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Kelsie S
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Great, affordable platform with flexibility.

Postal's platform is flexible and allowed us to justify the expense of the platform, and base our volume expectation to build an ROI model for direct mailing.

Abe B
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Stop stuffing boxes and leverage + your CRM

Postal takes the headache out of managing customer send lists in spreadsheets, removes the human capital aspect of purchasing, packaging and sending in a timely manner, and lastly gives you eyes into ROI on your swag spend.

Elluz P
Demand Generation Manager
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Great platform for Marketing teams!

Our Marketing team recently started using e-gifts and corporate swag to send to prospects at different stages in our demand generation campaigns, ABM, and maintain customer loyalty. We have received great feedback from our Sales Directors, and opportunities stuck in the pipeline are now responding and appreciating what we are doing. Excellent options to choose from!

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Best Corporate Gifting Companies

Corporate gifting is an important part of many businesses’ overall strategies for reduced client churn, employee retention, generating new leads, and generally maintaining an amiable human presence in operations. Corporate gifting is found to be effective in sparking and maintaining positive relationships among employees between businesses and with clients and customers, and as such many companies have adopted gifting strategies to help drive revenue and remind recipients that they’re valued.

The practice is so widespread and so important, that there’s an entire industry that has evolved just to help companies more effectively manage their gifting strategies and fulfill a need for gifting at various scales. Today, the best corporate gifting companies offer clients streamlined methods for scaling and maintaining a robust gifting strategy. Gifting platforms have quickly become one of the best ways for companies to manage their gifting strategy at scale, offering automation tools, highly personalizable options, and easy access online. These kinds of tools can help companies boost revenue and maintain important B2B employee and customer relationships with highly optimized gifting strategies that are more effective than traditional gifting methods.

Top corporate gifting companies understand that gifting can be made more effective through certain practices like heightened attention to the type of gifts that users are sending to recipients and often specialize in high end corporate gifting with offerings like luxury corporate gift boxes. Corporate gifting platforms offer ways for companies to utilize these strong practices more easily and at a larger scale without compromising on quality of personalization. By using gifting platforms, senders can easily customize, personalize, and scale their gifting strategy to be more effective while saving on human power in the process. That’s why as the industry grows, gifting platforms and personalization and customization solutions have become not only more important, but more common.

Corporate Gifting Companies

Corporate gifting is important for many companies that wish to create and maintain overwhelmingly positive relationships, and corporate gifting companies fill these needs through various means by providing methods for businesses to create memorable corporate gift experiences. The corporate gifting industry is massive, and since the pandemic has blossomed to encompass an even wider area than perhaps ever before.

A study released by Coresight Research in 2021, indicated an expected growth in the corporate gifting industry to overshadow that even of personal gifting in the same period between 2021 and 2024. It’s not surprising that corporate gifting trends seem to be on the rise given an increasingly remote workspace and the human touch that gifting can offer.

Corporate gifting companies offer businesses ways to boost revenue and increase interpersonal goodwill through offerings like branded corporate gift boxes and luxury gift options. Corporate gifting companies can also enable even more personal gifting than before without the need for nearly as much footwork on the side of senders, by offering gifting platforms and automating much of the process. Gifting companies have evolved in step with the market to grow from simply supplying muffin baskets to more personalized offerings that include everything from high-end luxury goods to locally crafted foods and branded corporate swag.

Luxury Corporate Gifting Companies

Luxury corporate gifting companies serve a specific subset of corporate gifting needs that are important for VIP recipients and senders who wish to make a truly meaningful impact on recipients. Luxury corporate gifts can be highly effective at creating lasting and memorable experiences for recipients and they can range from high-end electronics branded with corporate logos to artisan foods and drinks, as well as premium virtual gifts.

For senders that want recipients to receive truly unique executive gifts, luxury corporate gifting companies provide the necessary tools. VIP corporate gifts are important for not only appealing to very important recipients but creating stand-out experiences that will make a unique impression. High end corporate swag can be more effective at driving experiences that aren’t easily forgotten, and for some senders, this is the ultimate goal in gifting.

Luxury corporate gifting companies can specialize in this specific style of gifting that often reminds recipients that they are highly valued and this can make all the difference in the world when it comes to creating lasting impressions. Recipients may be used to receiving corporate gifts and sending luxury high end gift boxes and specialized or personalized gifts can enable more memorable experiences.

Corporate Gifting Companies in the USA

In the United States, many businesses primarily deal with other domestic entities and in turn, generally are sending gifts only within the United States. For companies dealing with clients and customers only domestically, corporate gifting companies that don’t offer international shipping are often the first choice. Corporate gifting companies in the USA deal with a smaller domestic market and offer options for companies doing business exclusively in the United States.

These companies can offer companies customized corporate gifts and corporate gifts for employees that don’t need to be shipped internationally. Gifting companies in the USA can offer businesses ways to create and maintain a successful gifting strategy in the same ways as international gifting companies while dealing with companies who only or primarily do business in the United States. They offer solutions like gifting platforms and highly personalized gifts, custom gift boxes, and high end VIP gifting options, all while shipping in the United States. For many companies, especially ones who deal primarily with domestic clients and partners, this is a suitable option.

Top Gifting Companies In The World

Top gifting companies in the world offer options for businesses that do international business or hire internationally. They offer overseas and global gifting solutions that are important for very large companies that have employees, partners, and clientele internationally. These gifting companies with international solutions can offer ways for large businesses to send corporate gift boxes for employees who live and work in other countries, and luxury virtual gifts to virtually anywhere in the world. For some companies, especially ones that have international workers or deal with overseas clients, this capability is crucial to their overall corporate gifting strategy.

Many large companies have workers, clientele, or both overseas and in other countries. For boosting employee productivity and sparking and maintaining positive customer and client relationships, having international gifting abilities can be very important. Corporate gift boxes are an important tool for many large companies in these positions, and top gifting companies in the world offer them ways to engage meaningfully with recipients by sending highly personalized, customized, and luxury high end gifts around the world. Gifting companies that deal with international markets can offer gifting platforms and other tools that can help very large or international companies these capabilities and make it easy for them to keep their gifting strategy successful in spite of international barriers.

Branded Corporate Gifts

Sending generic gifts can often be less effective than creating personalized and branded experiences that will leave lasting impressions on recipients. That’s why branding can be so important for many companies’ overall gifting strategies. Branded corporate gifts for clients and customers send a reminder each time they use the gift not only who sent it, but that the organization that sent it cares.

For employees, branded corporate gifts like curated gift boxes for employees remind recipients that they’re an important part of a larger organization that they’ve played a hand in shaping and creating success in. Corporate gift boxes for clients can be personalized and branded to remind clients that they’re so much more than just an invoice number and that the sender remembers personal details about them and appreciates their ongoing business. Many corporate gift ideas like useful small electronic devices, high end corporate swag, and gift boxes with useful personalized items can be branded to remind recipients that an organization values them.

Corporate Gifting Platform

Corporate gifting platforms help streamline the gifting strategies for many companies. These platforms provide an online space for managing and maintaining offline marketing and outreach and they can make the gifting process easier for senders without compromising quality or personalization. Many corporate gifting platforms are used in specific cases that are vitally important for operations in different companies.

Corporate gifting platforms are often used for specific roles, such as an employee gifting platform, or client focused corporate gifting platforms. They’re generally geared towards B2B companies and offer easy streamlined ways for B2B entities to maintain positive relationships with other accounts. B2B gifting platforms can help businesses create and maintain successful gifting strategies that instill goodwill and delight in recipients in other companies without the need for unnecessary footwork on the end of senders and without compromising personal touch or quality on the end of recipients.

Client gifting services provide solutions for easily reminding clients that their ongoing business and relationships are highly valued, and employee gifting services help drive productivity and remind team members that they’re appreciated by their organization. In general, gifting is widely considered a highly effective way to drive relationships in positive directions on all sides of B2B organizations.

For revitalizing, or even starting your organization’s gifting strategy, companies like Postal can help you create meaningful experiences without expending unnecessary human energy while still delighting recipients and creating memorable personal experiences. If you’ve been thinking about scaling your corporate gifting strategy, or bringing some personal touches to recipients, be sure to request a trial where you’ll gain access to over 1,000 unique experiences and gifts you can use to drive revenue, reduce churn, and boost retention and productivity.