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Postal's platform is flexible and allowed us to justify the expense of the platform, and base our volume expectation to build an ROI model for direct mailing.

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Stop stuffing boxes and leverage + your CRM

Postal takes the headache out of managing customer send lists in spreadsheets, removes the human capital aspect of purchasing, packaging and sending in a timely manner, and lastly gives you eyes into ROI on your swag spend.

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Great platform for Marketing teams!

Our Marketing team recently started using e-gifts and corporate swag to send to prospects at different stages in our demand generation campaigns, ABM, and maintain customer loyalty. We have received great feedback from our Sales Directors, and opportunities stuck in the pipeline are now responding and appreciating what we are doing. Excellent options to choose from!

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Top Corporate Gifting Companies

In the business world, there are a lot of interpersonal interactions. From clients and customers to vendors and suppliers, the business world involves a lot of it. And over the years, companies have increasingly met the demand for personable interactions with the practice of corporate gifting.

Corporate gifting is nothing new—the practice of sending gifts to customers and employees is a long standing tradition in American business. But, as the business world has increasingly moved into online digital spaces, top corporate gifting companies have adapted along with the businesses they service. Corporate gift boxes, branded goods, baked goods, even handwritten notes, all continue to exist as mainstays of corporate gifting strategies, but the methods for ordering and delivery have evolved along with the business world. With business going virtual, a new reason for gifting has also emerged.

Gift industry trends 2021 have pointed to expectations of robust growth in the gifting industry as it’s thrived through the pandemic—a time during which many businesses have increasingly shifted online, not only for sales, but for team members and workspaces. During this time, the corporate gifting industry has seen a surge in importance, as companies have moved quickly to remind customers, B2B peers, and employees that they are valued and that the human element hasn’t left the room just because many of us have left the physical office.

Coresight Research, a firm that specializes in analyzing technology and retail has studied the gifting industry closely, and in 2021, released a report on the gifting industry in the United States. Their findings were stark; a somewhat untapped market worth billions of dollars is poised to continue growing through 2024. Coresight’s study estimated the gifting industry to be worth a whopping 242 billion dollars by the end of 2021, (the study was released in June from a May survey) and predicted continued growth, projecting an estimated 8.1% ACGR—annual compound growth rate—through 2024.

Top Gifting Companies In The World

The gifting market is vast, and since the workforce has begun moving towards being increasingly remote, the industry has evolved and continues to grow. And, top gifting companies in the world of corporate gifting have evolved to keep step with the market. The corporate gifting market size is already huge and continues to grow. Gifting platforms have emerged as a way to offer companies a streamlined approach to corporate gifting.

Corporate gifting has become increasingly important as the market continues course into the online world, and as remote working becomes more common, gifting has emerged as an effective way to retain a human touch in business. The advantage of gifting platforms is that they make the gifting process much simpler for companies and allow them to still offer highly personal ways to enamour and delight prospective customers, existing customers, and employees.

While a lot of things have changed in the corporate gifting world, some things have stayed the same. More gift ideas have seen use while old ones retain their charm. Some of these include giving out personalized gifts—which has become easier than ever through the use of gifting platforms, branded goods, stationary, personal notes, and baked goods—which have never been unpopular.

Luxury Corporate Gifting Companies

The idea behind a corporate gifting strategy, at its essence, is that generosity and a personal touch goes a long way with people. This is why, to that end, luxury corporate gifts work so well. Far be luxury corporate gifts from simple muffin baskets, they’re gifts that are valuable, usable, and inherently memorable—high end goods that surprise and charm. Luxury gifting companies offer businesses a way to captivate recipients with thoughtfully selected high-end goods that correspond to their personal interests.

VIP corporate gifts range in style but they have one thing in common. They’re high-end, whatever they are. And, luxury gifting companies specialize in assembling high-end gift boxes that take into account personal interests and remind recipients that you didn’t forget. Some companies will treat VIPS to thoughtfully selected high-end bottles of wine, top shelf bottles of spirits, or artisan foods. Some might opt for cutting edge electronic goods and high end corporate swag, while some might go the route of luxury virtual gifts, like premium subscriptions or tickets to a game. Luxury gifting companies can combine any and all of the above for VIP recipients. Whatever the route, luxury corporate gifts are a tier above the rest.

Corporate Gifting Companies in USA

Corporate gifting companies in the USA have quickly become a mainstay of corporate gifting strategies all over the country. Gifting potential and existing customers has long been an important part of many companies’ marketing strategies, and continued emergence of gifting companies reflects a widespread need for the services they offer. These companies offer unique executive gifts and thoughtful tokens which drive engagement and sales.

In the United States, corporate gifting companies are often an integral part of marketing strategies for businesses. They offer custom and curated corporate gift baskets that remind recipients that they’re appreciated and remembered. This is often a part of a larger strategy that helps businesses foster engagement with existing and potential customers, and in turn can help increase revenue in the long run. Existing customers are reminded that their continued business is highly appreciated, while prospective customers are reminded that their future business is a priority for companies.

Similarly, these curated assemblies of corporate gifts help businesses retain employees for the long haul which keeps their team experienced and familiar, and saves costs on onboarding and hiring—all the while, driving a loyal culture and an amiable workplace.

Corporate Gifting Platform

Corporate gifting companies continue to change along with the market, and they’ve increasingly come to offer corporate gifting platforms which streamline the gifting strategy of companies. While corporate gifting is a highly effective approach to garnering engagement and driving long term revenue, it’s also an inherently costly and time consuming process.

This is where gifting platforms come in and why top gifting companies have started to offer them. Corporate gifting platforms streamline the entire process through robust automation, so that companies can more efficiently initiate and maintain a successful gifting strategy. These highly efficient client gifting services keep costs to a minimum without compromising the value of the gifts themselves. They also save time and human effort, and make it easier to maintain a viable budget for gifting. These platforms can be used as everything from client to employee gifting platforms.

An rapidly emerging use for gifting platforms is for B2B relationships. B2B relationships are important for nearly any business—and gifting remains one of the most effective ways to maintain positive relationships between businesses. B2B gifting platforms streamline the process of gifting between businesses and help maintain amiable relationships that work for every party involved. Highly customizable gifts spark and maintain good will between partners, clients, and suppliers—and gifting platforms keep down costs and time. It’s not surprising that recently, these platforms have seen immense popularity in a time during which teams and partners are increasingly operating remotely.

Customized Corporate Gifts

Customized corporate gifts are an effective tool for companies that wish to maintain a strong sense of solidarity, amongst even the most spread remote teams. While corporate gifts are often thought of as something exclusively or mostly used for potential and existing clients, they actually serve a much wider range of functions.

Many companies send corporate gifts to their employees. Employee gifting reminds team members that they’re an important and appreciated part of the company. At the height of the first waves of Covid, many teams began operating remotely. As time has passed, companies have seen productivity actually increase while they’ve said goodbye to expensive office space leases, and many companies will likely never return to the office.

As business is evolving to become increasingly remote, corporate gifts have seen a newfound importance in keeping a human touch in the workplace, and fostering a sense of closeness among employees. Even among teams spread across the country or across the globe, luxury corporate gift boxes remind them that they’re in this together, and branding gifts enforces this sense further. Branded corporate gifts don’t only help brand recall through a lasting reminder of where a gift came from—they also reinforce a strong loyal culture in employees. Branded gifts serve a similar function to band apparel. They’re a reminder that there’s a shared interest and remind employees that they’ve played a hand in making the company what it is. That they’re an appreciated part of something bigger.

Best Corporate Gift Boxes

The best corporate gift boxes will combine a few different factors to create a really memorable and delighting experience for recipients. The underlying premise behind gifting is that you’re doing it to elicit a sense of joy in the recipient. That’s why an important factor is personalization. Each individual is unique and eliciting joy might look different for different people. Taking into account a recipient’s interests, gift boxes can be carefully planned for their enjoyment.

Another important factor in creating the best corporate gift boxes is their memorable nature. Carefully curated gift boxes for employees are an effective token of appreciation and remind employees that they’re seen and an integral part of the company’s cultural fabric. Corporate gift boxes for clients that are thoughtfully curated send an unforgettable message to clients that their business is appreciated and they’re anything but an invoice number to you—they’re a human connection that you cherish.

Corporate gifting trends have grown to reflect the effectiveness of thoughtful, memorable, personalized corporate gifting. In recent years, it’s become increasingly apparent that personalized gifting works. Gifting helps reduce turnover in employees and it helps drive engagement with existing and potential clients—bolstering marketing efforts and increasing long term revenue. This has driven a demand for professional gifting companies who help businesses maintain positive B2B relationships.

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