Your Guide to Offline Marketing Automation

Increase engagement by 30% with meaningful offline experiences

The Challenges of Building Meaningful Relationships At Scale

One thing has been made clear since the pivot to remote workforces—people are harder than ever to reach.

Sales teams have increased their outreach efforts, marketing teams have to rethink events, onboarding teams have to navigate Zoom fatigue, and people ops teams have been challenged with virtually maintaining a strong company culture.

While B2B tactics come and go, relationship building is here to stay. It’s critical to genuinely connect with other sales, marketing, and success professionals. Whether that’s to drive revenue, boost productivity, adopt usage, or get in front of new audiences, each department has their own version of relationship building and partnerships.

How do organizations small to large, efficiently maintain personal connectivity and break through the noise while proving ROI? This is where Offline Marketing Automation becomes a critical component of every organization’s playbook.

You can and should humanize everything

Offline Marketing Automation is a way to add humanization to anything you do: whether that’s selling to prospects, engaging with customers, nurturing partner relationships, or ensuring your employees are happy and productive.

Industry professionals have highlighted the value of Offline Marketing Automation as well. Kyle Lacy, the CMO at Lessonly by Seismic, recently said: “The future of marketing isn’t full funnel. The future of marketing is experience first, no matter the use case.

Full-funnel marketing and sales tactics will never go away; they’re baked into the pillars of every organization. However, sales and marketing trends hint at the importance of having a system to manage meaningful and measurable interactions.

What is Offline Marketing Automation?

Offline Marketing Automation is a channel that helps personalize, automate, and scale offline experiences and memorable engagements like direct mail, internal and external events, branded company swag, and gifts.

The results of integrating Offline Marketing Automation can be seen throughout your team and across departments: increasing conversions with prospects, encouraging brand loyalty with customers, building stronger relationships with partners, and boosting overall employee happiness.

Examples include sending a handwritten Thank You note, hosting a virtual whiskey-pairing class, offering a desk plant in exchange for a meeting, etc. Any action or event that is intended to leave a lasting impression with someone, whether that’s a colleague, customer, prospect, lead, or employee is offline marketing.

Another thing you should note—there’s no explicit answer as to how much you should be using Offline Marketing Automation. There’s a wide range of use cases and benefits across every department in your organization:

Demand Generation

Create experiences that drive interest. You can incorporate gifting in any channel where you can use a hyperlink—in an email, social media caption, direct messages, and more. It’s as easy as copy and paste using a MagicLink from Postal. Use Offline Marketing Automation to 3x engagement with your content.
encourage action

Demand generation is about attracting attention and driving action. More often than not, audiences know their problems and have their own ideas on how to solve them. Marketing teams have to be incredibly efficient at directing that interest to their solution.

Here are a few ways you can use Offline Marketing Automation to get quick wins on your email marketing, landing page conversion rate, and expand your organic reach on social media.

Boost cold email open rates to 50% and click-through rates to 10% with MagicLink

Traditionally, a strong email open rate would be somewhere between 20 and 30%. A good click-through rate would be around 2.5%. We’ve found that eGifting can dramatically increase these numbers to around 50% open rates and 10% click-through rates. While this may not be surprising, it is worthwhile to note most organizations are still manually gifting and have no insight into the ROI. There’s no way to track if the item was received or attribute it to any deal.

That’s why MagicLink from Postal is a Demand Generation Manager’s new favorite channel. The gifting process is as easy as: Choose Item, Select a Budget, then Copy and Paste. Above all, you can report on the ROI impact each item has, and actually see when a lead converts into a sale.

MagicLink is a game-changer—you only pay for the items that people accept. You can even use our benchmarked 10% acceptance/click-through rate to predict how much budget you will spend on sending a MagicLink to a certain email list. For instance, with a list of 1,000 people, you can expect about 100-150 to accept your gift (this is assuming the value of your gift is in the $20-30 range, if you’re sending something like AirPods, more people will naturally accept).

Improved email metrics sound nice, but we’ve seen qualified pipeline increase 20x when using MagicLink internally here at Postal. We were even able to create over a quarter of a million dollars in pipeline by leveraging MagicLink to generate sign-ups for a virtual event. The first impression it leaves with prospects provides a lower barrier to entry for the sales team.

Effective email marketing is more than clever subject lines, it’s about breaking through a noisy inbox with real value. Offline Marketing Automation allows you to personalize your message, bringing a more targeted, meaningful approach to your outreach. With the Postal Marketplace, you have access to hundreds of specially curated items, allowing you to strengthen your personal connection with a partner, prospect, customer, or employee.

Incentivize downloads with eGifting to achieve 60% on-page conversion rates

We ran an experiment that compared the ROI of small-scale PPC advertising versus eGifting. The main question was this: Will paying people $10 to download our eBook have a better ROI than using PPC advertising to download the same eBook?

The results are in: eGifting via organic social media and email marketing yielded a 60% on-page conversion rate to download the eBook as opposed to PPC advertising’s 0.24% conversion rate. Furthermore, the pipeline created from the eGifting 3X’d that of PPC advertising. Like your email marketing metrics, your landing page conversion rates can be dramatically lifted by integrating offline components.

Extend your organic reach on social media

Many B2B marketers know that LinkedIn’s algorithm has become more and more difficult when it comes to increasing organic impressions. Incentivize the sharing of your post with Postal MagicLink to reach the masses.

First, create your post and publish it to LinkedIn. Let it be for a day or so and encourage your employees to share it with their networks.

Then, send an email blast to your corporate marketing list offering an item from the Postal Marketplace in exchange for sharing the post on LinkedIn. Link directly to your post in the email and have a clear call to action. Lastly, reward those who shared by DMing them a MagicLink with their item.

Read our B2B Gifting Guide to get some more ideas of how demand generation teams can use Offline Marketing Automation to supercharge their top-of-funnel strategy.

Field Marketing

Postal’s Event Marketplace gives you plenty of immersive experiences to choose from to create lasting impressions with others at the top of your marketing funnel. Host experiences that drive attendance and engagement and drive more qualified leads.
explore postal events

How can small marketing teams extend the reach of their field marketing programs? Offline Marketing Automation Platforms such as Postal go far beyond the realm of gifting to create lasting impressions with others. For example, virtual events that include a physical event kit or sending handwritten Thank You notes to all attendees post-event.

Host experiences that drive attendance and engagement

Ever since the pivot to virtual everything, Zoom fatigue has made it increasingly difficult to host virtual events that drive attendance, engage audiences, and have an impact. Additionally, most field marketers have limited bandwidth in terms of budget and planning such experiences.

To stand out, teams must be hosting experiences that people are motivated to attend. Webinars that walk through a slide deck won’t get the same engagement as they used to. Yet planning an exciting event can be a huge time spend. This is where curated experiences provided in a marketplace can be a huge extension of smaller field marketing teams.

These events can drive attendance numbers upwards of 1000. In fact, the first one we ever hosted drove 1200 sign-ups with a 50% attendance rate (a good industry average for public events is about a 35% attendance rate). Learn how to drive virtual event sign-ups and encourage live attendance.

Send handwritten notes following an experience or interaction

Offline Marketing Automation can warm up leads at the top of your funnel by making it easy to send handwritten letters. Perfect for following or leading up to an event or thanking someone after a nice conversation, a personal Thank You note leaves a personal, lasting impression with the recipient.

Offline Marketing Automation enables teams to scale meaningful interactions with leads at the top of the funnel to create a smoother hand-off to the sales team or simply establish more trust in your brand.

Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing and hyper-personalization are driving a higher ROI than ever. It's bringing the human element back into play and with Postal these memorable moments are made easy.
build authentic connections

Account-based marketing, account-based sales, hyper-personalization…whatever your organization calls it, the humanizing element ties everything together. Marketers all have goals that revolve around driving revenue, so it’s mandatory to make the most out of a budget. Here are some ways you can incorporate Offline Marketing Automation into your account-based programs.

Execute hyper-personalization at scale with eGifting

Personalization and automation are typically seen as polar opposite strategies. However, with Offline Marketing Automation, you can easily grow and organize personal relationships with many contacts.

The days of manually sourcing a gift then dealing with logistics of actually sending the item are over—tools such as Postal MagicLink make gifting as easy as: select an item, create, copy and paste.

Automate the sending of items from your trusted marketing technology

Postal Triggers enable you to create steps within your workflows, sequences, cadences, or whatever marketing automation you use. These steps can trigger the sending of certain items based on whatever criteria you choose – for instance, when a lead reaches a certain score or hits a pricing page, trigger the sending of some coffee to create a warm introduction.

Here are some other ideas of items you can trigger to create more authentic connections at the top of the funnel.

  • A candle to reference how your solution will light up your prospect’s world
  • eCards to provide lunch for your recipient
  • Flowers or a box of chocolate around the holidays

Get the most bang for your budget

One of the best parts about sending items through Offline Marketing Automation platforms is you only pay for the items that people accept. By providing the option to accept or deny an offer, you will get far more mileage out of your budget–and a stronger ROI–than just sending something to everyone on your lead list at once.


The name of the game is to create opportunities with high-value accounts. As organizations of all sizes are challenged with maintaining connections at scale, Offline Marketing Automation enables teams to automate these moments and increase meaningful touchpoints to book more meetings and close more deals.
increase sales velocity

Sales teams can use Offline Marketing Automation to hit their numbers as well. We’ve seen sales metrics improve across the board, from close rate to deal velocity. Sales engagement platforms alone drive significant results, but don’t provide a way to manage all experience-based interactions with prospects such as gifts and events.

Increase close rate by 30%

By offering personalized boxes of Noms cookies to prospects, Broadly was able to increase their close rate by a whopping 30%.

Re-engage with leads that have gone cold or ghosted you

Integrating Offline Marketing Automation into your sequences to re-engage with prospects who have gone cold can be a great way to increase win rate and accelerate your deal velocity. Depending on deal size and key stakeholders, choose items from the Postal Marketplace accordingly.

Here are some other great ideas on items to send to leads who have gone cold:

  • A bottle of wine with a friendly introduction letter
  • A wellness care package wishing them good health and best regards
  • Seasonal gifts such as a Mothers/Fathers Day treat or any other relevant holiday
  • Curated cocktail kits

Customer Experience

Keeping your customers happy is more than just a nice sentiment, it's vital to your business. Offline Marketing Automation can help empower customers and establish loyalty.
boost customer retention

Increasing customer retention rates by 5% leads to a 25-95% profit increase. It’s about more than preventing customer churn, building a close collaboration and relationship helps both the customer and the business. Here’s how Offline Marketing Automation can enhance brand loyalty and create better connections with your customers.

Fully-automated retention campaigns

Subscriptions from Postal are a way to automate the sending of items from the Postal Marketplace over a certain period of time. For instance, you can create an onboarding Subscription that automatically sends a handwritten note, followed a few days later by a bottle of liquor, and then a wellness care package near the end of their contract.

The options are endless: create an onboarding subscription for an unforgettable welcoming experience to your brand, or create retention subscriptions that send items over the course of a year to increase chances of renewal.

Establish brand loyalty by hosting an unforgettable experience

One of the most important components of brand loyalty is trust. Trust is generally facilitated by meaningful, genuine interactions. Offline Marketing Automation can impact brand loyalty in a number of ways: whether that’s a personalized note, gift, or maybe a custom virtual event. Treat your customers with something special such as:

  • A canvas and cold brew tasting event
  • Sweet treats such as chocolate from Obrigaderia or Simply Chocolate

People Operations

Working from home isn’t always the most productive work environment. Factor in kids, puppies, and other pets—the distractions add up and often impact performance. To keep your team focused on their objectives, Offline Marketing Automation will boost morale and bring teams closer together to drive more revenue and ultimately help foster an amazing company culture.
bring teams together

Human resource departments may have had to make the biggest pivots since the shift to remote work. To maintain a strong company culture and stay connected with a virtual workforce, Offline Marketing Automation can be a great way to bring people together and boost productivity.

Boost productivity, drive more revenue

Remote work has changed everything, and your employees are finding a whole new balance. Being away from the office can make it more difficult to distinguish between their work and their life. It’s important to be supportive of employees and help them through this transition, encouraging them to do their best work, their way.

Losing a communal space also makes it hard to show your team appreciation and celebrate a job well done, as a group. Keep your team focused, fulfilled, and engaged by rewarding employees, bringing the team together to boost moral and drive more revenue. See how Nextiny increased their productivity by 5% to drive 33% more revenue.

Congratulate milestones, welcome new hires, and recruit top talent

Company culture is defined by the people. Happy people mean enhanced company culture. Here are a few ways you can leverage Offline Marketing Automation and spread joy throughout your organization:

  • Put together customized branded swag pack ready to send to welcome new hires
  • Hiring is harder than ever and getting in front of actively looking candidates is no easy task. Encourage them to continue the conversation with your company by offering up a gift.
  • Motivate your sales or marketing team by hosting internal contests that align with their goals—some friendly competition can go a long way

Meaningful Moments at Scale

At the end of the day, personalization and automation are like oil and water—they don't mix well without the proper attention and tools. However, leveraging Offline Marketing Automation with Postal can help to humanize your approach to break through the digital noise and connect with others in a more scalable and repeatable way. Get started today or speak with one of our specialists to learn how Offline Marketing Automation can help you create meaningful moments with prospects, customers, and employees at scale.
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