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Corporate Gift Supplier

As corporate gifting is an integral part of many organizations’ strategies for marketing, client retention, and team motivation, an entire industry has grown around corporate gifting. Corporate gift suppliers are an important part of that industry, often offering point solutions for specific use cases. As gifting is often used by organizations in a range of use cases, from people ops to marketing and client relationships, being able to consolidate gifting efforts to a single point of management can be essential to streamlining the gifting process for organizations.

As such, gifting platforms have emerged as an important way businesses can manage their gifting efforts from a single place and scale their efforts in order to remain efficient and effective for various use cases and a range of recipients. Gifting platforms enable organizations to access offerings from various gifting companies and suppliers, enabling them to streamline the process of gifting for their various needs.

Corporate gift boxes, for example, are a great way to reach out to marketing prospects. Custom gift boxes can be personalized, curated, and optimized for individual recipients which can make these highly effective forms of outreach. At the same time, corporate gift boxes for employees are a great way to engage with team members, help remote workers feel included and valued in an organization’s community, and drive motivation and productivity. Through gifting platforms, organizations are able to optimize gifting throughout various use cases and ensure that gifts are personal while sent at scale. For some recipients, it might be important to send luxury corporate gifts, which can be supplied by gifting companies which specialize in luxury gifting, all through the same corporate gifting platform.

Top Corporate Gifting Companies

Top corporate gifting companies offer ways to engage with clients, customers, prospects, and employees that can be highly effective and delighting. Many of these companies will offer gifting solutions that enable organizations to send personalized and thoughtful gifts to recipients all over the country, and some even offer the ability for organizations to send internationally. For companies that have international clients and partners, this can be hugely beneficial. Many top corporate gifting companies offer gifting solutions aimed at specific types of gifting, such as premium corporate gifts, often used to engage with VIP recipients and high level decision makers.

Gifting platforms can also be geared towards specific use cases, such as employee gifting platforms, which enable organizations to streamline and optimize their internal gifting strategy to uplift and inspire team members. Corporate gift companies can and do specialize in a number of use cases, and often each offer their own unique benefits, which is why gifting platforms which consolidate their offerings into one convenient point of management can be so beneficial to organizations looking to scale their gifting strategy and more easily maintain and manage it.

Corporate Gifting Companies in the USA

Corporate gifting companies based solely in the US can also offer organizations some amazing ways to engage with prospects, clients and employees. Corporate gifting companies in the US might not send internationally, but they can also be a great avenue for creating unforgettable experiences for recipients. These companies might be limited to sending domestically, but they often offer some amazing experiences including small business created offerings, and delightful gifts that can be sourced from local businesses around the country.

Corporate gifting platforms enable organizations to tap into these great experiences along with those from various other gifting companies allowing them to send gifts at scale, while still being able to send recipients thoughtful gifts that can include items from local and small businesses, which can be some of the most surprising and charming experiences. Corporate gifting companies operating in the U.S. might offer unique gifts that are less common and can amaze and surprise recipients. While these gifting companies in the USA might not offer international shipping, they can make up for these limitations through the unique nature of their gifts and the inherent charm of supplying local and small business offerings. 

Luxury Corporate Gifting Companies

Sometimes, it can be important to really wow and amaze. When organizations need to reach out to C suite executives, high level decision makers, or really honor and celebrate particularly hard working and high performing employees, the best course of action can be to send a thoughtful high-value gift, through a luxury gifting company. Luxury gifting companies specialize in these types of cases and offer ways to send truly high value gifts to recipients that are very important. These might be unique executive gifts designed to provide truly special experiences, and high end corporate swag, as well as expensive employee appreciation gifts designed to celebrate certain team members highly.

VIP corporate gifts can take many forms, but they’re aimed to stand above the rest and offer a truly unique and memorable experience. These types of gifts can leave lasting impressions and be some of the most effective outreach. They might include offerings such as high quality electronics, like speakers, headphones, wireless chargers and more, or they might include things like premium apparel, and high value virtual experiences. Luxury gifting companies specialize in creating memorable gifting experiences that recipients are unlikely to overlook or forget. 

Customized Corporate Gifts

One of the most important things to keep in mind in any gifting scenario, and one that is particularly important in corporate gifting, whether internally to celebrate employees or externally to connect with prospects or foster healthy relationships with clients—is the importance of personal touch. One of the most effective ways to include a personal touch with a gift is through customization. Customized corporate gifts can be tailored to individual interests, which not only helps increase the chances that a recipient will be pleased with their gift, but can also help clearly send the message that some thought was put into a gift. This can be highly important to recipients and the importance of personal touch in corporate gifting can hardly be overstated. Unique corporate gifts can stand out among the rest and create some of the most memorable impressions. 

Corporate gift baskets can be tailored to individual interests and curated to include a range of items put together with recipients in mind. Whether these are used to wow prospects and delight clients, or stoke a sense of pride and loyalty in employees, this can be hugely beneficial to the organization sending gifts. What’s more, customization offers the ability for organizations to send branded gifts, and things like custom logo corporate gifts are a great way to expand brand presence and create a lasting impression on recipients. Unique corporate logo gifts can combine the memorability of a unique experience with the impression that branding can leave for the best of both worlds. Custom corporate holiday gifts can be some of the most thoughtful forms of outreach around important holidays, and remind recipients that they’re thought of and appreciated. 

Branded Corporate Gifts

One particularly great form of customization is the ability for organizations to brand gifts with their logo. In doing so, organizations can expand their brand, establish a brand presence, and even stoke ferver around their branding. Branded corporate gifts hold the capacity to leave a lasting impression which is associated with their brand through their logo. Creative client gifts featuring brand logos are a great way to not only delight clients through novelty but create a lasting impression associated with the brand as well.

Corporate gifts can be customized to include logos and also feature food items—often some of the most delightful gifts to receive. When it comes to wowing important prospects, clients and even employees, luxury corporate gifts with logos are a great way to tie that experience with the brand’s presence. Whether reaching out with offline gifting services or online gift giving services, branding can be particularly important in gift-giving. When gifts are adorned with high quality branding, it can certainly be more difficult to forget who sent them. When this level of quality branding is combined with truly thoughtful unique gifts, it can leave an incredible lasting impression on recipients. 

Corporate Gifts For Employees

Corporate gifts for employees have become a way that organizations frequently engage with their team members. Branded gifts for employees can be particularly effective, and encourage employees to feel a sense of belonging and pride in their brand. Corporate gifts for employees can also be tailored and customized to speak to individual recipients’ interests. Curated gift boxes for employees that take into account individual interests and affinities are a great way to show employees that they’re seen, recognized, known as individuals, and highly valued by their team and organization. Personalized corporate gifts for employees send not only the message that they are appreciated, but that they’re valued as individuals within the organization. These can be a great way for HR and people ops teams to engage with their teams, and spread a sense of community and appreciation—something which can be particularly important among workers who are working from home and online. 

If you’ve thought about stepping your organization’s gifting strategy to the next level, scaling gifting efforts, streamlining the gifting process or ways you can tap into a vast world of individual gifting companies through one streamline platform, don’t hesitate to reach out and request a free trial with Postal. Through Postal’s marketplace, you’ll have access to an expansive variety of offline offerings from a range of individual gifting companies who provide their own unique gifting opportunities.