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I like the ease of use and UX on how to send gifts to your customers. integrates with Amazon's marketplace, the possibilities are basically endless on what you want to send out. Ex: One of our customers loves to play golf, so instead of sending him some generic gift, we were able to personalize a gift to show how much we cared and paid attention to him!

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The ease of setting up a campaign, importing all materials, and clicking a button while they take care of the rest! And the ability to tracking. I love looking through the numbers and seeing how quickly everything gets delivered.

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Best Corporate Swag

Having the best corporate swag is important. Whether you’re making a splash at a trade show or convention, giving out swag to clients or customers, or fostering a prideful company culture within your organization, having unique company swag that stands out among the rest is important.

It’s not only an opportunity to delight recipients—branded swag is an opportunity to spread your brand presence and establish your organization’s brand wherever you go. At conferences and trade shows, attendees are often dealing with sensory overload—with so many businesses present, you’ll want swag that they can easily remember you by afterwards.

Computers and other digital tech have become increasingly important parts of everything we do, from shopping to working. It’s not surprising that many organizations have begun using branded tech swag to make important connections and expand their brand presence.

Like any other form of swag or branded gifting—the best tech swag can often be tech swag that’s useful—or, at least, memorable. Consider these tech swag ideas:

  • Branded flash drives: Flash drives can be useful to nearly anybody. Add your branding to one, and you have the perfect useful branded gift for clients, customers, and even employees.  Many traditional USB flash drives even have micro USB and USB-C connections on the other end now, so that they can be used with more devices, including mobile devices.
  • Wireless chargers: While once a novelty, wireless charging has become quite common. Many new phones support it, and it’s made charging delightfully standardized—not to mention easy. Remind recipients of your brand every time they charge their phone or offer it to a houseguest.

Whether you use tech swag, more traditional swag such as drinkware, apparel, office supplies, or a combination of the two, remember to make it memorable, and keep it useful. The more use recipients get out of it, the more opportunities your branding will have to have an effect. 

Best Company Swag 2022

As far as finding the best company swag, 2022 has been a year of opportunity. Digital technology is more widespread than ever before, and in many ways less costly at the same time—much of it downright useful, too. Some of the best swag in 2022 is tech items. Items such as power banks, wireless chargers, and flash drives are just as useful the second time as they are the first time. Even if recipients already have one, chances are another won’t hurt. 

When looking for the best swag companies, there are a few things to consider. Do they have minimum order numbers? Do they offer custom logos that work well with your branding? Do they offer products that have high build quality? The best swag items can be tech items, but it’s important that they last, too—maximizing impact. Do they fit in your budget? Do they ship where you need them to?

Other popular swag items in 2022 have included branded drinkware—insulated mugs, and bottles, branded totes and backpacks, branded apparel, branded cute socks, and even branded sanitizing cases. No matter what kind of swag you use, always consider how much recipients will use it, and how memorable it will be.

High-End Swag Ideas

Not all swag is created equal. In fact, some swag is quite high-end. This might be important for conferences, or celebrating a valued team member’s work anniversary. It might just be important for making a memorable impression. Luxury swag can take a few different routes—it might be items designed to suit a lifestyle, such as a high quality branded wine bag, or it might be something fun and high tech, such as a branded drone. Executive promotional items can be a highly effective way to make an impression and spread brand awareness when it counts.

These unique swag ideas can make a serious impression:

  • A high quality backpack, complete with branding: As high end swag ideas go, this one relies on the simple fact that it’s useful. Not only are backpacks infinitely useful—they can be stylish and include your company’s logo easily.
  • A digital notebook: Even as we venture further into the digital age, many of us love the sensation of writing—or drawing—it out with a pen or pencil. Combine that with the inherent convenience of digital storage, and you’ve got a digital notebook. Add your company’s branding, and you have a super useful, memorable, piece of swag.
  • High Quality Wireless Headphones: Again, this high-tech swag idea’s genius lies in its simple usefulness. Gone are the days of tangled wires. While wireless headphones have been around for a while, they’ve really started to take off in popularity lately. Many mobile devices don’t even have headphone jacks anymore. A good pair of over ear headphones and some branding can go a long way.

Swag Items For Events

One of the most common uses for swag is events. Trade shows, conventions, promotional events, pop ups—wherever your brand and your organization are present, having some excellent swag can help you leave lasting impressions, delight recipients, and expand your brand. Event swag can be nearly anything—it can vary from event to event, and from industry to industry. If you’re in the tech industry, your tech conference swag might be exclusively aimed at power users, while if you’re in the energy industry, your swag might be aimed at everyone from engineers to executives.

The best swag ideas for conferences are items that will capture the attention of recipients—whether because they’re useful, they’re memorable—or, ideally, they’re both. Cheap swag ideas can be just as useful as more expensive ones if they’re well thought out. Flash drives and power banks, for instance, are much more inexpensive than they used to be, but are still useful, even to recipients who already own one or two.

Whatever your swag management looks like, platforms like Postal’s can make swag easier than it’s ever been before. There’s no reason to manage an extensive physical swag closet, or lug boxes of swag around when you can manage all of it in the cloud and then distribute with QR codes. While swag management was once one of the biggest headaches of managing promotional swag, it’s arguably easier than ever before to manage your swag. 

Cool Company Swag

One of the most important rules of promotional gifting is that it’s always important to make an impression. Cool company swag that turns heads can perform far better than pens with logos on them that have a high chance of being placed in a mug and forgotten about. If you’re in a small organization, having some truly memorable small business swag can do wonders for not only your marketing efforts but to help you establish your brand. Many company swag vendors carry items that are as memorable as they are useful. These branded swag ideas can help you stand out, establish your brand, and make impressions:

  • Branded drone: Drones have gotten quite popular, and even inexpensive lately. They also make a unique and memorable piece of swag. With some branding, a drone can become an excellent way to make an impression.
  • Custom cranded AirPods case: Give people a way to remember your brand every time they plug in their AirPods with an AirPods case featuring your logo.
  • Self heating coffee mug: Wireless charging isn’t just for mobile devices. Self heating coffee mugs are a fun way to keep your coffee or tea warm all day. With a little bit of branding, they make excellent swag.

Best Company Swag For Employees

Swag isn’t always just for establishing and expanding the presence of your brand. Swag is an excellent way to foster a sense of pride among employees. The best company swag for employees is often the most useful swag. These company swag ideas for employees can make memories and foster pride in your company at the same time:

  • Branded socks: As cool swag ideas for employees go, socks are some of the best. Socks are one of those things you can never have enough of—and with branding they make amazing swag.
  • Branded hoodies: Hoodies are perfect for chilly-but-not-too-chilly weather. And they’re great for really chilly weather too. The best swag is useful, and hoodies are extremely useful—in almost any climate, too. Comfortable and useful, they’re likely to be used over and over. 
  • A nice backpack: It’s hard to let a good backpack go to waste, and chances are, if you give one to your employees, they’ll use it all the time—whether for work or on the weekends, it’ll give them a reminder of your gesture and brand.

Company Swag Ideas For Clients

When you have valued clients, it’s wonderful to be able to send them small reminders of your appreciation, and even more wonderful when those reminders are delightful and feature your brand. As with all the best company swag ideas, the best company swag ideas for clients involve making an impression, and useful items that they’re likely to use and see over and over. These company swag ideas for clients are both useful and delightful:

  • A branded water bottle: Many people are trying to get away from single use plastics, and a simple branded water bottle isn’t just environmentally friendly—it’s something that’ll get used over and over. 
  • A nice notebook: Not everything needs to be typed, and sometimes the ideas just flow better on paper. Notebooks are handy, infinitely useful, and an amazing way to remind clients that you appreciate them.

However you go about swag, whether you want to give clients, customers, attendees, or employees useful and comfortable apparel, awesome tech swag, essential items, or unique high-end swag, Postal can help you manage it all with ease. Get started with Postal and learn how being able to design and manage all your swag on the cloud can save you time, while taking your swag game to the next level.