Postal Preferred Vendors provide the best experiences in B2B corporate gifting

The Postal Preferred Vendor Program celebrates and rewards the top vendors on the Postal Marketplace that deliver the ultimate recipient experience.
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Postal Preferred benefits

As a Postal Preferred vendor, you will gain access to exclusive rewards like increased visibility, earning potential, and recognition with a Postal Preferred badge.

How to become a Postal Preferred vendor

With this program, Postal reviews our top vendors quarterly to add new vendors and ensure current Postal Preferred vendors are continuing to meet our requirements to deliver a best-in-class sender and recipient experience.
Exceptional unboxing experience
Top rated products from customer reviews
48-hour fulfillment time or less
Supports Postal’s core values

Postal Preferred Vendors


How long until a vendor can be Postal Preferred?
Our vendors need to reach a minimum of 50 orders with outstanding feedback to be added into the Postal Preferred Program.

What is the process to become part of the program?
We assess our vendors on a quarterly basis to determine which ones meet the standards we require to be part of the program. If you would like to become part of the program, please reach out to our team to understand what you need to do to be considered.

Can you shop only Postal Preferred vendors on the marketplace?
This filter feature is coming soon!

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