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Increase engagements by 30% with meaningful offline touch points
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Why Marketing Teams Use Postal

Lead Generation
Funnel Velocity
Corporate Branding

Energize Your Top of Funnel

Stop burning ad budget on inefficient campaigns and achieve greater ROI through gifting that grows your top of funnel. Gifting emails can yield up to 60% open rates and 24% engagement rates.

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Increase Lead Velocity

Integrating multi-channel experiences into your demand generation playbook increases conversion rates and drives more qualified leads throughout the funnel.

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Build Brand Affinity in High-Value Accounts

Your target customers are seeing upwards of 5,000 ads per day. Stand out from the digital noise by making memorable impressions. With Postal you can optimize for experiences, not lost clicks.

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Postal pairs well with all your favorite go-to-market tools

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Delight Your Customers With Unique, Curated Gifts and Experiences That Will Drive ROI

  • Gain access to a curated marketplace of over 500 unique gifts and experiences
  • Make your digital marketing efforts more effective
  • Use direct mail to build and accelerate your sales pipelines
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