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4.8 star average on G2 Crowd
Elluz P
Demand Generation Manager
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Great platform for Marketing teams!

Our Marketing team recently started using e-gifts and corporate swag to send to prospects at different stages in our demand generation campaigns, ABM, and maintain customer loyalty. We have received great feedback from our Sales Directors, and opportunities stuck in the pipeline are now responding and appreciating what we are doing. Excellent options to choose from!

Jackie J
Vice President Performance Marketing
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Our marketing team needed a tool like Postal

Being a small team, we can't take on the logistics. Postal has been extremely in solving that problem for us. Right away, we started hearing from our Sales team that folks stuck in pipeline were already responding. It’s been great.

Aly W
Digital Marketing Manager
Aunt Bertha
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Easy to work with!

The ease of setting up a campaign, importing all materials, and clicking a button while they take care of the rest! And the ability to tracking. I love looking through the numbers and seeing how quickly everything gets delivered.

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Corporate Gift Baskets

Corporate gifts have been a part of business for decades. And there’s perhaps a simple reason; it’s effective, and people enjoy receiving gifts. One of the most iconic forms of gifting in business now is the gift basket. Corporate gift baskets are a popular way for businesses to recognize appreciation and spark goodwill, and they can create warm experiences for recipients. Gift baskets are a timeless combination of utilitarian and decadent expressions of appreciation. On top of being practical and easy to carry, baskets can easily be filled with a range of gifts, and they evoke a sense that something delightful is inside. Baskets can be filled with everything from delicious desserts to customized swag and even top shelf drinks and other charming tokens. That’s why gift baskets are so useful for a range of cases.

Gift baskets can be used not only externally to spark meaningful relationships and connections with marketing prospects or existing clients and customers, but they can also be used internally to remind employees and team members how much their presence and ongoing dedication is appreciated and recognized. Sending customized and curated gift baskets to prospects can leave a lasting impression that can turn to increased engagement and revenue down the road, and gift baskets for existing customers and clients can remind important connections that their business is valued and that you look forward to a lengthy relationship.

Baskets can be some of the best corporate gifts for employees, and they can easily be customized to meet the interest and affinities of team members. These can serve as powerful reminders that team members are valued and gift baskets for employees are an effective way to drive productivity and happiness and reduce chances of high turnover. In a world where business is increasingly conducted remote and online, gift baskets remain a powerful force for keeping a human touch in business relationships and reminding people that they’re still close. 

Best Corporate Gift Baskets

Aside from being able to include many items in gift baskets, a great thing about gift baskets is their presentation can be quite impressive. When a big part of gift giving is leaving an impression, baskets can help meet that need. A lot goes into creating the best corporate gift baskets. One of the powerful things about a gift basket is that they can be curated to include a range of thoughtfully picked items that are easy to customize and specific to recipients and their interests and affinities. Creating unique experiences for recipients is one of the most effective practices in gifting, and with customizable gift baskets, you can not only ensure that baskets will include items that interest recipients but you can include ranges of items to interest them. Creating the best gift baskets involves personalizing contents to the recipient.

There’s no bad time to send a gift basket, and they can be used any time of the year for various occasions, ranging from holidays to anniversaries and birthdays. Corporate holiday gift baskets can be sent to recipients to remind them that they’re thought of during holidays and special seasons. Custom corporate gifts can be sent during year end celebrations, and employee gift baskets can be sent on start anniversaries and during milestones to bring team members together even when they’re working remote. 

Unique Corporate Gift Baskets

One of the great things about corporate gift baskets is that they have an endless potential to impress. Aside from being filled with impressive gifts, they can be endlessly customized and personalized to recipients’ tastes. Sending a gift, at its core, is about creating joy for a recipient. And each recipient is a unique individual, so sometimes the best corporate gift baskets are ones that are just as unique as their recipient. Sending truly unique corporate gift baskets is an effective way to create lasting impressions and create experiences that won’t soon be forgotten. These might be holiday corporate gifts, thank you gifts after a meeting with a prospective client, or even yearly thank you gifts for long term customers or clients.

For sparking lasting relationships, especially with high value recipients, gift baskets have a great potential for impressing recipients. Unique gift baskets can be hard to forget, especially if they’re carefully curated and tailored to recipients. Since there’s never a bad time to send a gift basket, they’re quite useful for marketing and outreach at nearly any time, and they can be sent to wow prospects, customers or clients who can make important decisions that affect business relationships. Sometimes, you want to really impress someone and sending a cookie-cutter gift basket just isn’t going to cut it (unless “it” is cookies, they have an affinity for baking, and it’s literally a collection of special cookie cutters). This is where personalization comes in and can make customized gift baskets truly special gifts. 

Luxury Corporate Gift Baskets

Sometimes, gift baskets are intended for some high level VIPs, and they require a little bit more attention. When you need to wow executives at a  high level, who can make some particularly important decisions, you might want to opt for a basket that shows some true attention to detail, a truly unique experience, and premium high quality goods that are sure to impress. That’s where luxury corporate gift baskets come in. Luxury gift baskets are carefully curated and individualized to recipients in order to ensure that they’re not only unforgettable and personal, but that they’re highly effective at creating the type of impression you want them to. When you’re not just aiming to impress, but also to ensure that your gift isn’t forgotten, luxury gift baskets are the way to go.

Luxury corporate gift baskets are packed with high-end luxury corporate gifts that can range from premium in person experiences, or food and drink goods from local artisans, to high end electronic devices and everything in between—and they’re personalized to the individual. Luxury corporate gift companies create luxury experiences and goods for recipients that you aim to really impress and who you really want to remember you. These types of gift baskets tend to stand out among others, and sometimes that’s what you need in a gift basket.

Customized Corporate Gifts

Since gifting is all about creating lasting impressions and memorable experiences of joy, customizing gifts goes a long way. Customized gifts are easier to remember when they tend to provide a bigger impact than generic gifts in the first place, and aside from the sentiment of giving, they add another sentiment of personal attention that recipients often feel delighted to experience. Customized corporate gifts are a highly effective way to engage with recipients and ensure that they’ll remember your gift for a long time to come.

You can take it a step further with gifts that aren’t only memorable, but provide lasting reminders of where they came from with branding. Branded corporate gifts on top of delighting, also provide a reminder of who sent them. Which can be highly effective at driving results from gifting. Corporate gift baskets with logos can not only impress but continuously remind recipients that you thought of them each time they see or use your gifts.

Custom gift baskets remind them that you took the time to personalize their experience and tailor it to their interests or affinities. When it comes to leaving lasting impressions, these types of thoughtful gifts can make a huge difference in marketing, and retention, reminding clients and customers that they’re a valued connection, and reminding prospects that you really value the thought of a lasting relationship with them. 

Corporate Gift Baskets For Clients

Client retention is one of the most important aspects of building revenue in a client focused business. The reason is threefold; not only does retaining existing clients take pressure off of the marketing team, but it also enables businesses to boast long term client relationships, and inspires confidence in your brand to future clients. Corporate gifts for clients can help drive retention, and they can also be used in a wide range of cases. Client gifting use cases include welcoming new business, encouraging renewals, driving referrals, incentivizing product adoption, along with many others.

Similarly, corporate gift baskets for clients can be sent immediately after a client signs up for a service, after they’ve been a client for a while, or even to remind clients that you’re still active when they haven’t requested service in a while.

There’s hardly a bad time to send a client a gift, and gift baskets can be a powerful reminder of your appreciation for their ongoing business. Using a corporate gifting platform, you can automate the process of sending client gifts automatically after onboarding or during certain anniversaries, ensuring that each client receives this reminder. Other effective gift basket ideas for business clients include using gift baskets to bridge gaps when a customer is unhappy with service or has become distant and may cancel service, encouraging amiable relationships with a new point of contact, and even sending gift baskets for holidays or other special occasions. 

Corporate Gifts For Employees

With more people working from home than ever recently, and a renewed focus across much of the professional world on retaining employees, employee gifting has quickly come to the forefront of many businesses’ strategy for reducing turnover rates. Reducing turnover helps businesses in many ways; it drives loyalty, saves on onboarding costs, and helps ensure that employees are well versed in operating procedures and experienced. And Corporate gifts for employees are a highly effective way to remind employees that they’re valued. Corporate gifting companies can help bridge gaps when employees working from home feel distant from their team.

Corporate gift baskets for employees can range from luxury gifts to employee gift baskets under $25 and they’re a simple way to remind employees that they’re anything but just a number to the team. Gift baskets for employees working from home can also make employees feel like they’re not just dealing with faces on a screen; with in person tactile experiences that gift baskets provide, you can remind team members that they’re a human connection and a part of a team that values them. In an increasingly online and remote business environment, this human touch can make a huge impact on employees.

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