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Elluz P
Demand Generation Manager
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Great platform for Marketing teams!

Our Marketing team recently started using e-gifts and corporate swag to send to prospects at different stages in our demand generation campaigns, ABM, and maintain customer loyalty. We have received great feedback from our Sales Directors, and opportunities stuck in the pipeline are now responding and appreciating what we are doing. Excellent options to choose from!

Kelsie S
Head of Marketing
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Great, affordable platform with flexibility.

Postal's platform is flexible and allowed us to justify the expense of the platform, and base our volume expectation to build an ROI model for direct mailing.

Jackie J
Vice President Performance Marketing
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Our marketing team needed a tool like Postal

Being a small team, we can't take on the logistics. Postal has been extremely in solving that problem for us. Right away, we started hearing from our Sales team that folks stuck in pipeline were already responding. It’s been great.

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Corporate Gift Boxes

In corporate gifting, one of the most widely embraced formats for gifting has become corporate gift boxes. Corporate gift boxes are a particularly exciting form of gifting—they can be used to build anticipation about what’s inside, and can be curated for themes and occasions. Corporate gift boxes are ideal for a range of uses, because they can be created to provide an entire delighting experience for recipients that can be curated and customized to meet their interests and for various occasions. This can be particularly useful as sending someone a gift with their interests in mind is a highly effective way not only to show that you’ve put thought and consideration into a gift, but to also give them the best experience possible based on their particular affinities and interests. In a business world where gifting has become more and more embraced each year, and many teams are trying to build a sense of human connection and community amid working online, gift boxes have become a particularly effective means of pulling people together.

Being able to build your own gift box opens a world of possibilities and can help you create the most memorable gifting experiences for recipients, ensuring that they’ll receive a gift like no other. These types of gift boxes can drive the types of experiences and results you’re looking for in your gifting efforts in the first place. Custom gift boxes can be tailored to the individual to ensure that they provide maximal impact and create memorable and meaningful experiences for recipients, which is important in corporate gifting. Many people feel that a gift is much more meaningful if it’s thoughtful, and by being able to curate and create custom gift boxes, you can effectively send that message. Custom gift boxes with logos can tie those impactful experiences to your company’s branding, not only sending an important reminder, but helping to establish and expand your business's brand.

Best Corporate Gift Boxes

Some of the things that go into an excellent gift box are the things that go into any excellent gift. In gifting, it’s always important to honor the adage “it’s the thought that counts.” There’s no better way to do that than by ensuring that you send a clear message that the gift really was thoughtful. The best corporate gift boxes will be tailored to the individual to clearly send that message. Unique corporate gift baskets and boxes are harder to forget as they’ll leave a more distinct impression on recipients. Being able to curate and customize gift assortments can go a  long way to achieving that impact.

Finding ways to make gift boxes resonate with recipients is important to making a memorable experience that will leave a positive impact on them. Gift boxes can be curated to include offerings that support local business, or are sustainably sourced in order to make sure that they align with recipients’ values, which can leave them feeling particularly delighted. A lot of times, it’s not the cost of a gift, but the thoughtfulness that truly leaves an impression, and affordable curated gift boxes can create a meaningful experience for recipients. The best employee gift boxes can be aimed at employees’ interests and leave them feeling like that not only are they recognized but that employers put a lot of thought and care into the gifts.

Corporate Gift Boxes For Employees

With recent changes in the workforce, it can be more important than ever to recognize the value of employees, and corporate gift boxes for employees aim to do just that. Finding ways to recognize employee successes can go a long way to boosting morale and productivity and can help reduce the chances of turnover in an organization. Gift boxes for remote employees can bring a human touch to a workplace even when people are working together online. With many teams working remotely, it can be more important than ever to underscore a sense of community in a company even when team members don’t see each other face to face every day anymore.

Curated gift boxes for employees make it easy not only to do that, but to recognize employees as individuals. Custom gift boxes for employees can take into account their particular interests and create delighting experiences for them based on their affinities, which can make the impact of a gift that much greater. The best gift boxes for employees will not only delight recipients, but leave a memorable impact and send a message that the gift was thoughtful. Custom gift boxes can do just that and the value can come just from the amount of care that goes into them. 

Luxury Corporate Gift Boxes

When it comes to leaving a truly big impact on a recipient, luxury corporate gift boxes can be an invaluable tool for organizations. When you’re aiming to delight and leave an impact on high level decision makers or highly valued recipients, luxury gift boxes can help you send a message that, for them, only the best would do. Like with any other kinds of gift boxes, personalized experiences go a long way. Luxury corporate gifts can be curated and customized to match the interests and needs of a recipient, which—coupled with the high value nature of the gifts—can make a truly memorable impact on the right people.

Creating unique high end corporate gifts for VIP contacts can be an excellent way to send a clear message that their relationship to the organization is highly valued, and that you look forward to further engagement, and that you’ve put a lot of thought into it. VIP corporate gifts can range, anywhere from fine food and wine and high end corporate swag to premium virtual gifts and high end electronics, and by tailoring them to recipient interests, you can achieve the kind of high impact impression you’re aiming for with VIP recipients. 

Small Business Gift Boxes

Sometimes the route to take with corporate gifting isn’t with gifting business giants, but instead with small businesses who specialize in corporate gifting. This can create a more meaningful and thoughtful experience for recipients. The idea of supporting small businesses is an appealing one for many recipients, and through small businesses that are local to a recipient, you can also add to the message that you’ve placed a high level of care into their gift. These types of local connections can delight recipients, and underscore the value of a relationship with them. They can be particularly delighted that you’ve taken the time to find something local to them on top of being pleased to support a small business.

Small business gift boxes can be some of the most meaningful experiences for recipients, and they often have a high level of personal touch which can go a very long way. Whether you’ve sent a local delicacy, or just something crafted by a small business elsewhere that gives them a touch of life somewhere they’ve visited, these types of gift boxes can be some of the most memorable and unique. From the packaging to the contents, these gifts can give off some of the biggest feelings of human touch and connection. 

Corporate Gift Boxes For Clients

Keeping up with clients is always important. Ensuring client retention doesn’t only look good on an organization, it also takes a significant burden off of marketing teams and bolsters marketing efforts at the same time. It’s important for keeping revenue high, driving referrals, and maintaining customer and client loyalty. Client gifting is an easy way to ensure customers are happy, which is a top priority for most organizations. That’s why corporate gift boxes for clients can be such a powerful tool for businesses. The best client gift boxes, like many other gift boxes, are often custom client gift boxes. These can create some of the most memorable experiences for clients, and they can be used in a wide range of instances.

Keeping up with clients through corporate custom gift boxes is a strategy that can be used throughout a relationship with a client. One great way to welcome new clients is with a thoughtful gift. These can be a sign of a positive relationship to come and help spark an important connection right off the bat. Gift boxes can also be sent to clients with whom you haven’t communicated in a while to spark reengagement, or used to initiate conversations about renewing service. In all of these cases, gift boxes can help keep a smooth relationship smooth and send a clear message to recipients that their business is highly valued, and you intend to affirm that moving forward. 

Branded Corporate Gift Boxes

Corporate gifting boxes open a world of gifting possibilities and enable senders to curate, customize, and personalize to create the most meaningful impact to individuals who receive them. And one of the ways to tie this impact back to an organization and expand their brand presence at the same time is through branding. Branded corporate gift boxes are an excellent way to keep the organization’s brand tied to a gift while delighting a recipient, which can have a truly powerful impact.

Branded corporate gifts are excellent for external and internal uses alike; externally they can help spread a brand, and establish presence, while internally they can help foster loyalty and pride in an organization that team members can identify with. Corporate branded boxes tie this in with the effectiveness of gift boxes through their ability to create comprehensive experiences and be tailored to individual interests at the same time. In almost any use, this can be a powerful tool for organizations hoping to make a profound impact on recipients. Through logos and branded elements, organizations can delight and surprise, and leave their mark at the same time.

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