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Best Corporate Gifts For Employees

Showing appreciation and celebrating employees is an integral part of creating, and maintaining a positive work culture. Corporate gifting plays an essential role to honor and celebrate employees in many organizations. Corporate gifts for employees present an opportunity for employers, HR teams, and people ops teams to send a message of appreciation to valued team members and reinforce the relationships that create effective teams. The best corporate gifts for employees create authentic connections through genuine messaging and delighting experiences.

As pandemic-related restrictions have changed the ways people live and work, many organizations have adopted the way they engage in gifting simultaneously. Corporate holiday gifts and gifts for significant personal and professional events have become important to many, and many employers have shifted from frequent inexpensive gifts to less frequent but more valuable gifts.

These $200 - $300 gift ideas are ideal for significant events and end of year celebrations:

  • Apple AirPods Pro with Magsafe Charging Case: A gift that’s as fun as it is useful, a pair of Apple AirPods Pro are perfect for employees during important milestones. With active noise cancellation, a useful charging case, and ultimate compatibility with other Apple devices, AirPods Pro make a wonderful gift.
  • Hypervolt2 Percussion Massage Device: Sometimes, all we need is a good massage. With a Hypervolt2 Percussion Massage Device, you can deliver that to recipients wherever they are. Ideal as a gift for employees for almost any occasion, this personal massage device can help recipients take the stress out of their day.

For the largest career milestones and achievements, sometimes $500 gift ideas for employees like this are needed:

  • iPad Mini – 64GB: This tablet will not only integrate seamlessly in the Apple ecosystem, it’s a fun and useful device. With a 12MP camera, USB-C connection, and compatibility with Apple Pencil, it’s the perfect device for capturing and creating ideas at work and at home. 

Best Corporate Gifts 2022

While many organizations have opted for offering gift cards as their primary gift type, there are so many wonderful options that enable HR and people ops teams to really honor and celebrate the team members that make our organizations great. The best corporate gifts, 2022, and beyond will be gifts that make a strong impact through authentic messaging and a sense of personal connection that they can create. Unique high-end gifts, when sent with the right timing and clear positive intention can underscore appreciation and foster crucial connections within a workplace. These premium gift ideas are designed to deliver delightful and memorable experiences that will create meaningful impact:

  • The Maple Leaf: Perfect for the transition to fall and perfect for early risers, this gift box includes everything needed for an amazing fall morning—crepe mix, Verve pour over coffee, Runamok small batch maple syrup, and even a gold spoon for your recipients’ coffee.
  • Not Your Mom's Apple Pie: Far be this delicious pinnacle of pie from your run-of-the-mill apple pie, it’s made with 10 apples, house-made caramel, a fluffy crust, and topped with an incredible cinnamon streusel. 

Unique Corporate Gifts

One important factor in gifting—is it memorable? Gifting is far from an uncommon practice—which is excellent—but it means that it’s important to give in ways that are unique and memorable in order to create maximum impact on recipients. Unique corporate gifts can often outperform generic corporate gifts in terms of impact and memorability. Customized corporate gifts, and unique gifts that leverage novelty and generate genuine delight are often the perfect way to honor employees and colleagues. These corporate gift ideas for executives and high achievers within the organization are perfect for honoring achievements and celebrating individuals:

  • Maine Lobster Roll Kit: With this gift, your recipient will be able to make a New England favorite on their own time at their own home, even if they’re nowhere near Maine. With claw and knuckle lobster meat, flash frozen to preserve freshness, split top rolls, and even a secret spice blend, they’ll be enjoying this New England classic in no time.
  • Wine & Charcuterie Night for Two: Offer your recipient the gift of a wonderful evening experience—with all the charcuterie essentials and more, including jams, honeys, and more, and a chef-paired bottle of wine to go along, this makes for a perfect evening of snacking.

Luxury Corporate Gifts

Luxury corporate gifts aim to not only delight—but impress as well. Unique executive gifts that combine high-end excellence with memorable novelty are ideal for creating lasting impressions and unforgettable experiences. Luxury corporate gifts are ideal in a range of scenarios, from celebrating the achievements of valued team members to thanking VIP recipients. From luxury virtual gifts to premium experiences and high-end goods, luxury gifts offer recipients pampering and premium gift experiences that they’re unlikely to soon forget. When it comes to thank you gifts, luxury is often the way to go. These high end gift ideas are designed to wow:

  • Beef Wellington & Lobster Tails: What’s better than savory beef Wellington or sumptuous lobster tails? Beef Wellington and lobster tails, of course. This gift kit includes four lobster tails and four beef wellingtons. Perfect for enjoying a wonderful evening in.
  • Cider Season: Offer recipients some fall warmth with this gift that includes all the fall essentials—reed diffuser for autumn scents, cookies, copper finished wine glasses for serving cider, and mulling spices. 

Branded Corporate Gifts

Combining delightful experiences with your businesses branding is an excellent way to tie together memorable positive experiences with your brand and expand brand presence. Branded corporate gifts enable go to market teams to expand brand awareness and affirm appreciation for key recipients. Branded gifts for clients are an excellent way to drive engagement and corporate gifts with logos as well as other branded items can also be used as employee gifts, encouraging team members to take pride in the organization that they’ve played a part in growing and supporting. The best corporate branded gifts will be useful and meaningful. These branded corporate gifts can tie together your brand presence with positive offline experiences:

  • Branded Succulent: combine your company’s branding with a gorgeous succulent that looks equally beautiful on a desk or on a patio.
  • Branded Flower Kit: The perfect metaphor for growing a relationship with your recipient, this flower kit includes marigold seeds and colorful branded packaging.
  • Branded Logo Best Sellers Mix: Seldom will you find someone who’s never once been tempted to indulge with a cookie. This box includes some of Cravory Cookie’s best flavors, and a box with your branding.

Personalized Corporate Gifts

Another effective way to create gift experiences that are meaningful is through personalization. As opposed to custom logo corporate gifts, personalized corporate gifts might be customized in order to make them more unique, selected to reflect the individual to whom they’re being given, or include personal sentiments—monogrammed corporate gifts, gifts selected based on recipients interest or hobbies, or personalized gifts with a recipient’s name or personal message.

These personalized corporate gifts can show recipients that you’re thinking of them and value them as an individual with unique characteristics:

  • Home Town Map Blanket: This cozy gift is perfect for anyone who enjoys curling up at the end of a long day, decorated with a map of their hometown, or maybe a favorite city they love to visit. Made with fleece, it’s as soft as it is unique and memorable.
  • Customized Client Bottle: Perfect for toasting to a positive relationship, this bottle of  La Cuvée Brut Champagne by Dumangin will include a selected message as well as the recipient’s name. In a gorgeous black bottle, this champagne is an excellent way to honor an individual and show appreciation.

Best Corporate Gifts For Clients

Just as with employee gifts, the best corporate gifts for clients will feel personal and meaningful, and will send an unmistakable message of thanks or appreciation. There are many client gifting use cases, where a gift can be an effective way to show valued clients how appreciated and valued they are—from onboarding new clients and expressing how glad you are to be working with them, to sparking important conversations about renewals, and asking for important feedback on their client experience.

Unique client gift ideas—such as sending a client a creative cocktail kit or a pie to celebrate an order or renewal—can make a significant positive impact in important relationships. Gift ideas for clients, inexpensive or otherwise, should send the message that they’re appreciated and that their ongoing support is important to you. Personalized business gifts for clients are an excellent way to show that you care. Gift ideas for VIP clients should reflect the value you place on them—a nice bottle of wine, a kit to make them a delicious dinner, or even a gorgeous plant to place in their home or work space. Just as with corporate gift ideas for customers, it’s important to consider what message your gift sends them about how much you value your relationship. 

Whatever you use gifting for, whether you’re honoring the achievements of employees, showing your appreciation for team members, reaching out to thank prospects for taking the time to engage, or offering clients a heartfelt thanks for their support, Postal can make gifting easy and effective. Be sure to reach out to request a demo of Postal’s Offline Engagement Platform, where you’ll see for yourself how powerful automation, a vast marketplace of different vendors and gift options, and a central means of gift strategy management can change the way you go about gifting.