor, and care instructions.

SLO Brew Craft Beer Experience

SLO Brew opened in 1988 and has remained one of the longest-standing brewpubs in California, serving handcrafted microbrews, providing quality dining, and world-class entertainment. As a result, SLO Brew is a pivotal part of the  Central Coast. The virtual experience offered includes the opportunity to taste an assortment of their famous beers and a tour and walkthrough of the brewery and operations.

More Virtual Event Ideas for Conferences and Webinars

Yoga or Stretching Break

Include one or multiple stretch breaks in between conferences to communicate to attendees you're keeping wellness in mind.

Kick Off the Session with a Coffee Break

Add a coffee tasting, in the beginning, to get everyone buzzed and focused for the event to come. Similarly, add a happy hour post-event or simple lunch break. Manage the sending of brunch baskets or cocktail kits as part of a brunch and learn for a lunch break.

The Whiskey Gourmet Experience for VIPs

A whiskey experience for that is sure to delight groups of 10 to 200+! This whiskey tasting includes a high level of interaction throughout - ensuring that each attendee is fully immersed and participating throughout. Whiskey Gourmet is well accustomed to working with Fortune 500 companies and with entertaining corporate executives. They are also experienced with hosting family private parties and have managed groups from 6 to 200+ people. There is a high level of interaction throughout the virtual tasting and it even incorporates voting and writing on the screen. This allows each participant to fully be immersed and ensures everyone is actively participating in the session. In this interactive tasting, participants will learn how to enjoy and recognize whiskey in a fun format. Tasting sessions last about 60-90 minutes (may vary depending on the interaction level and the number of participants). Each participant will receive a tasting kit in the mail composed of five 1 oz. sample bottles. A few days before the session, participants will receive an email with a whiskey tasting wheel (optional). This is a tool for the upcoming tasting and serves as a nice teaser to get everyone ready. A typical tasting includes icebreakers, an overview of whiskies, how to nose, and how to taste. After the event, tasting notes are provided if you would like to send the details of the whiskies are sent by email to all the participants.

Create a More Experiential Buyer's Journey with Virtual Events

Events that are exclusively work-related or involve pitches won't perform like these ideas. They should never be able to achieve basic objectives such as hitting attendance numbers or trying to sell something. Alternatively, aim to surprise and delight those who attend your event and use that as your performance indicator. The Postal Events marketplace has dozens of experiences to help you achieve this.

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