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increase in pipeline creation
increase in pipeline creation
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4.8 star average on G2 Crowd
Kelsie S
Head of Marketing
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Great, affordable platform with flexibility.

Postal's platform is flexible and allowed us to justify the expense of the platform, and base our volume expectation to build an ROI model for direct mailing.

Abe B
Senior Director of Business Operations
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Stop stuffing boxes and leverage + your CRM

Postal takes the headache out of managing customer send lists in spreadsheets, removes the human capital aspect of purchasing, packaging and sending in a timely manner, and lastly gives you eyes into ROI on your swag spend.

Elluz P
Demand Generation Manager
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Great platform for Marketing teams!

Our Marketing team recently started using e-gifts and corporate swag to send to prospects at different stages in our demand generation campaigns, ABM, and maintain customer loyalty. We have received great feedback from our Sales Directors, and opportunities stuck in the pipeline are now responding and appreciating what we are doing. Excellent options to choose from!

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Corporate Gifting Companies

Life can be stressful, and occasionally, everyone—even your employees, colleagues, and clients—could use a little surprise positivity delivered to their desk or their front door. There’s nothing quite like receiving a gift box, but sometimes pre-packaged goodies can be a little out of touch with personal tastes and everyday lifestyles.

That being said, there are several corporate gifting companies out there that go the extra mile when it comes to everything from packaging to the actual products inside. In fact, the top gifting companies in the world don’t just source and send the gifts to the designated recipient, they also manage the whole process from start to finish. The final products you receive are high-end, personalized gifts that leave your recipients chanting your brand’s name and punching the air in delirium.

On a more granular level, the top corporate gifting companies exhibit a host of distinct characteristics, such as:

  • Give you access to useful corporate gifting platforms and powerful automation capabilities that streamline your gifting process, helping you attain stronger business relationships with the people that matter
  • Offer unique gifting options, endless customization options, and a variety of categories
  • Allow you to send a bulk of gifts to a list of recipients all at once
  • Deliver quality, ready-to-ship, highly-rated products that satisfy any recipient’s gift cravings
  • Offer a highly flexible pricing structure that guarantees you the most bang for your buck
  • Boast a unique and fully personal consultation process that puts you in charge of the vision while they take care of everything else—from the sourcing to the management to the actual shipping.

However, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer for corporate gifting. Someone else’s favorite gifting company might not exactly be your cup of tea—and that’s fine. Be sure to tailor your search according to your specific needs so you don’t end up with the wrong fit.

Luxury Corporate Gifting Companies

Imagine employee appreciation gifts and corporate party favors but on another super-luxe level. That’s what luxury corporate gifting companies are all about.

The goal of these companies is simply one: to WOW bosses, CEOs, board members, VIP clients, and other high-level decision makers with luxury gift boxes and high-end corporate swag that will capture their interest.

The top companies in this category don’t simply offer VIP corporate gifts; they go out of their way to provide a VIP gifting experience. From milestones to supportive surprises, they know how to make your team feel special. Every aspect of your corporate gift is customized to create a truly bespoke gifting experience.

Most importantly, these companies take the labor-intensive process of corporate gifting off your shoulders so you can focus your valuable time on other aspects of your business. They handle everything from strategy, sourcing, and curation to packaging and shipping.

Ultimately, what you get is an intelligently thought-out gifting solution that:

  • Strengthens relationships with individuals most important to your success
  • Increases brand loyalty
  • Recognizes clients and employees
  • Drives pipeline
  • Boosts morale

Getting people to rave about your brand is an extreme sport of sorts, but thanks to unique corporate gifts it got a tad bit easier. A drop of “luxury” delivered with care, love, and tenderness is all it takes to have VIP clients and CEOs looking your way, guaranteed. Not to mention, high end corporate swag and luxury corporate gifts for employees will bring remote workforces closer together

Corporate Gifting Industry

The gifting ritual is probably as old as time. Regardless of the occasion and setting, people have been giving each other gifts for centuries—and not even the global pandemic could stop that tradition.

In the face of ever-changing consumer habits, the corporate gifting industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds. More and more brands are seeing it as an opportunity to connect with high-value stakeholders, break into target accounts, bring remote workforces together, increase employee productivity, and boost retention rates. If recent data from PR Newswire is anything to go by, the U.S. corporate gift-giving industry is projected to reach $306 billion in 2024.

Coresight surveyed 300 corporate gift buyers in the US, arriving at the following key findings:

  • The frequency of giving custom corporate gifts is increasing: Almost six in 10 (58%) reported that they gave gifts either the same or more now than they did prior to remote working
  • Gift cards are still the most purchased corporate gifts
  • The emotional and sentimental benefits of giving far outweigh monetary benefits

Speaking of sentimental benefits, brand recall and loyalty inexplicably increase when a gift is perceived as memorable. In fact, according to the same study, 43% of gift buyers rank “improved customer and employee relationships” as among the top three advantages of corporate gifting. In other words, you are likely to have more returning and loyal clients if you make corporate gifting a crucial part of your appreciation strategy.

Corporate Gifts for Clients

How do you improve retention rates and show your customers how much they mean to you? Through corporate gifts for clients, of course.

Whether it’s a sip and snacks box, a personalized tumbler, or a happy hour package, the best branded corporate gifts are meaningful, memorable, and customized to a tee. But more often than not, brands completely neglect the idea of sourcing corporate gift boxes for clients. That’s where they go wrong.

Remember, it costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain a current one. Plus, if they’re happy with your product or service and feel appreciated by you, your current customers can provide you with valuable testimonials and referrals—a prime upselling opportunity. In order to get this kind of engagement from your clients, you’ve got to demonstrate why they shouldn’t buy from somebody else.

When your clients feel like you value their relationship with your brand, they’ll be more likely to become repeat customers. Unexpected unique corporate logo gifts will put a smile on their faces, and every time they enjoy your gifts, they’ll think of you! This also helps your brand stay top of mind—even when you two are not working on a project together.

Corporate Gift Boxes

Few things show appreciation more deeply and thoughtfully than a carefully curated box packed with not just one, but several perfect gifts.

Corporate gift boxes, which are often filled with themed or branded items, go a long way in making a lasting impression on customers, employees, executives, and clients alike.

The best corporate gift boxes aren’t just customizable; they also possess that “wow factor” and are quite memorable. Some of the top use cases for corporate gift boxes include:

1. Virtual events

Giving your attendees a box full of bespoke gifts won’t only excite them but will make your event far more memorable.

2. Corporate Christmas gifts

What does the best Christmas gift box contain? Well, treats, treats, and some more treats! From your recipients’ favorite beverages, sweets and snacks, to something useful—perhaps a pretty plate or a portable charger. Maybe a touch of coziness with a pair of comfy socks, a delicious candle, or some body products. Then you can finish it off by personalizing your festive presents with a heartfelt message—because let’s face it, there is no better way to tell them how much they mean to you, than by giving them an unforgettable experience.

3. Global gifting

Don’t let distance get in the way of connecting with your clients, employees, or colleagues…the top corporate gifting companies take care of all of the boring stuff such as sourcing products, packing boxes, and confirming recipient address info, leaving you with the fun task of deciding what you’d like to include in your corporate gift box.

4. Work-from-home care packages

Don’t leave employee engagement to chance. Send a curated WFH gift box straight to your employee’s door.

5. Employee appreciation

Keeping your employees happy doesn’t have to be hard. Simple, fun, and carefully curated recognition gift boxes go a long way.

6. Employee milestones

Whether it’s your recipient’s work anniversary, wedding celebration, or birthday toast, nothing screams “I deeply care about your important moments” more than corporate gift boxes custom.

Tired of sending business gifts that end up in dusty corners of closets and desks? These gender-neutral custom employee gift boxes are guaranteed to turn your gifting experiences from boring and uninspiring to memorable and treasured:

Baked goods

A delicious delivery of brownies, cookies, or cake can brighten a cake or employee’s day in a way no other gift can.

Wellness box

With so many of us working from home, wellness gift boxes have inevitably become popular corporate gifts. Inside, you can place items to help your employee or client focus, find balance, and work on their wellness—like positivity cards, a candle, a tumbler, and tea.

Functional gift package

There’s nothing better than a gift that keeps on giving. Functional gifts are made to last and can be used over and over again. They may help someone do their job better, make them laugh (like a funny cup or notebook), or stay organized. An extensive range of products fall under this umbrella—think about items such as: nameplates, business cardholders, coffee mugs, sticky notes, notebooks, mousepads, nameplates, and so on. It’s up to you to choose what to include in your gift box.

Swag box

Everyone wants to look good and stay in touch with the latest fashion trends—your employees are certainly no exception. From the essentials package (think: roller pen, notebook, swag bottle), to the luxe box (Apple Airpods, leather notebook, branded mug), to the happy hour package (lip balm, hip pack, power bank), there’s no limit to what you can source in this category. Be a little bit creative and you might just make your recipient’s day, month, or—dare we say?—year!

Tech lovers’ box

For those colleagues and clients that just love to stay connected wherever they go, a tech lovers box might just do the trick. Fully loaded with all the tech gadgets they might need, this package lets them know you’re on their side while giving the extra push for the disengaged, the highly engaged, and everyone in between.

Adventure gift bundle

Featuring a slew of thoughtful items—think: outdoor carrying bag, an all-terrain Bluetooth speaker, and an easily-attachable gear marker—this package calls your team to the great outdoors like it’s their second home.

Sip + snacks box

Even if you’re not around for the actual presentation of this gift, your employees will feel as though you’re toasting them. It might include a handful of charcuterie-inspired snacks, single-serve snacks, red or white wine, or anything else that’ll leave your employees thinking of you as they dig into the one-of-a-kind gift box.

That said, a hogwash gifting experience can make even the best custom employee gift boxes seem below par and inconsiderate. Here’s how to up your corporate gift-giving game:

  • Don’t go overboard. Buying a gift box that’s too extravagant can send the wrong message—no matter who you’re giving it to.
  • When in doubt, consult the company handbook.
  • Think outside the holidays.
  • Personalize your branded corporate gift boxes so they come off as truly meaningful.

Corporate Gifting Platform

What if there was an Offline Marketing Automation platform that could do all the heavy lifting for you so you don’t waste precious office hours searching, curating, and sending the perfect corporate gift? What if you could optimize your gifting spend, accelerate results, and achieve greater business outcomes without ever digging a hole into your outreach budget?

Luckily, you can—thanks to the countless corporate gifting platforms available today. A B2B gifting platform like Postal can effortlessly manage your corporate gifting initiatives from start to finish, at scale, and within your budget. The best time to turn corporate gift-giving into your highest performing channel was yesterday; the second-best time is now.

Unlike any other employee gifting platform out there, Postal actually elevates your gifting strategy with nothing more than a few clicks. Use it alongside existing marketing playbooks, and you can be sure to increase conversion rates and drive 2x more qualified leads to your business. But that’s not all.

  • Gain access to a curated marketplace of over 300 unique gifts and experiences
  • Use direct mail to build and accelerate your sales pipelines
  • Make your digital marketing efforts memorable and authentic

Request a demo of Postal today to take the stress out of corporate gifting so you can focus on creating experiences instead of managing spreadsheets and suppliers.