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Shadi Mazoub

Corporate gifting doesn't have to feel corporate. In almost every instance, sending a gift that comes off as generic will leave a superficial impression on the recipient. Here's the hard truth: In B2B gifting, it's not just the idea that counts. People's expectations are higher than ever—they want to be surprised and delighted!

If you want to have any shot of creating a lasting impression, you'll need to send gifts that are relevant, unique, or personalized. Richie explains how he's able to overcome this dilemma by having access to The Postal Marketplace, where items are specially curated from boutique, local vendors, to give him a much better chance of creating a real relationship.

Not to mention, by offering unique items from local vendors, we're able to support small businesses by providing them accessibility to the B2B industry. Check it out!

The Postal Marketplace enhances your selection to include more than run-of-the-mill tchotchkes and trade show swag. It comes fully packed with an assortment of B2B curated events and items guaranteed to WOW any prospect, customer, or lead. Stand out against your competitors who are also trying to capture the attention of the same prospects—businesses and vendors who matter to you will also matter to them.

By sending bottles from local wineries such as Tolosa and Cinquain Cellars, we're able to share a taste of the Central Coast  wine country with people who've never visited, creating an exceptional experience at their own home. We've even hosted virtual beer tastings and provided attendees with samples from a local San Luis Obispo Brewery.

Here are some other amazing products in The Postal Marketplace offered from local business across America:

local businesses

These are awesome, but what if I don't see what I'm looking for?


One of the best features of The Postal Marketplace is that we offer the ability to request vendors.  If you aren't seeing what you're looking for or have a local business around you that has a product you'd like to send, simply put in a request and we'll make it happen. Call it ABM, ABS, personalization...whatever suits your fancy. We call it humanization at scale.

Start creating unforgettable experiences for your valued customers, prospects, and colleagues by sending local products you love all through the Postal Marketplace.

Start exploring and request your guided trial today!

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