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I like the ease of use and UX on how to send gifts to your customers. integrates with Amazon's marketplace, the possibilities are basically endless on what you want to send out. Ex: One of our customers loves to play golf, so instead of sending him some generic gift, we were able to personalize a gift to show how much we cared and paid attention to him!

Jackie J
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Postal takes the headache out of managing customer send lists in spreadsheets, removes the human capital aspect of purchasing, packaging and sending in a timely manner, and lastly gives you eyes into ROI on your swag spend.

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Customized Corporate Gifts

Corporate business gifts comprise an integral part of customer experience, employee appreciation, and field marketing strategies for many organizations. While the multitude of use cases where corporate gifts are useful vary in their scope and  nature, one factor in gifting remains consistently important—the impact that a gift makes. At its core, gifting is usually an expression of appreciation—that’s often why we offer gifts to loved ones, family and friends; we appreciate their presence and want to express to them that we care. In business, gifting isn’t too different.

Gifting clients is often an attempt to send a clear message that we appreciate their business, and we value them as individuals, on a human level. Gifting employees is a way of showing important team members that we value their contributions, their loyalty, and their dedication, and that we care about them as individuals. Gifting prospects is a way of expressing our appreciation that someone would take their valuable time to consider our services. In nearly any case of gifting, the underlying message we want to send is that we appreciate the recipient on some level.

Sending a clear message of appreciation is important, and it’s also important to engage in gifting that’s perceived as an authentic gesture of genuine appreciation. Accordingly, sending generic one-size-fits-all gifts can undermine that message in many cases. That’s why customized corporate gifts hold a lot of power to send a clear message that some thought really went into a gift. Sending a DIY customized corporate gift can be easy—until it’s not.

When sending bulk gifts, or sourcing various corporate team gifts, DIY customization can become exponentially more difficult and time consuming. Corporate gifting companies that offer easily customizable gifts, and corporate gifting platforms that provide a range of choices of gifting companies as well as customizable gifts aim to offer ways to make customization easy, even at scale. With the right platform, finding the best corporate gifts in 2022 and beyond can be relatively simple. 

Unique Corporate Gifts

As generic gifts can send the wrong message to important recipients, it’s often important to find ways to make gifting experiences not only delightful, but unique. There are a lot of ways to ensure that  a gift is unique—assuring a gift’s singularity is one; the message can be undermined if it’s a part of a bulk gifting effort wherein all gifts are identical. Another way is through novelty. Particularly memorable and unique client gift ideas can be hard to forget. Similarly, can be novel corporate gift ideas for employees. Handmade corporate gifts, sourced from small and local businesses are also charming and can delight recipients.

Unique corporate gifts are often far better received, and send a clearer message that a gift was sent with the right intentions. Luxury corporate gifts are often appropriate when reaching out to particularly important recipients, such as VIP clients, and c-suite executives.

Luxury and personalized corporate gifts are also an excellent choice when rewarding particularly high-achieving employees or when offering a heartfelt congratulations to team members who’ve reached important professional milestones. A unique corporate gift for an employees send the message that just as they and their contributions to the organization are unique, so must be the gesture of appreciation. 

Luxury Corporate Gifts With Logo

Luxury corporate gifts are often the best choice for VIP recipients. Premium gift ideas that are both luxurious and hard to forget can weave unforgettable memories. High-end gifts which create a memorable impact are hard to beat, yet there’s a simple way to create an even larger impact with them. Luxury corporate gifts with logos can take those unforgettable experiences and tie them with your brand in the long run.

High end logo apparel that’s comfortable, delightful, and useful is a particularly strong example; useful gifts that bear your logo can be used over and over again, each time reminding the recipient of your dedication to their experience. Unique corporate logo gifts can be particularly effective, as they have the power to tie unforgettable experiences with your brand.

Another benefit of corporate gifts with logos is that there are plenty of use cases where they’re a strong way to gift. For example, corporate gifts with logos are an excellent way to reward the hard work of employees, while spreading positivity around the brand they play a part in each day. They’re also an excellent way to incentivize further engagement from prospects, all the while spreading brand presence.

Corporate Gifts For Employees

Employee appreciation is important in efforts to create a positive work environment. Many organizations hold events and programs designed specifically to affirm to employees how appreciated they are by their team and employers. For HR teams, bosses, and people ops teams, it’s important to find ways to create an environment that welcomes new hires, and at the same time ensures that long-time employees feel valued and appreciated for their contributions and loyalty.

Corporate gifts for employees can be a powerful tool for creating that type of environment, and allow employers to show employees how much they’re valued as individuals and for their unique contributions to the company. Gifts for employee appreciation might vary, depending on what they’re for. Company logo gifts for employees are an excellent way to reward entire teams for their outstanding work, and can foster a sense of pride in the organization that they’ve had a hand in the success of. Luxury virtual gifts, gifts accompanying virtual events, and high-end gifts can all also play an important role in bringing remote teams together in organizations that have adopted the widespread use of remote teams.

Personalized Business Gifts For Clients

Customer experience is everything. In nearly any business, there’s a vast world of competitors and other companies offering similar services and goods. For many customers and clients, their choices boil down to their specific needs, their budget, and—importantly—their customer experience. Personalized business gifts for clients can be a powerful tool for customer experience teams, enabling them to send an unmistakable message of appreciation for clients’ ongoing support.

Corporate gifts for clients have a range of use cases—they’re an excellent way to incentivize clients to offer valuable feedback on their experience, a powerful way to thank clients for reaching milestones such as a number of years using a service, and they’re a strong reminder to important clients that to you, they’re so much more than another invoice number. Personalized business gifts for clients are a strong way to send these kinds of messages, not only because they can be inherently unique, but because they can come across as especially thoughtful. Personalized business gifts with logos can take that a step further.

Adding branding can be an effective way to tie these memorable experiences with your brand, furthering the value in important relationships. Logo gift ideas that combine simple, delightful experiences with your branding, such as sending a custom box of cookies adorned with your business’ logo, enable you to create lasting reminders of your commitment to valued clients. With custom logos, no minimum being required can be a huge plus, enabling you to send the right gifts at the right time, without worrying about bulk orders. 

Branded Corporate Gifts 

Whether you’re sending gifts to employees, clients, or even prospects, branding is an excellent way to enhance gifting efforts, spreading brand presence and tying important experiences back with your business. Branded corporate gifts can range from simple food and beverage items to luxury experiences, and they can be used internally with employees and colleagues, or externally with prospects, clients and customers.

 Branded gifts for clients hold the power to further establish your brand while making important connections in valued relationships. High end branded gifts tie luxurious experiences with your organization—already strong corporate gift ideas for executives can be enhanced through tasteful branding.

Branded gifts for employees can help foster a positive work culture, where everyone is proud to be a part of the team. When integrated into an employee gifting strategy, branding can help weave a powerful culture that team members are proud to be a part of. Particularly memorable gifts are likely to make a big impression, and particularly useful gifts can be used frequently, reminding recipients over and over that they can be proud to be a part of the company. 

Branded Gift Ideas

Whether you’re sourcing branded gifts for employees, or sending branded gifts to clients, delightful experiences tied with your brand can be a powerful way to create important connections, and foster important positive feelings. Whether creating custom corporate Christmas gifts, or finding regular ways to show appreciation for hard work in the company, branding is a powerful way to enhance gifting experiences.

These branded gift ideas combine delightful experiences with tasteful branding to create powerful impacts:

  • Branded Champagne Celebration: Offer recipients a toast to a great relationship with this corporate gift set, including two champagne flutes in branded packaging
  • Custom Noms Gourmet Cookies: Combine the delectable experience of enjoying a good cookie with your business’ branding, with an assortment of delicious cookies in a gorgeous wooden box, adorned with your branding.
  • Jolt of Java Custom Sleeve Box: For anyone who enjoys the more caffeinated things in life, this gift set offers a range of roasts, all in a sleeve adorned with your company’s brand.

However you go about sending branded gifts, be sure to reach out and request a trial with Postal. Postal’s Offline Marketing Engagement platform makes it simple to send gifts for nearly any occasion. With tools like Postal Concierge, enabling you to create on-of-a-kind experiences at scale, and Postal Engage, enabling you to easily scale and track your offline efforts, a wide range of vendors and gifting options to choose from, and a centralized platform where you can manage each aspect of your gifting strategy, Postal makes gifting simple, effective, and personal.