Redefining Company Culture from the Silicon Valley Status Quo

Erik Kostelnik

If you think you can define company culture...well you're missing the point.Company culture isn't defined by executives or leadership at an organization who talk about the type of people they'd like to have. It's rather defined by the group of people you bring in and the community that you're creating. This includes the people you're working with, the vendors you support, prospects, the customers you have, the families of employees...all these things make up the culture at a company.Company culture can only be defined by the group of people that support the growth of a business—it's the culmination of how businesses operate and the people that support that operation.

Who are we looking for here at Postal?

At our first company offsite meeting, we defined the mission of the business as well as the core values. This has really been our guiding light for bringing new folks into Postal, as well as what we ask them to embrace.I've hired hundreds of people over the last decade and those who've done best in the businesses I've been a part of share similar traits, especially the commonality of having a chip on their shoulder.Most people who've gone through the interview process with me have been asked that question in particular: "What is that chip on your shoulder?" While some people may see having a chip on their shoulder as a negative, I actually see that being an extremely positive, driving trait.When people are trying to prove something or have a vision of what they want to accomplish, that chip on their shoulder is the thing intrinsically driving them. That's the kind of grit that we look for in any individual who comes and works for Postal.

Why we're different

The really cool thing about Postal is the people we have here. This is not your typical technology start-up you'd find in downtown San Francisco—50% of our employees are remote and 50% are based out of the San Luis Obispo area here on the Central Coast. When you look up the makeup of this business and the people here, it consists of a lot of different cultures, educations, life experiences, and differentiated education. When you get a group of folks who go to the same school or they're all ivy league, you don't get a perspective of how others think.When you're building a business, you need to cover your basis on understanding your customer. We know we aren't selling to everyone who went to Harvard. In fact, we're selling to companies from small to large whose employees have a number of differentiated educations as well. We really want our employee base to mirror those who we sell to.Check out the careers page on our website to learn more about the opportunities we have available!

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Erik Kostelnik

Erik Kostelnik is the co-founder and CEO of Postal, an Offline Marketing Automation platform that generates leads, increases sales, and improves customer retention. Prior to, Erik founded TextRecruit, one of the fastest-growing HR technology companies in the world, leading it to acquisition in 2018 by iCIMS, Inc. He also served as the Head of Sales at Wrike from 2014 to 2016 helping it reach #116 in 2015 Deloitte Fastest 500. Erik was named an Upstart 50 Top Inventor by the Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2017 and lives in San Luis Obispo, CA with his wife and three kids.