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Christine T
Chief Operating Officer
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Quick, easy solution for sending gifts to your customers and prospects!

I like the ease of use and UX on how to send gifts to your customers. integrates with Amazon's marketplace, the possibilities are basically endless on what you want to send out. Ex: One of our customers loves to play golf, so instead of sending him some generic gift, we were able to personalize a gift to show how much we cared and paid attention to him!

Aly W
Digital Marketing Manager
Aunt Bertha
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Easy to work with!

The ease of setting up a campaign, importing all materials, and clicking a button while they take care of the rest! And the ability to tracking. I love looking through the numbers and seeing how quickly everything gets delivered.

Katie B
Director of Marketing
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Experiential Marketing Made Easy

The product is also super easy to use, clean, and our reps love it. We have used similar products in the past, and we're finding that our reps like Postal the best. I love all of the options they have in the marketplace that we can make available to our team. Lots of thoughtful options!

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Personalized Corporate Gifts

When done right, corporate gifting provides a huge opportunity to go-to-market teams. Being able to create meaningful relationships that leverage the power of human connection and a personal touch, personalized corporate gifts can help foster important relationships that drive revenue in the long run, help increase conversion rates, and increase customer retention long-term.

One of the most important factors in gifting is how personal a gift feels. This is true for nearly any type of gifting; with clients and prospects, it can be just as important as with friends and family. Generic gifts that are received as impersonal might feel less thoughtful than personalized gifts, and that can make a notable difference in business relationships.

Gifts such as corporate gift baskets that are personalized to feel individual and authentic have the power to create more meaningful connections and strengthen important relationships. Customized corporate gifts can be significantly higher performers than generic counterparts such as gift cards, leading to better chances of conversions and long-term retention, and fostering strong relationships that drive revenue.

While manually maintaining a gifting strategy that makes use of personalization can be a challenging task, corporate gifting platforms, such as Postal, can make it easy to create personalized gifts that drive meaningful connections at scale.

Personalized gifts can easily be included in marketing emails, in email campaigns, and otherwise integrated into online strategies, creating offline experiences that work hand-in-hand with your online outreach. In today’s digital world, being able to integrate memorable offline experiences into an otherwise online engagement strategy can be huge.

Corporate gift ideas for clients that merge online and offline outreach, such as offering clients a bottle of wine along with an invitation to leave feedback on their customer experience, can help you drive engagement where it matters the most. Other creative corporate gift ideas, such as offering prospects a simple thanks along with a memorable message-containing chocolate bar, or a set of Andes Mint cookies (yes, you read that right) can underscore how much you appreciate them taking the time to consider your business. 

Unique Corporate Gifts

Creating memories in gifting experiences takes gifting to the next level. That’s why a unique corporate gift can hold so much power to create meaningful experiences that can lead to strengthened relationships. Branded corporate gifts can tie those meaningful experiences with your brand. As far as finding the best corporate gifts, 2022 is a year of opportunity. Many recipients will be returning to the office, where traditional gifting might be ideal, while others will be adjusting to lasting online, remote, and hybrid work roles, where self-care gifts and office essentials might be ideal. In both cases, the more personalized, the better. These corporate gift ideas for employees are perfect for remote workers:

  • Chic Supplies Gift Box: This gift box of office essentials is as useful as it is aesthetically pleasing. Perfect for remote workers who like to keep a nice-looking home office.
  • Pamper Gift Box: Offer remote employees some much-needed self-care encouragement with this gift box, including lavender candle, skin mask, lavender sage hand cream and more.

These unique client gift ideas offer memorable experiences that recipients can tie back to your brand:

  • Piñatagram: Everyone can use more piñatas in their life. This personal-sized piñata has all the catharsis and candy of a full sized one in a personal sized package.
  • Gaiwan Tea Set: Sometimes, it’s important to take your time and enjoy the small things. This tea set encourages recipients to do just that and enjoy their favorite tea. 

These corporate gift ideas for executives create memorable experiences to be savored and remembered:

  • A Bite of Bourbon Gift Basket: Perfect for bourbon aficionados, this basket has samples of 4 different bourbons, as well as glassware, snacks, and even Coca Cola for mixing.
  • The Gourmet: If drinking isn’t your executive recipient’s favorite thing, it’s hard to go wrong with delicious food. This gift includes the full spectrum of great tastes, from sweet to savory, including caramels by Shotwell Candy Co., rosemary crackers from The Fine Cheese Co., a gold cheese spreader, and more.

Luxury Corporate Gifts

Luxury corporate gifts are perfect for impressing, or for really honoring and celebrating recipients. The right luxury gifts make for a clear, unmistakable message of appreciation, whether you’re celebrating a promotion, major milestone, or sending a heartfelt thanks. Luxury branded gifts combine luxurious experiences with your brand, creating lasting impressions. These luxury corporate gifts ideas are designed to impress:

  • Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS) 45mm: One of the reasons people love Apple products is the ease at which their devices integrate. With this watch, users are able to take ECGs, track their workouts, and more.
  • Yeti Tundra 65 Hard Cooler w/ Picnic Pack: This hard cooler is adventure-ready, and with a picnic pack, including an assortment of cheeses and sausages, so will your recipient.
  • 12 Maine Lobster Tails: Wild caught, flash frozen, and undeniably delicious. Lobster tails make for excellent meals and unforgettable experiences. Offer recipients the unmistakable taste of a New England favorite.
  • The Revolution Toaster: Change the way your recipient toasts favorite foods for good with this touchscreen controlled toaster offering precise settings designed to toast food perfectly. 

Luxury Corporate Gifts With Logo

High-end gifts and luxury virtual gifts are sometimes the best way to reach VIP recipients. Luxury corporate gifts can really wow recipients. Taking it a step further, luxury corporate gifts with logos can create unforgettable experiences and spread brand awareness at the same time, tying those experiences back to your brand. Logo gifts make excellent corporate gifts for clients, employee gifts, and executive gifts. Unique corporate logo gifts can create a lasting impact. Unique executive gifts combined with heartfelt messaging and pleasing branding can create lasting impressions. These premium gift ideas are unique, memorable, and can feature your branding:

  • Branded Champagne Celebration: Toast to lasting impressions with this set of flutes in packaging that will include your logo.
  • Noms Custom Sleeve Jolt of Java: Combine the warm experience of tasting various coffees with your branding in this custom sleeve gift containing various roasts. Perfect for coffee lovers looking to sample some delightful varieties.
  • Noms Custom Box Premium Assortment of Coffee & Tea: For those who love all things warm that belong in mugs, this gift combines your branding with a delightful assortment of teas and coffees.  

Corporate Gifts For Employees

Creating a positive work culture is essential in nearly any business. Aside from increasing productivity, creating a positive work environment keeps employees happier and can drastically reduce turnover. All of this can contribute to higher revenue in the long run. Corporate gifts for employees that foster genuine connection can be a great asset to HR and people ops teams looking for ways to show appreciation and create a positive work culture where valued team members are happy. Gifts for employee appreciation can take many forms, from virtual gifts to luxury goods, but the important thing is that they display genuine positive intention.

Customized corporate gifts can be some of the highest performers in creating a positive work environment. Finding ways to make gifts come across as personal is important in gifting. Corporate gift sets that are perceived as unique and personal as opposed to generic and cheap is an important way to show a genuine intention behind your gifting efforts. Showing that some thought went into gifting efforts can go a long way with employees, leaving them feeling appreciated and valued as individuals. Personalized and unique gifts often do an excellent job of sending an unmistakable message of appreciation.

Customized Employee Gifts

Since creating genuine connections is important in employee gifting, customized employee gifts, and unique corporate gifts for employees that create memorable experiences can be some of the strongest gifting outreach efforts in a workplace. Branded gifts for employees that are useful and create memorable experiences can take that a step further, encouraging team members to be proud of the team they’re a part of, reinforcing the idea that they should take pride in their contributions to the organization.

These gifts for employees combine customization and delightful experiences to make excellent employee appreciation gifts:

  • Home Town Map Slate Server: Whether you love to host, charcuterie is your thing, or you just love to eat on the sofa and enjoy movies and TV, you’ll understand the value of having a good solid serving tray. This slate server can be customized with a map of your recipient’s hometown—making it not only an ideal conversation piece, but a truly unique kitchen accessory that they won’t soon forget.
  • Thank You Customized Gift Bottle: There’s hardly a better way to toast to a job well done and say thanks for all the hard work than with a bottle of La Cuvée Brut Champagne by Dumangin. This gift takes it further, adding your recipient’s name on a laser-engraved label—gorgeous against the matte black painted bottle. 

Personalized Business Gifts For Clients

Crucial to gifting is that it comes across as thoughtful. Personalized business gifts for clients can do just that by sending a clear message that gifts were well thought out, and intended for recipients as individuals. Learn more client gifting use cases in our blog post.

Just as company logo gifts for employees can foster a sense of pride in the organization, monogrammed business gifts and unique logo gifts for clients can send a clear message to recipients that they’re valued, as individuals, by your organization. Personalized business gifts with logos combine the unmistakably thoughtful nature of gift personalization with your branding to create a memorable impact. Logo gift ideas can range from apparel and branded swag to food and drink items with branded packaging, and finding custom logo gifts with no minimum is perfect for reaching out to individual VIP recipients. 

However you go about your gifting strategy, whether you’re looking to revitalize your internal work culture or delight prospects and clients with unique thoughtful gifts, even at a large scale, be sure to reach out to get started with a free trial, so you can see how Postal’s Offline Marketing Engagement platform can change the way you engage, offline. You’ll have access to a vast marketplace, powerful automation tools, and a centralized platform where you can manage every step of your gifting strategy.