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4.8 star average on G2 Crowd
Kelsie S
Head of Marketing
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Great, affordable platform with flexibility.

Postal's platform is flexible and allowed us to justify the expense of the platform, and base our volume expectation to build an ROI model for direct mailing.

Abe B
Senior Director of Business Operations
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Stop stuffing boxes and leverage + your CRM

Postal takes the headache out of managing customer send lists in spreadsheets, removes the human capital aspect of purchasing, packaging and sending in a timely manner, and lastly gives you eyes into ROI on your swag spend.

Elluz P
Demand Generation Manager
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Great platform for Marketing teams!

Our Marketing team recently started using e-gifts and corporate swag to send to prospects at different stages in our demand generation campaigns, ABM, and maintain customer loyalty. We have received great feedback from our Sales Directors, and opportunities stuck in the pipeline are now responding and appreciating what we are doing. Excellent options to choose from!

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Corporate Gifting Solutions

Corporate gifting has long been a common business practice in the United States and elsewhere. Sending gifts to employees, business peers, clients, and even suppliers and vendors, is an effective way to communicate personal interest, amiable impressions, and appreciation for others in the business world. Corporate gifting companies in the USA have evolved significantly over time, at pace with market shifts, become increasingly online—even offering services for primarily offline B2B businesses, and have become increasingly automated and implemented gifting platforms that businesses can use to more easily scale gifting strategies.

Corporate gifting solutions have grown to include a variety of ways through which offline companies can more easily maintain a successful gifting strategy at a higher scale without the need for as much small scale oversight—through systems that are online. Corporate gifts for clients can easily be personalized and branded through gifting platforms without the need for time consuming processes. Custom corporate gifts hold the potential to perform better and remind recipients that they’re remembered well and valued. For businesses trying to scale, having a platform that automates much of the process and makes it less hands on while simultaneously personal offers a great benefit.

The importance of personalized gifting cannot be overstated, and there’s good reason for the long tradition of corporate gifting in the United States. Now with online solutions even for primarily offline businesses in the B2B realm, the process has become easier, more streamlined, and easier to scale. For companies that want to revitalize or maintain a robust gifting strategy, these services offer an indispensable service that offers both ease and increased efficiency. With online corporate gifting platforms, offline companies can take the guesswork and the legwork out of their gifting strategy at the same time, scale up easily, and maintain amiable B2B relationships.

Corporate Gifting Platform

The appreciation of personal gifts is rather universal. Corporate gifting platforms are far from narrow in the scope of application. Rather, they’re useful for a wide range of cases, from employee recognition to marketing and customer retention. Employee gifting platforms offer employers a way to reduce the likelihood of having untenable turnover in employees, while marketers can use B2B gifting platforms for everything from converting leads to increasing retention of existing customers.

Top gifting companies in the world of business have honed in on this potential and use gifting platform solutions to offer B2B companies a way to increase the effectiveness of their gifting strategy to work for them in a wide range of applications. By offering B2B gifting platforms, the gifting companies have shifted the trends of gifting toward making personal connections both easier and more personal at the same time. Employees can receive highly personalized gifts that remind them they’re a part of the team and a respected, valued one at that. Customers can receive gifts that are highly personalized and branded that remind them not only where the gifts came from, but that they’re well remembered, valued, and appreciated. Marketers can use gifts to convert leads and offer a glimpse of potential B2B relationships where their business is highly valued. In all cases, gifts can be made highly personal, customized, and branded, through easy-to-use streamlined gifting platforms.

Top Corporate Gifting Companies

Top corporate gifting companies are moving in on a vast market with an even more vast potential. Even as much business moves online, much of it remains in an offline space. In both cases, gifting is hugely important in everything from employee retention to lead conversion and customer retention. With both the rise of remote business and amid pandemic and global unrest, keeping the human connection in business has become more important than ever for a lot of companies. Offline marketing remains as important as ever for many, while finding offline solutions in an online space has become a new priority for many others. Companies are embracing strategies that involve everything from luxury virtual gifts to highly personal physical gifts.

Research has emerged showing just how important gifting has become. In fact, in 2021, Coresight Research released a comprehensive report of the state of the gifting industry and outlined some stark findings. They estimated the gifting industry to be worth billions—around $242 billion, in fact—and that it would continue to grow at a 8.1% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) through 2024—which is in line with the state of business in general right now. Unique executive gifts have become an important part of businesses’ strategies for not only reducing churn and retaining employees, but also for converting leads and retaining customers.

Luxury Corporate Gifting Companies

Luxury corporate gifting companies focus primarily on providing solutions for high end gifting. For certain recipients, it’s important to captivate and delight, and VIP corporate gifts can do just that. High end corporate swag can range from high-end electronic devices to hand picked artisan foods and spirits, or high-value virtual gifts. There’s no one way to do it, but it’s important that they’re highly personalized, high value, and truly unforgettable. These kinds of luxury corporate gifts leave a lasting impression and remind recipients that they’re valued and appreciated.

Some gifting companies specialize in this market and offer gifting platform solutions for VIP gifting that can make a huge difference in a company’s corporate gifting strategy. Recipients receiving not only high end gifts, but branded and personalized ones at that, tend to remember the sender. For VIPs that you need to create a lasting impression with, these kinds of gifts can go a long way towards retention and revenue in the long run. The most personal high end gifts have the biggest impacts. Each individual is unique and truly high end corporate gifts take that into careful consideration.

Customized Corporate Gifts

Each individual is unique—at the heart of gifting, this is an important thing to remember. Truly delighting a recipient is a matter of not only the value of a gift, but how applicable it is to them and their individual tastes and interests. Each person will be enamored with different things, and that’s why there really is no one-size-fits-all approach to effective custom corporate gifting. That’s where customized corporate gifts come in. Unique corporate gifts are harder to forget in their inherently unparalleled nature, and when they’re also tailored to a recipient’s interests, they become a source of delight.

Branded corporate gifts can be highly customized and personalized to match the recipient and remind them where the gifts came from each time. The value of a both branded and personalized gift is that each time a recipient uses a gift, they’ll be reminded of the sender. If you can personalize gifts to the right extent, you can help ensure that they’ll actually be used frequently. It all works together for a highly effective gifting strategy. Unique corporate logo gifts don’t only delight recipients and get used—they remind them that you care.

Corporate Gift Boxes

Sometimes, the best gift isn’t just a gift—but a gift box. Far be it from a stick-to-the-wall approach, though—corporate gift boxes can be highly customized, personalized, branded, and high-end. Gifting platforms can enable businesses to assemble truly memorable gift boxes that enamor recipients with a range of valuable and personal items that are picked for their appeal to individual recipients—all without the need for expending more legwork than necessary on the sender’s end. Corporate gift boxes for clients can help retain business and send a potent reminder that their continued business is highly valued.

For VIPs, and other important recipients, luxury corporate gift boxes can be particularly captivating and engaging. Branded corporate gift boxes not only underscore elegant branding but serve as lasting reminders of the senders. They can be filled with carefully selected high-end favors that will not only be used but remembered. The best corporate gifting boxes are carefully chosen, and highly personal. Gifting platforms offer senders a way to achieve this at scale without compromising on quality at any stage.

Corporate Gifts For Employees

One use for corporate gifts that can’t be overstated is the application of corporate gifts for employees. In an increasingly remote business world, teams are working more and more remotely, and not only can this lead to troubles with employee retention which can lead to high turnover for remote teams, but it can leave employees feeling alienated. Gifting strategies that involve employees, like corporate gift boxes for employees, can help bridge both gaps.

Corporate gifts for employees don’t just remind employees that they’re a valued and integral part of the team, they also help teams working remotely feel more connected. Curated gift boxes for employees can be highly personal and remind recipients that even when they’re geographically far, they aren’t far off in sentiment. Personalized corporate gifts for employees can remind them that not only do you value them and care, but that you know them on a deeply personal level. This kind of message goes a long way in a remote work environment where people might otherwise tend to feel alienated.

All of this is important for morale, revenue, and retention, in the long term. Companies like Postal offer gifting platforms that make it easy to create truly memorable gifts even at large scales without unnecessary legwork on the sender’s end. If you’re interested in scaling your gifting strategy, saving time without compromising quality, and finding truly effective gifting solutions, request a trial to gain free access to Postal’s Offline Marketing Automation Platform.