Postal Receives Best Newcomer at The SaaS Awards

Postal was named a finalist in the 2021 SaaS Awards as Best Newcomer. This award recognizes SaaS technologies that disrupt the market and provide transformational benefits through reimagining the needs of clients.

James Williams, head of operations for the SaaS Awards, said it this way: "Just as SaaS technologies have been vital in pivoting organizational functions to respond to global crises, they will be essential as we look forward to returning to normal levels of productivity. The shortlisted candidates represent truly innovative thinkers in the SaaS industry, whether they're freshly-funded disrupters or established names."

In its sixth year, the SaaS Awards focus on recognizing excellence in software solutions designed with innovation in mind. This recognition reinforces Postal's success in reinventing and humanizing the approach to prospects, customers, and employees with intuitive software built with relationship-building as the primary focus. Postal strives to do more than provide functionality by bringing a human component to the platform, creating surprise and delight with a personal approach to sales, marketing, customer success, and people ops teams.

Best Newcomer recognition places Postal among some of the most established and respected SaaS organizations in the world. Postal continues to use technology, market, and competitive research, and ongoing customer conversations to spur growth and continued innovation. A need for innovation brought Postal to market and continues to drive commitment to provide a unique and memorable experience.

Postal Background

company culture

CEO Erik Kostelnik and CTO Jed Danner co-founded Postal after realizing a scalable and localized marketplace and ecosystem that would create a more customer-centric approach lacking in the current environment. They then set out to build a platform to humanize the entire sales cycle for today's B2B leaders.

This aligns well with Postal's approach to company culture. Postal CEO & co-founder states, "Company culture isn't defined by executives or leadership at an organization who talk about the type of people they'd like to have. It's rather defined by the group of people you bring in and the community that you're creating. This includes the people you're working with, the vendors you support, prospects, the customers you have, the families of employees...all these things make up the culture at a company."

Postal is a sales and marketing platform that creates a command central for all B2B marketing needs. Direct mail, internal and external events, branded company swag, and personalized gifts are all seamlessly integrated into an intuitive platform designed to provide better engagement with prospects, customers, partners, and employees.

Postal's culture is reflected in the platform. People-centric and humanity-based, Postal approaches B2B marketing with a platform that's centered around creating memorable experiences as well as for the clients serviced by it.

Marketplace Disruption

B2B Marketplace

Postal sits apart from the competition by providing an immersive solution through integration with other systems, such as Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, and Outreach. By addressing all aspects of the customer relationship from prospect to relationship-building through direct mail, events, swag, and personalized gifts, businesses can better drive brand loyalty, increase conversions, boost employee happiness, and improve customer health scores.

Unlike competitors, Postal utilizes local retailers and vendors rather than big-box gift cards. Receiving a local gift enhances personal relationship building with prospects, and with unlimited platform pricing, businesses aren't confined to the per send charges of other gifting platforms. Additionally, Postal has a concierge service that further personalizes the prospect and client experience by sourcing and managing curated, branded, specialty items and experiences designed to surprise and delight.

Postal also includes on-demand virtual event services as part of the integrated platform. Recognizing a changing business environment, Postal provides custom virtual event planning every step of the way, taking the focus off of logistics and back on people, recognizing that a virtual world still involves real people.

Helping Businesses Move Forward

Postal results

Providing a personal touch is not new. Businesses have been looking for ways to stay in front of the minds of prospects for years. It's the way that they do so that's been a challenge. By utilizing a platform that combines lead generation, funnel velocity, ABM, and corporate branding in an authentic environment, digital marketing efforts become more effective with less energy expended.

Field marketers spend an average of 50% less time on event logistics and planning using Postal Events. Invites and registrations are captured in one place, keeping everyone in tune. Postal Events customers see a 90% attendance rate for virtual and hybrid events with the out-of-the-box experience builder.

Sales teams see shortened sales cycles and a 30% increase in close rates with the ability to send high-quality, local gifts that stand out and build a real connection. Multi-channel campaigns scale leads and existing pipelines through the addition of offline touchpoints to outbound sales campaigns.

Customer Success Teams use Postal's integrated platform to boost retention, drive advocacy, and increase engagement to drive more revenue, resulting in 2x more upsells, and a 16% increase in customer referrals.

While moving through a sales funnel is important, Postal also provides resources to reward high performers, create fun and memorable team-building events, and boost company morale. All of which results in 27% increased productivity and 18% increased team morale.

Postal Innovation

Since our launch in March of 2020, Postal has brought innovation to the offline space. When so much of the world has gone virtual, Postal has delivered a platform to retain and grow relationships regardless of the method of doing business.

Postal's scalable and localized marketplace and ecosystem allow companies to scale offline channels while creating stronger connections and differentiation in our customer engagement strategy. By bringing humanity back to the sales cycle and reinforcing the importance of team recognition and retention, Postal has disrupted the marketplace and created a trend that others are sure to follow. Postal's human approach to marketing is here to stay. However, our approach to innovation and customer experience has only just begun.

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