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The product is also super easy to use, clean, and our reps love it. We have used similar products in the past, and we're finding that our reps like Postal the best. I love all of the options they have in the marketplace that we can make available to our team. Lots of thoughtful options!

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Postal's platform is flexible and allowed us to justify the expense of the platform, and base our volume expectation to build an ROI model for direct mailing.

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Client Gift Baskets

Customer and client retention is important. Losing customers and clients can cost a business not only the lost revenue from lost business, but resources used for marketing to the end of finding a new customer. What’s more, losing customers and clients can cost a business something less tangible but equally important—reputation. Long standing customers and clients can be one of the best sources of new business—through word-of-mouth, referrals, and a high reputation as a business that takes care of customers and clients for the long haul. That’s why it’s so important to focus on the clients and customers you do have. Not only is finding new clients often more expensive than keeping existing ones, but it affects revenue through various other avenues, all of which are important in the big picture.

With a world where digital marketing is in many ways the new norm, there’s something to be said about standing out by reaching out through offline channels. One of the many ways organizations have been able to do so is through client gifting. Client gift baskets and gift boxes enable customer success teams to show a personal level of care towards their clients, affirming their appreciation for ongoing business and commitment to an amiable relationship that offers reciprocal value to both parties. And, customer service is important. According to HubSpot, 93% of customers were estimated to likely be repeat customers at companies with excellent customer service.

When narrowing down corporate gift ideas, it’s important to remember that the essence of gifting is personalization. Business gift baskets that speak to an individual recipient's interests are more likely to make recipients happy. Corporate gift basket ideas that account for the likes and dislikes of individuals can be higher performers than generic gift baskets of comparable monetary value. Even corporate gift baskets under $50 can be delightful if they’re personalized and tailored to individuals.

Corporate Gift Baskets For Clients

Corporate gift baskets for clients are an excellent reminder to the customers that make your organization what it is how much you appreciate them. There are a ton of ways corporate gift baskets can be used to enhance relationships with customers and drive the kinds of relationships that make customer relationships successful. Sending gift baskets that are designed with a recipient in mind—for instance, a home office gift basket designed to make at-home work more comfortable for a remote customer—can create a truly meaningful impact. Aside from finding ways to curate unique gift baskets with items that are memorable and make that important impact, the timing of customer gift baskets can make a big impact as well.

There’s never a bad time to send customers a gift basket, but there are some truly amazing times to send them—times that will maximize impact and help ensure that the gift is an unforgettable moment. When onboarding a new customer, for instance, a thoughtful gift can be one of the best ways to welcome them. Another excellent way to engage with customers through gifting is to add reciprocal value to existing relationships. For example, when getting ready to start talking about renewing service, or when you’re looking to gain feedback from customers that can lend valuable insight into customer experience, gift baskets are a great way to initiate those conversations and show that your relationship is a two way street that’s mutually beneficial.

Best Corporate Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are an amazing way to reach out to customers. What’s even more amazing is when they’re geared towards recipients and designed to make the best impression possible. The best corporate gift baskets will have qualities that make them memorable, personal, and delightful. For customers who’ve mentioned their affinity for fine foods, or shared that they’re a foodie, gourmet gift baskets may be the way to go. For customers who’ve mentioned that coffee is the most important part of their morning routine, gift baskets with mugs, coffee, and other java-related goods may be the best route to take.

Whatever the case, the best gift baskets aren’t just filled with awesome gifts, they’re personal as well. There are small ways to make gifts more personal. Aside from sending items that are likely to be relevant to recipients, adding a personal note can go a long way toward creating that personal impression. Knack’s Business Gifting Strategy Report notes that more than half of recipients surveyed don’t recall their last gift including a personally-addressed note. This presents a huge opportunity for any gifters to exceed expectations by including a note that personally addresses recipients.

Small Business Gift Baskets

One of the things about corporate gifting is that it’s important to stand out. Memorable gifts hold power to create bigger impressions and make an unforgettable splash. When it comes to corporate gifting, creating a memorable experience is everything. One of the ways to do that is through carefully considering the source of a gift. Many people are likely to be thrilled to learn that a gift came from somewhere they feel good about supporting.

That’s why small business gift baskets can be some of the most memorable and charming gifts. Sending gifts from small business vendors isn’t just great because it supports small and local businesses. These can also be some of the most memorable gifts because they’re far less likely to be common, mass produced, generic gifts. Through small business gifting companies, you’re able to share gifts that are more unique and can share a piece of culture from a certain place.

Unique corporate gift baskets from small and local businesses might contain a local delicacy or bottle. An experience itself, these types of gifts can charm recipients familiar with the area with a familiar comfort, and woo recipients unfamiliar with the area with a new experience that they can associate not only with the area but with you, the sender.

Luxury Corporate Gift Baskets

At times, it can be important to make an impression through high-value gifting. Luxury corporate gift baskets are sometimes the best way to reach important prospects and VIP clients whose business is particularly important to you. Luxury gift baskets might be the best route to take when you want to ensure that the perceived value of a gift is high—this can be important for high-level decision makers, C-suite executives, and champions within other organizations that hold important sway over decisions that will impact your business.

There are some cases where it’s important to make a truly remarkable impression with a gift—times where a gift with higher perceived value might perform the best. Luxury corporate gift boxes are an excellent way to start a conversation about customer experience with a customer advisory board, or rectify a customer experience gone wrong. Luxury gift baskets can make an impressive impact when it’s necessary to show recipients that a relationship is really important to you. For VIP clients, luxury gifts may be even the way to go when it comes to sending corporate holiday gift baskets. After all, for many recipients, holidays are no small occasions. 

Office Gift Baskets

In the B2B world, our point of contact often isn’t working in a vacuum. What makes our customers great is often the whole team or whole office at their organization. Sending gift baskets for office staff that work alongside customers is a great way to celebrate that fact. When it comes to office gift basket ideas, you want to find a balance between unique gift baskets—memorable experiences—and gifts that can please a crowd.

The best gift baskets for offices will combine the two factors and create a memorable experience for everyone around. Unique office gift baskets, including items meant to be shared can create a wonderful communal experience for customers. Gift baskets for offices might include artisan crafted delectables such as cupcakes—including dairy free options for those who opt to eat plant-based from Postal vendor, Baked By Melissa, or even ice cream—packaged with dry ice to stay cool through Postal vendor, eTailor. They might also include savory treats, such as a charcuterie spread including everything an office needs to enjoy nibbling together. Whatever the case, office gift baskets can make a delightful gift all the better by offering a communal experience.

Gift Baskets For Employees

When it comes to effective outreach, gift baskets aren’t just wonderful for sending to clients. HR and people ops teams looking to foster a positive company culture, honor the achievements of team members, foster loyalty, and stoke morale can achieve incredible results with gift baskets for employees. As is the case with clients, corporate gift baskets for employees can achieve some amazing results in recipients—increased trust and loyalty. And in a workforce that’s become increasingly remote, that can be particularly important. Gift baskets for employees working from home can offer remote team members comfort in uncomfortable times and stoke positive company culture. Gift baskets for employees around special occasions, like promotions and professional achievements can show team members that their contributions are recognized and their dedication is appreciated. Holiday gift baskets for employees are an excellent way to show appreciation for team members around special times of the year. 

To elevate your gifting strategy and improve the way you reach out not only to clients and customers, but to employees as well, and boost engagement, be sure to reach out and request a free trial of Postal’s Offline Marketing Automation platform, where you’ll gain access to a vast marketplace of vendors, streamlined automation features, and a platform that makes it easy to send personalized gifts at scale.