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Corporate Gifting Boxes

Corporate gifting is one of the best ways to build a unique connection with your recipient and let them know you care. With all the corporate gifting strategies and ideas out there, one of the best approaches is curating corporate gift boxes. This is an authentic and personalized way to send your best wishes and a fun gift to your clients, employees, or business partners.

In the US,  the corporate gifting market is calculated to grow a compound annual growth rate of 8.1% from 2021 to 2024. Corporate gift boxes have become especially popular since the shift to remote work and hybrid teams. As teams are scattered all over the country and meeting less often in the workplace, it takes effort from people teams to make everyone feel unified as a single organization. Sharing the same gift box, however, is a wonderful way to bring the team together and show off your matching corporate swag during the next virtual meeting.

Get inspired by the following corporate gift box ideas and use offline engagement to provide your team, or your clients, with an unforgettable experience.

Corporate Gift Boxes for Starters

What are the possibilities for building a corporate gift box? You can choose from any number of curated gift box companies that specialize in certain types of gifts to box. There are corporate gift boxes focused on food,  wine, or luxury bath items. The best corporate gift boxes, however, often feature useful items that your team can enjoy and make use of every day. Corporate gift company Coffee tumblers, sweatshirts, and cool office gadgets like a streaming gear kit are exactly what most professionals want to see when they unpack a gift box from their employer.

Different Corporate Gift Box Strategies

  • Lead-Enticing Gift Boxes
  • Client and Customer Thank-You Gift Boxes
  • Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes
  • Business Partner Diplomacy Gift Boxes
  • Birthday and Special Occasion  Gift Boxes
  • Practical Necessities Gift Boxes
  • Luxury and Vacation Gift Boxes

Branding Gift Boxes

Many companies choose to send branded corporate gift boxes. By doing this, you can have your company’s brand emblazoned on useful and delightful gift products, then packaged into gift boxes so each team member can feel even more like part of the team with matching company gifts.

Depending on your gift boxing strategies along with the products and providers you choose, you can build any number of gifting campaigns, appreciation programs, loyalty incentives, corporate thank-yous, and so much more.

Luxury Corporate Gift Boxes

When you really need to make a difference, it’s time to plan something special. Your team may love company sweatshirts but your shareholders and your most valuable clients also need to be nurtured, with a little luxury. Luxury gift boxes can include decadent gifts that make your recipient feel like royalty. Luxury corporate gift ideas include gourmet chocolate, beautiful sets of wine bottles and glassware, or a more personally tailored luxury gift set.

What makes a gift box luxurious? It’s not just the products but also the intent with which you build the box. A luxury gift box often has everything the recipient needs to enjoy a nice evening with the contents. Luxury gift boxes of wine, for example, often come with a glass or two, a corkscrew, and a few delectable snacks.  A luxury beach vacation box might include bamboo sandals, designer sunglasses, and organic sunscreen. You’re not just gifting a few items, you’re sending an experience in that beautifully wrapped box.

You might send luxury corporate gifts of branded travel items to VIP guests who are joining you for an event, including a gel neck pillow, satin eye mask, and slippers for the first-class plane ride. Not sure what to send? You can find some amazing luxury gift ideas from luxury gift box companies that offer pre-designed packages your VIPs will love to receive.

Design a Gift Box

How do you design a gift box for your team, clients, or high-value shareholders? Corporate gifting isn’t always easy, which is why a concierge gift box design service might be exactly what you need to build the perfect corporate gift box for every one of your team members or giftees.

Curated, Branded, and Specialty Items

Most corporate gifting coordinators know the type of gift and experience they want to send.  The best way to design a gift box is to choose your purpose and theme. Looking to engage your clients? Offer interesting branded items that convey your ideal brand-client relationship. Looking to incentivize success? Design a personalized luxury box for your employee high-flyers with known favorite flavors.

From there, you can order branded items, curate your gift suppliers, and source specialty items to make your gift box design truly special.

Taking Care of Gift Box Logistics

You may want to send branded t-shirts to your team or personalized thank-you gifts to your clients, but are unsure of the right supply and logistics chain to make this happen. The Postal concierge team can source and manage any type of item you want to be packaged into gift boxes. Whether that’s one supplier or several, whether your recipients are scattered throughout the city or across the country, we’ll build your gift box logistics so you can focus on what matters most: delightful gift box design.

Curated Gift Boxes

Curated gift boxes may offer special value beyond a generic gift box design. Gift curation means that a gift was created for a special purpose or occasion. With a gift box curating service, you don’t have to come up with a genius gift idea every time, we can do that for you. You can choose from a wide range of themes, events, and curation goals ranging from luxury curated gift boxes to fun and affordable curated gift boxes.

Many brands have chosen to send curated gift boxes for employees working remotely, keeping them connected and well-supplied while away from the office. Sending annual gifts to your best clients or sending personalized gifts on birthdays are also ideal for curated gift box services.

Curated Gift Boxes for Dietary Needs

One of the most important types of gift curation relates to food. Edible gift boxes are extremely popular with gift senders and recipients but consideration for dietary restrictions must be taken. The best curated gift boxes will ensure the contents of each box aligns with the recipient’s dietary and lifestyle restrictions.

Types of Gift Box Curation

  • Personalized Gift Boxes
  • Rotating Theme Gift Boxes
  • Unique Boxes in a Gift Series
  • Birthday and Personal Occasion Gift Boxes
  • Appropriate Holiday Gift Boxes
  • Food Gift Boxes with Dietary Considerations
  • Seasonal Gift Boxes

If you build a gift box campaign where regular gifts are sent to the same people, gift box curation is essential to ensure that your recipients get something different and of equally delightful value each time they open one of your boxes.

Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees

Your team deserves to be rewarded. After months of hard work, receiving an entire gift box from an employer can be an exciting and motivating experience. Remote teams especially enjoy gifts because gifts provide a tangible connection to their work, brand, and the team they share each day with. You can create custom gift boxes for employees who have done exceptionally well, to recognize anniversaries, or to send special birthday gift box wishes.

Types of Employee Gift Boxes

  • Staycation Gift Boxes
  • Home Office Equipment Gift Boxes
  • Work-at-Home Snack Gift Boxes
  • Gourmet Food & Beverage Gift Boxes
  • Get-Well-Soon Gift Boxes
  • Project Celebration Gift Boxes
  • Holiday Party Gift Boxes
  • Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes
  • Special Achievement Gift Boxes
  • Birthday Gift Boxes
  • Employee Anniversary Gift Boxes

Home Office Gift Boxes

Among the most popular types of employee gifting over the last few years has been home office equipment, snacks, and fun supplies. The work-from-home migration hit every team differently. Many employers used gifting as a fun way to supply their team with the headphones, cameras, and microphones they needed for successful remote meetings. After the essentials, cozy conveniences like mugs and tumblers, mousepads and wrist supports, USB drives, and desk organizers became popular.

You can curate gift boxes for remote employees to keep them cozy in home offices or equip those home offices with even better technology. Employee gift boxes in 2021 were so successful among remote teams that many businesses are making employee gift boxes an annual tradition.

Custom Gift Boxes

With corporate gifting, custom gift boxes for businesses are just as common as premade sets. There are several ways to customize your gift boxes depending on your purpose, your recipients, and the types of gifts you want to send.

You can send personalized custom gift boxes to individuals, or several individuals on your giftee list so that each box has something special for the recipient. This might be a gift with their name on it, a gift of special meaning, or a set in their favorite color. A custom gift box is a perfect birthday gift, but can also be used for more specific purposes like to welcome special event guests or even incentivize meeting attendance.

Types of Customized Gift Boxes

  • Birthday Gift Boxes
  • Corporate Event Gift Boxes
  • Personalized Style Gift Boxes
  • Unique Client Gift Boxes

Often, when a brand chooses to customize a gift box, they build a gift box of corporate swag branded with the company colors and logo. Custom gift boxes with a logo are a fun way to show off your brand for any list of giftees.  Companies often use this approach for custom client gift boxes and gift boxes for employees to show that the brand cares.

Postal is Your Solution to Easy Corporate Gifting Boxes

If your brand is looking for a practical and full-service partner in sending corporate gift boxes, Postal has everything you need. We can help you build corporate branded gift boxes, curated personal gift boxes, luxury gift boxes, and everything in between.

Postal takes the stress and complexity out of corporate gifting so you can focus on creating experiences instead of managing spreadsheets and suppliers. We can handle sourcing and shipping or partner with your favorite suppliers. Request a demo and see how easy it is to build your corporate gifting strategy.