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Christine T
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Quick, easy solution for sending gifts to your customers and prospects!

I like the ease of use and UX on how to send gifts to your customers. integrates with Amazon's marketplace, the possibilities are basically endless on what you want to send out. Ex: One of our customers loves to play golf, so instead of sending him some generic gift, we were able to personalize a gift to show how much we cared and paid attention to him!

Katie B
Director of Marketing
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Experiential Marketing Made Easy

The product is also super easy to use, clean, and our reps love it. We have used similar products in the past, and we're finding that our reps like Postal the best. I love all of the options they have in the marketplace that we can make available to our team. Lots of thoughtful options!

Jackie J
Vice President Performance Marketing
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Our marketing team needed a tool like Postal

Being a small team, we can't take on the logistics. Postal has been extremely in solving that problem for us. Right away, we started hearing from our Sales team that folks stuck in pipeline were already responding. It’s been great.

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Best Corporate Gifts

It’s the thought that counts. That’s the idea behind gifting at its core. Corporate gifting is a way to communicate to recipients that they’re well regarded and that senders have thought about them. Still, when it comes to driving desired results in corporate gifts, it’s important to consider the memorability of a gift. After all, essential to corporate gifting is the idea that it’s a worthwhile expense and overall will tend to garner ROI.The best corporate gifts will elicit positive emotions in recipients and will be memorable.

One of the best ways to send gifts that are memorable is through personalization. After all, the idea behind corporate gifting is that it’s a way of keeping human touch in business and reminding recipients that they’re being thought of. The best corporate gift ideas for clients will take into account that personal touch. Sending client gifts can help clients feel as if to a company they’re more than an invoice number, and making gifts as personal and creative as possible is a good way to ensure you don’t undermine the message that they’re a valued human connection.

Sending personalized gifts helps ensure that gifts effectively send that message. An effective way to keep that personal touch is to ensure that gifts feel like they were created with a recipient in mind. Custom client gifts should take into consideration the things that recipients are interested in and have a personal touch. There are many ways to do this, including adding handwritten notes and personal messages, as well as sending curated gifts that are tailored to a recipient's interests. Creative client gifts are also likely to be more memorable. It’s hard to forget a truly unique gift that stands out compared to other gifts—and with corporate gifting, that’s particularly important. 

Best Corporate Gifts 2021

As the pandemic and an increasingly online world have shifted work for many to online and remote positions, gifting has seen a renewal in interest in many businesses. And 2021 was a big year for corporate gifting. According to Coresight Research, the corporate gifting industry was set to be worth $242 billion by the end of 2021, and grow at 8.1% CAGR through 2024.

The same year, Mrs. Prindables surveyed over a thousand U.S. based employees about gifting, and found in their 2021-22 Employer Gift-Giving Report, that employees overwhelmingly feel that personal gifts are important. It seems like the best corporate gifts, 2021, were gifts that felt personal. The report shows that 27% of respondents said that they would “give more personalized gifts to individual employees,” and 26% said they would “survey the workforce relative to what they would like to receive,” showing a large interest in ensuring that gifts are personal. The same report shows gift cards being the most commonly given gifts, making up a whopping 62% of gifts that had been received by respondents. It isn’t the only report showing that thoughtfulness is important in gift giving. According to the 2019-2020 Knack Business Gifting Strategy Report, when asked why gift recipients experienced negative feelings, the highest number of respondents, answered that it was because “Giver didn’t put much thought into the gift.”

While finding unique client gift ideas might present a challenge, it seems that it’s important to ensure that gifts have a personal touch to them. In Knack’s same report, of those surveyed about attributes of gifts that positively influenced their opinion, the largest number responded that a gift was “selected just for me.” Overall, it seems that finding gifts that are sent with a recipient in mind is highly important in corporate gifting, and finding unique high end corporate gifts can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of gifts. 

Luxury Corporate Gifts

The value of gifts is an important consideration as well, when trying to make a gifting strategy as effective as possible. One important instance is when you’re trying to reach out to important clients and decision makers with whom you want to do business the most. Finding ways to delight recipients with unique corporate gifts is important for making the experience memorable and positive. When it comes to wowing prospects and dazzling clients, finding memorable gifting experiences can help drive retention and conversions.

Luxury corporate gifts are particularly effective for reaching out to those high-level connections and showing that you care about their business. As with all corporate gifts, personalization is key, and combined with the impact of high level executive corporate gifts, these can be some of the most effective gifts. VIP corporate gifts can range from all sorts of experiences, which is important, since finding gifts that are tailor to recipient interests can make impressions stronger. Premium corporate gifts can be virtual, or physical, but it’s important that they’re high-end and thoughtful.

Luxury corporate gifting companies specialize in these high end experiences that are effective at creating a lasting impression and delighting recipients. Whether they’re high end corporate swag, premium subscriptions, or highly desired food and drink gifts, these types of gifts can stand out among the rest and create meaningful connections. 

Best Corporate Gifts for Employees

In an increasingly online world, many workers attend work from home. It’s as important as ever to ensure that team members feel valued, even when they don’t come to the office every day. One of the ways many companies have managed to do this is through ramping up employee gifting efforts. The best corporate gifts for employees are personal, and often surprising. Employee gifts can be sent for a multitude of occasions, from year-ends, to important milestones, and even to tie together a sense of unity during virtual events. Corporate gifts for employees can help bridge gaps left by virtual meetings and workspaces, instill a sense of loyalty and reduce the chances of high turnover, and boost productivity in workplaces.

Gifts for employee appreciation can go a long way in reminding employees that their efforts are seen and appreciated, and gifts for personal milestones can help remind even remote teams that they’re a part of a team that cares about them. And the best employee gifts are personalized and can be surprising; sometimes, when gifts aren’t expected, they have the largest impact. In remote workplaces, even inexpensive motivational gifts for employees can help team members feel that even when they aren’t in a physical office, they’re part of an inclusive workplace where their presence is valued. 

Best corporate Gifts for Clients

Finding the best corporate gifts for clients is useful not only for engaging and retaining, but for onboarding and many other important occasions. Client gifts can be sent for a number of occasions, from holidays and other special times, to onboarding, milestones in service, and even personal achievements in a client’s professional life.

If you’ve had a client for years, and you want to show them that you highly appreciate their continued support, sending a thoughtful gift is a great way to engage. When a client hasn’t been responsive, this also might be an excellent time to reach out with a thoughtful token of appreciation, to encourage them to continue service. In fact, gifting can also be a great strategy to take when it’s time to talk about renewing service for another year. It can be difficult to initiate conversations about renewal, but a thoughtful gift can go a long way in sparking these types of important conversations.

For important accounts, gifting can be particularly useful. Finding delightful gift ideas for VIP clients can help keep these essential relationships going strong and even encourage referrals from high value contacts. When it comes to finding gift ideas for clients, inexpensive isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sending personalized client gifts can be a great way to remind clients that they’re not only valued but seen as an important connection to your business, and that you’ve taken the time to consider their interests. 

Branded Corporate Gifts

Another effective way to ensure that gifts are unique is with branding. Branded corporate gifts can help establish and expand your brand, and they’re effective not only externally but internally as well. Logo gifts are a great way to engage with prospects and clients and create an image of your brand while sparking good will at the same time. The best branded gifts can also be personalized to recipients, so that they’ll be reminded of your brand each time they’re used and enjoyed. Promotional gifts for customers are a great way to engage with customers and spark conversations about offerings and services while offering value back. The best branded corporate gifts will be something a recipient is likely to use—so ensuring that they’re personalized to a recipient's interests, or something that’s likely to be enjoyed by nearly anyone is a great way to ensure that they’re effective.

Branded gifts aren’t limited to external use cases. Some of the best branded corporate gifts can be gifted to employees who can use them with pride—reminded that they’re an important part of making a company what it is today. Customized corporate gifts with branding can be used for employee appreciation to help foster a sense of connectedness with the brand among employees and even instill a sense of pride in the company. 

Personalized Corporate Gifts

In gift giving, it’s the thought that counts, so it’s important to send gifts that show that thought went into them. Personalized corporate gifts do just that, and help ensure that gifts will be appreciated and effective. There’s no limit to the uses for personalized gifting; personalized gifts for clients show important connections that they’re much more than just an impersonal connection to you, and that in fact, they’re highly appreciated and so is their business. Milestone gifts for clients, for instance, remind clients that they aren’t just another number on a screen, and that you’ve taken a personal interest in them.

Personalized gifts for employees go a long way in reminding employees that they’re thought of, appreciated, and valued within their organization. Custom logo corporate gifts can be used to expand your brand for clients and customers and help foster a sense of company pride in employees. 

To level up your gifting strategy, and make personalized gift giving easy, effective, and efficient, gifting platforms like Postal can make all the difference in the world. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your gifting efforts, or even scale them to meet your needs, reach out to request a free trial with Postal’s Offline Marketing Platform, where you’ll have access to a vast marketplace full of experiences and gifts, and you’ll be able to ensure that each gift has the personal touch you need to make important connections.