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Offline experiences generated by gifts such as corporate gift baskets can be a highly effective way to encourage positive relationships that drive business—from client relationships to prospects and employees, gifting is an effective way to send a clear message of appreciation to recipients for their loyalty, dedication, or ongoing business.

The best corporate gift baskets can feel personal, and be taken as meaningful, authentic outreach. Since gifting isn’t an uncommon approach to strengthening crucial relationships in business, it’s important that, when sending corporate gift baskets, you find ways to make them memorable, positive, unique experiences.

Corporate gifting for clients—whether they be gift baskets, gift boxes, or other customized corporate gifts—are an excellent way to communicate to clients that you appreciate their loyalty, or look forward to a fruitful, mutually beneficial, relationship. Unique corporate gift baskets for clients can serve as a powerful symbol of the type of reciprocity your relationship inherently holds with clients.

Customer experience teams can use gifting as a way of strengthening important relationships, and even as an outreach tool when asking for important feedback, initiating conversations about renewing service or putting in additional orders on goods, and even when reaching out to rectify gaps in their experience. A truly meaningful gift can send a clear message to clients or customers that you’re dedicated to their experience and that their relationship with your business is important to you.

Corporate gifts for employees are a powerful way to not only show employees that their dedication, efforts, and long-term loyalty are important to you, but that they’re appreciated as individuals that comprise a wonderful team. With a positive work culture, everyone wins, and meaningful employee appreciation gifts enable people ops and HR teams to foster that culture and show team members that their unique contributions to the organization are seen and appreciated. 

Unique Corporate Gift Baskets

One way to make gifting efforts particularly effective is through personalization. If we’ve learned anything from social media, perhaps it's that people are often very willing to share with the world what makes them unique—their passions, what drives them, and what their interests are. Unique corporate gift baskets, tailored to individual interests can show recipients that you’re interested in them as an individual, and that you care about what makes them tick.

Corporate gifts which are curated to include items and experiences that speak to an individual’s unique affinities can be not only some of the most memorable experiences, but oftentimes, some of the most touching. Client gift baskets that take into account the individual can send a strong message to recipients that they’re more than just a client relationship—they’re a valued human relationship that’s important to you and your organization.

Executive gift baskets for VIP clients and higher-ups within an organization that are curated to the individual can be received as more meaningful gifts, and more personal outreach than generic gift baskets of the same value, or inexpensive gifts. Gifting is a strong way to affirm important relationships, and the more personal they’re received as, the stronger their impact can be.

Luxury Corporate Gift Baskets

When it comes to rewarding employees and showing appreciation for their loyalty that come across as authentic, it can be important to consider the perceived value of a gift. In part, this value might be derived from a recipient’s perception of the monetary value of a gift, and in part, it may come from how personal a gift is perceived as. Luxury corporate gifts can be received far better than inexpensive counterparts—and personalized and unique gifts can be received far better than generic counterparts. For these reasons, luxury gift baskets can be high performers, showing recipients that your gift is a meaningful symbol of the value you place on your relationship to them.

For this reason, luxury corporate gift baskets that are tailored to recipient interests can enable people ops and HR teams to create meaningful connections with valued employees. A well-thought-out gift basket with a high perceived value has the capacity to send a much stronger message to employees that they’re a valued member of their team. Conversely, overly generic gifts, and employee gift baskets under $25 can be underwhelming, or send a message to employees that their time, efforts, and loyalty are not highly valued. While for certain occasions, inexpensive gifts can send a positive message, for big occasions, and showing appreciation for high-achievers, they can fall short.

Corporate Gift Basket Ideas

Each gifting situation is unique—as is each recipient. Depending on the situation, corporate gift ideas that spark engagement, joy, and feelings of positivity in a relationship can range from food and drink experiences to luxury goods and useful items. These corporate gift basket ideas can send a powerful message of appreciation and encourage recipients to spend a little bit of time on themselves.

  • Pinot Noir, Chocolate & Coffee Gift Box: As thank you gift basket ideas go, this one sticks with the basics—in the best way. The simple pleasures of chocolate, coffee, and a delightful pinot noir can send a strong message to recipients that it’s important they take some time for themselves—and maybe toast to a great relationship.
  • Breathe Deeply Gift Box: As gift basket ideas for employees go, this one focuses on self-care and taking that necessary deep breath sometimes. Whether you’re rewarding employees for their outstanding efforts during crunch time, or sending a message of appreciation after a particularly stressful quarter, this gift box with essential oil, lavender bath salts, hand cream, candle, and towelettes can be a strong reminder to take a deep breath and focus on much-needed self care. 

Gift Basket Ideas For Office Staff

As pandemic restrictions wane, and many workers have grown tired of working from a home office, many organizations have begun the move back to the office. While some roles have shifted to remote for the foreseeable future, and many organizations and workers actually prefer their new formats, online work isn’t for everyone. These gift basket ideas for office staff are aimed at creating memorable experiences in the office:

  • Office Ice Cream Party: Especially in warmer months (but really, in any months), ice cream tends to be a big hit. As office gift basket ideas go, this one focuses on the sweet things in life. Offer the whole office a sweet, cold treat with this office ice cream party, designed to feed up to 60 people with a range of cold treats, including Haagen-Daz's Chocolate single-serve mini cups, Dove Dark Chocolate with Vanilla Ice Cream bars, Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches, and Snickers Ice Cream Cones.
  • Charcuterie Kit (or Vegan Charcuterie Kit) from Platterfull Co.: This gift is one that can truly gather a crowd. With a range of delightful savory snacks, charcuterie boards encourage milling, snacking, and positive interactions. If your office has a resident vegan, or anyone eating plant based for health reasons, there’s no need for them to be left out. Platterful’s Vegan Charcuterie kit includes everything from plant-based cheeses to jerkies. Unique office gift baskets and kits like these can be fondly remembered, not only for their contents, but for the time everyone spent enjoying them together.

Corporate Gift Baskets For Employees

Creating a positive work culture is an important task in many organizations. With more and more workers in remote roles, and many workers returning to offices, many organizations are in transitional periods. With markets that offer high employment opportunities, many organizations are grappling with the damage that high employee turnover can have on an organization. At the same time, many workers struggle to feel connected with their company while working remotely, and all of these factors can cause a significant challenge for HR and people ops teams.

One way to address these challenges is through robust employee appreciation efforts. Among these, employee gifting can be highly effective, if done right. Corporate gift baskets for employees can range from office essentials and useful gadgets to food and drink or self care items. Depending on the recipients’ interest, and how they’re working, sometimes certain approaches work best.

For instance, new employee gift basket ideas, such as personalized selections of office essentials, can be a warm way to welcome a team member into the fold and show that you’re invested in their onboarding. Gift baskets for employees working from home might include self care items, or food and drink experiences, designed to remind them to unplug at the end of the day.

In any case, the best gift baskets for employees will feel meaningful and personal. Corporate gift baskets for employees that feel personal rather than generic can send an important message that they’re valued as an individual, and not seen as a cog in the business—rather they’re a valued team member with unique contributions.

Gift Basket Ideas For Business Clients

Client gift ideas can take a wide range of approaches—personalization, luxury, sending a message that they’re valued through high value gifts, and meaningful personal messages can all be effective in various situations. These might vary depending on the situation—and there are a lot of client gifting use cases where gifting has the power to facilitate important conversations, affirm to recipients that they’re valued, and welcome them to the fold.

Sending holiday gifts or gifts for important personal and professional milestones can let clients know that you value them as an individual. Christmas gift basket ideas for clients—such as sending a selection of delicious food items, or winter-themed self care items—can emphasize how important it is for recipients to take some time for themselves during stressful times. New client gifts can send a powerful message to clients that you have high hopes for a beneficial relationship where their experience is key.

Corporate gift baskets with logos of your business can be a way to tie these meaningful experiences with your brand. Whatever the occasion, gift basket ideas for clients should take into consideration the recipient, the occasion, and the timing of a gift. The right gift, at the right time, for the right occasion, can be taken as a truly meaningful form of outreach.

However you go about sending gift baskets—whether you use gift baskets to foster a positive work environment during turbulent times, gift baskets are part of your customer experience, or you use gift baskets as a way to thank prospects for taking time out of their busy schedule to meet with you, Postal cen help you create meaningful connections through gifting. Reach out to get started with Postal to learn more about our Offline Marketing Engagement Platform. With powerful automation, a vast marketplace, and a central platform that enables you to manage every step of your gifting strategy in one place, Postal can take your gifting strategy to new heights.