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I like the ease of use and UX on how to send gifts to your customers. integrates with Amazon's marketplace, the possibilities are basically endless on what you want to send out. Ex: One of our customers loves to play golf, so instead of sending him some generic gift, we were able to personalize a gift to show how much we cared and paid attention to him!

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The ease of setting up a campaign, importing all materials, and clicking a button while they take care of the rest! And the ability to tracking. I love looking through the numbers and seeing how quickly everything gets delivered.

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Company Swag Store

Many businesses are so focused on building their online presence that they unconsciously neglect building awareness offline. One of the best ways to bring more awareness to your brand is by creating your own company swag store. An online swag store can act as your one-stop shop for luxury company swag, customized merchandise, and so much more. This e-commerce style shopping experience allows you to build brand awareness while catering to:

  • Employees and colleagues
  • Business partners and stakeholders
  • Current and potential customers and clients

Companies often center their branding around online strategies such as posting promotional videos, ads, blog posts, and even collaborating with different content creators and influencers. While these internet-focused efforts contribute to brand awareness, creating a company swag store can make a huge difference in your offline strategy. If people are naturally exposed to your company every single day thanks to your branded merchandise or custom swag, you will be much more prevalent in their minds. 

Repetition is one of the necessary factors in growing brand awareness and affinity. Imagine you’ve been pursuing a high-end client for months, and one day you finally gift that client a customized high-quality branded travel bag. They start using it every week as they travel for work, and your logo and your business become stuck in their head. The next time they need the kind of products or services you offer, your company will be the first one they think of. Corporate swag is all about making a lasting impression.

This article will go into more detail regarding the benefits of creating an online swag store on an all-in-one platform that connects you with top branded merchandise companies. We will also share ideas about the kind of branded swag items you can create and why they’re so good at gaining the favor of your employees and stakeholders.

Company Swag Ideas

The best company swag ideas are contemporary, unique, and made with your brand’s employees and affiliates in mind. There are many cheap swag ideas out there that any company can utilize, but organizations should try to be creative and come up with their own distinctive company swag ideas. 2022 is a big year for events, so businesses may also want to create exclusive swag items for events.

Here is a list of some currently popular swag items (2022 is all about sustainable, useful, and reusable swag):

  • DIY spa package: Promoting items that people genuinely want to use in their free time is a great way of showing people you think critically about the swag you create. If people can relax and enjoy themselves while also being exposed to a few branded items, that’s a win.
  • Coffee kits: Everyone loves coffee, and even better, people tend to drink it every single day. This is a useful and strategic swag idea that ensures people are reminded of your brand often.
  • Vouchers for fun courses: People usually remember experiences more than they remember gifts. If you offer branded vouchers for employees or clients to experience a fun class or event, your business is sure to be on their minds for a long time to come.
  • Electronics such as e-readers: High-quality branded merchandise is gaining popularity. Traditional office swag ideas like mugs and pens still have their uses, but more expensive and exclusive items like e-readers and other electronics make a lasting impression.

Some other helpful ideas you might want to consider when creating your own swag include branded tote bags, backpacks, jackets, and even key chains. These are essential items that everyone uses and that people are likely to keep using for a long time.

Best Company Swag Store

You don’t want it to seem like your swag store was just thrown together without a second thought. The first thing the best company swag stores do is use the best swag fulfillment companies, which a platform like Postal can help you find with just a few clicks of a button.

There are a few other key components that make a great swag store online:

  • Appealing items: If you only have a few items in your swag store, such as pens and t-shirts, you may want to do a revamp. Even small business swag stores should try to provide a variety of appealing swag options for their employees and prospects. The best swag companies will have no problem supporting your vision as you create and fulfill swag.
  • Easy to navigate: Swag stores should be user-friendly. People that visit your online store shouldn’t have to waste their time figuring out the platform. Instead, it should be easy to navigate so they can quickly and effectively order everything they want.
  • Branded landing pages: It’s not just the items in your store that should be branded—your landing pages should be as well. This keeps branding efforts consistent and ensures that store visitors have no doubts about what they’re there for. 
  • Gift cards: It’s important that your online company swag store is able to redeem gift cards in case you ever want to provide employees or customers with gift cards that give them free or discounted swag items.

Swag Store for Employees

There are many reasons why you should create a company apparel store for employees. One of the main ones is the fact that having an online company store enables your employees and their close friends and relatives to purchase items related to the business, be it tote bags, pens, wallets, backpacks, or even pet accessories.

This can improve the revenue of the company while also bringing about more brand awareness. Additionally, having an employee swag store allows you to gift different team members with company-related items (or discounts for these items) as rewards for tasks they’ve completed, projects they’ve finished, or any other pre-determined reason. 

When it comes to creating a swag store for employees, the easiest way to do it is with an all-in-one platform that helps with everything from finding company swag ideas for employees to setting you up with swag fulfillment companies. If you don’t know how to create a swag store, an all-in-one platform is a great option for you, as it can guide you through the processes of swag design, store creation, and fulfillment.

Company Swag Ideas for Clients

Gifting even small items to clients is a terrific way to subtly promote your business while making a good impression on your customers. One way to make a good impression is by gifting a small item to each client after they make a purchase that’s higher than a certain price.

Let’s say you gift each client who spends more than $200 in your store one tote bag. Alternatively, you can give clients credit to the team swag store so they can get money off or get the same price as team members do in the online swag store for employees. By doing so, you’re not only inviting the client to spend more money in your store, but you’re giving them an item they can use in their daily life, which indirectly promotes your brand.

On the other hand, if you work with other businesses and big organizations, gifting them more luxurious items is a sign you cherish their partnership and is a way to network with them on a more personal level. If you already have a functional online swag store, you will only need to partner with one of many luxury gifting companies and come up with ideas for more exclusive branded items for partners or luxury company swag ideas for clients.

Company Merchandise Store

We’ve already talked through several company merchandise ideas, but which ones you choose to create depends entirely on the people you want to gift these items to. One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating company logo apparel and other branded items is that you should make it about more than your brand—they have to be good products on their own.

The best corporate apparel companies are typically the ones that combine a wide variety of services with high-quality products that can truly make a good impression on the person who receives them.

When it comes to your online company store for employees, you want to be sure the people in your company have access to high-quality items and that these items are easily purchasable and in stock. The right company merchandise store will help you accomplish this. Of course, it’s also vital that company swag items are always available to clients as well.

Custom Promotional Products 

When creating branded products, many companies stick to more traditional options such as cups, pens, notebooks, or backpacks.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with these items, sometimes it's a better idea to focus on high-quality promotional products that leave a lasting impression on the person who receives them. In your online company apparel store, you could even have two separate sections—one for more common day-to-day items and another for premium promotional products.

Both of these categories can include custom promotional products that are more personalized for the recipient, but premium products might include some more luxurious items, such as:

  • Branded tech products like headphones and wireless charging stations
  • High-end travel items like travel bags, laptop bags, brand-name jackets, etc.
  • Exclusive kits, such as a cheeseboard and related cutlery, or a spa kit

Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired to start your own merchandise store. Get started today by requesting a demo of Postal’s all-in-one solution for creating and managing your swag. With a few clicks, Postal can connect you with swag companies and get you started on the path to creating your very own company swag store.