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The product is also super easy to use, clean, and our reps love it. We have used similar products in the past, and we're finding that our reps like Postal the best. I love all of the options they have in the marketplace that we can make available to our team. Lots of thoughtful options!

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Being a small team, we can't take on the logistics. Postal has been extremely in solving that problem for us. Right away, we started hearing from our Sales team that folks stuck in pipeline were already responding. It’s been great.

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Great platform for Marketing teams!

Our Marketing team recently started using e-gifts and corporate swag to send to prospects at different stages in our demand generation campaigns, ABM, and maintain customer loyalty. We have received great feedback from our Sales Directors, and opportunities stuck in the pipeline are now responding and appreciating what we are doing. Excellent options to choose from!

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Creating a positive work environment benefits everybody in an organization. Team members who feel appreciated for their contributions and value for their presence are likely to have higher morale, be more productive, and have a strong sense of loyalty for the organization. Taking steps to ensure that employees feel valued can help contribute to a workplace which not only operates smoothly but has a lower rate of turnover.

A powerful way to foster loyalty among employees is through effective gifting. Employee birthday gifts are an ideal way for employers to show recognition and appreciation for valued team members; everyone has a birthday, and a birthday gift is inherently a celebration of an individual. This can have a strong impact on a team member’s morale.

Appreciation gifts for employees are an opportunity for employers to create a tangible representation of how much they value their employees. Throughout a business year, there are several opportunities to celebrate employees through gifting; gifts for employees during Christmas and other holidays, end-of-quarter gifts for teams, and gifts sent around crucial times of business—for instance, tax season gifts in organizations that provide tax preparation.

Employee birthdays present employers a somewhat unique opportunity. In contrast to bulk Christmas gifts for employees, employee birthday gifts put an emphasis on the individual team member. This makes them an opportunity for employers to create a particularly powerful impact on individual team members. Unlike cheap Christmas gifts for employees from their boss, employee birthday gifts can feel particularly personal and meaningful.

In many organizations, this is a strong opportunity. In fact, according to a 2021-22 Employer Gift Giving Report from Mrs. Prindables, which surveyed over 1,000 U.S. based employees, 55% of respondents reported that their employers didn’t give gifts for occasions outside of the holiday season. This presents a situation in which expectations are relatively low, giving employers the opportunity to far surpass them and make a strong impact.

Gifts For Employee Celebration

Celebrating employees is important. Employers can leverage opportunities for employee appreciation efforts to create a strong workplace culture which fosters loyalty, high morale and high productivity. Gifts for employee appreciation which are received as meaningful and unique can be a strong opportunity to foster these important relationships in a workplace. Remote work presents some challenges for employees and employers, and gifting is an effective way to strengthen connections and bring remote teams together even when working from home.

Gifts for employee appreciation can leverage this as an opportunity to show employees that you care about their comfort as they operate remotely. While DIY gifts and other personally-assembled gifts can come across as particularly meaningful, they can also be time-consuming to create. Curated employee appreciation gift boxes can come across as equally meaningful, and through platforms like Postal, they can be far easier to send.

Even small appreciation gifts for employees can carry a big impact with remote workers. Remote employee appreciation gifts that come across as meaningful, especially if they’re surprising, carry the power to delight employees in unexpected ways and have a huge impact on morale and loyalty. Clever employee appreciation gifts can speak to an employee’s individual interests and create an unforgettable experience. For instance, Caramel Hazelnut Chocolate Golf Balls, identical in appearance to golf balls, but comprising instead of delectable sweet flavors of caramel, hazelnut and chocolate are a perfect and unexpected summer gift for golf lovers. 

Meaningful Gifts For Employees

“It’s the thought that counts.” People commonly repeat this adage, and there’s good reason. It’s often uttered when either a gift has a low material value but it’s made up for in personal sentiment, or to explain how it’s important to send gifts that are meaningful on a personal level. With gifts for employees, it’s important to keep in mind how thoughtful a gift is perceived as. Meaningful gifts for employees can leverage their personal interests and create the type of impact that fosters loyalty and productivity.

The best gifts for employees are meaningful, well-timed, and perceived as valuable and personal. While it’s not always necessary to send particularly over-the-top expensive gifts for employees, low value, generic, and last minute gifts for employees can send valued team members the wrong message about their place within an organization. It’s important to balance how valuable gifts are perceived as, their timing, and how personal they are. $150 range gifts for employees can be some of the most well-received gifts. Gifts such as a set of AirPods and charging case are not only useful but can send a wonderful message around holidays and birthdays.

For important milestones in a business, it’s important to ensure that team members feel they’re valued for their contributions and share in the success of the company. IPO gifts for employees are an ideal time to send that message. Going public is a huge milestone, and meaningful IPO gifts are an excellent way to celebrate the team members whose contributions have helped make the company a success. 

Small Gift Ideas For Employees

A huge opportunity employers have in the realm of employee gifting is the element of surprise. While around the year-end, birthdays, and holidays, gifts are often expected, sending gifts at unexpected times can be truly memorable. Employees who’ve pulled off impressive feats, for instance, can be rewarded with gifts that aren’t expected, creating surprise and impact. While small gifts under $5 might be underwhelming, they don’t need to be exceedingly costly to make a big impact. For employee appreciation gifts, Amazon and other large retailers aren’t always the way to go. Small gifts from small and local businesses can be some of the most meaningful.

The wonderful thing about surprising gifts is that even small gifts have the power to delight when unexpected. Small gifts are ideal for situations where an employee has completed tasks ahead of schedule, provided excellent service for an important client, or found novel ways to improve their work.

While for birthdays and other big events, small gifts may not have the desired impact, rewarding productive efforts with an unexpected gift, even a small one, can make a huge impact on morale. Staff gift ideas for employees that take advantage of the element of surprise have the potential to foster loyalty and engagement.

Staff appreciation gifts during covid and during a return to the workplace might look different. With remote workers operating from home and avoiding the office, the emphasis may be on self-care and home office essentials, but while at the office, gifts can take a range of approaches. Some of these small gift ideas can be used in either case:

  • You Plant We Plant Tree Pouch: This kit contains everything a recipient needs to plant their own tree. What’s even better—for each pouch, Forest Nation will plant 10 trees in a developing country, and 11 if the recipient uses their unique code to name their tree online. 
  • Florida Orange Blossom Honey from Runamok: Honey made from bees living in citrus groves with a delightful aroma and taste.
  • Andes Mint Cookies from Grove Cookie Company: Combining the warmth and comfort of chocolate chip cookies with the familiar delightful taste of Andes Mints, these cookies from Grove Cookie Company, a woman-and-veteran-owned small business are perfect for cookie lovers and mint lovers alike. 

Unique Gifts For Employees

For big events, such as birthdays, promotions, and anniversaries, it can be important to create a gift experience that makes a big splash. Unique gifts for employees can leverage novelty and personalization to impress and delight. It’s important to make sure that gifts are personal for individual gifting opportunities. These gift ideas for employees combine novelty with usefulness to create memorable experiences:

  • Healthy Sorbet Machine: This sorbet maker from Uber Appliances turns frozen fruit into delicious and healthy sorbet. 
  • Flavors of the Month Mix from Cravory Cookies: Each month, these cookie gift boxes contain a new set of 6 unique flavors inspired by the month. Perfect for cookie lovers who like to step outside the norm and enjoy delicious combinations.
  • Sio Cold Infusion Pitcher: Perfect for coffee lovers and tea lovers alike, this infusion pitcher from OHOM can brew some truly incredible coffee and tea. 
  • Perfect Pollinating Bundle: This set is perfect for avid gardeners and blueberry lovers. Featuring two different blueberry varieties for the best harvest, this set of plants lets recipients grow and harvest their own blueberries at home.

These gift ideas for employees on a budget leverage novelty to create inexpensive yet memorable experiences:

  • Hop Head IPA Gift Basket: From BroBasket, this IPA sampler includes everything you need to sample an amazing curated selection of IPAs—glassware, snacks, and Ferrero Rochet chocolates. 
  • Smokehouse Smoking BBQ Grill Set: Perfect for anyone who enjoys barbecue or outdoor cooking, this portable smoker kit includes everything you need to create amazing smoked experiences, including a grill smoker, tongs, rubs, sauces, and 3 different kinds of wood chips.

$50 Gift Ideas For Employees

Even on a budget, employee gifting can be effective. While for some occasions, it can be important to send high-value gifts, there are plenty of times a gift in the $50 range and below can create wonderful and memorable experiences. Even luxury gifts under $50 can be delightful and hard to forget. These $50 gift ideas for employees can send the perfect message of appreciation at the right time:

  • Summer Drinking Chocolate Flight: Perfect for chocolate and drink aficionados, this box features 3 flavors of gourmet chocolate with an alcohol-themed twist—Beer Pretzel, Bourbon-Pecan, and Cognac 2 ways. What’s more, the chocolates don’t actually contain any alcohol, so they can be enjoyed by drinkers and non-drinkers. 
  • Small Cheese Bundle: This bundle gives recipients a small taste of some truly delightful cheeses from Stepladder Creamery, including Ragged Point, Cabrillo Moonstone, and Fromage Blanc. Perfect for cheese lovers, anyone who loves snacking, and culinary aficionados. 
  • Lavender Themed Care Package: Everyone needs some self-care time every now and then. This care package puts everything you need to relax in one package—a Fuzzy, lavender-filled eye mask, lavender hand lotion, lavender lip balm, a lavender-eucalyptus scented candle, 6 you-deserve-these cookies, and a meme-themed greeting to bring some much-needed laughter.

Personalized Gifts For Employees

Personalized gifts for employees can be some of the best performers. Unique employee appreciation gifts can have a far greater impact than generic gifting efforts, and it’s important to ensure that gifts feel personal. In fact, according to the 2021-22 Employer Gift Giving Report from Mrs. Prindables, when asked what respondents would do to improve the company’s approach to gift giving, the most common response was “give more personalized gifts to individual employees”—followed by “survey employees on what they would like to receive.”

Personalized team gifts can send the right message to employees—that they’re valued, seen, and appreciated. While it can be a struggle to find personalized gifts for work, Postal’s Concierge can make it easy to find the best personalized gifts for employees. Postal concierge curates and customizes gifts for you, making it easy to send personal and delightful gifts, even on a large scale. 

From finding personalized gifts for employees for Christmas en masse to sending curated personal gifts to individuals for personal milestones and birthdays, Postal Concierge can help you make sure each gift is memorable, customizable, and personal. If you’ve been looking for ways to level up your gifting strategy and get the most out of your gifts, be sure to reach out to get started with a free trial of Postal, where you’ll be able to manage your employee appreciation efforts through a centralized platform, all at scale.