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4.8 star average on G2 Crowd
Christine T
Chief Operating Officer
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Quick, easy solution for sending gifts to your customers and prospects!

I like the ease of use and UX on how to send gifts to your customers. integrates with Amazon's marketplace, the possibilities are basically endless on what you want to send out. Ex: One of our customers loves to play golf, so instead of sending him some generic gift, we were able to personalize a gift to show how much we cared and paid attention to him!

Jackie J
Vice President Performance Marketing
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Our marketing team needed a tool like Postal

Being a small team, we can't take on the logistics. Postal has been extremely in solving that problem for us. Right away, we started hearing from our Sales team that folks stuck in pipeline were already responding. It’s been great.

Elluz P
Demand Generation Manager
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Great platform for Marketing teams!

Our Marketing team recently started using e-gifts and corporate swag to send to prospects at different stages in our demand generation campaigns, ABM, and maintain customer loyalty. We have received great feedback from our Sales Directors, and opportunities stuck in the pipeline are now responding and appreciating what we are doing. Excellent options to choose from!

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Bulk Employee Gifts

Keeping teams motivated and fostering a sense of community is important in any workplace. When workers are operating remotely from home or in a hybrid work format, it can be even more important—not to mention more challenging. Employee outreach is essential for creating positive work environments, keeping everyone happy, and boosting morale. Bulk employee gifts—large scale gifting efforts that seek to spread delight and improve morale across the board—are an excellent way to foster positivity among the workplace.

Employee appreciation gifts are important. They send a clear message to employees that their dedication, presence, and hard work are recognized and appreciated. Bulk employee gifts are an efficient way to send this message across a broad range of teams and team members and bring workforces together. For companies where important holidays, such as Christmas, are widely celebrated, bulk employee Christmas gifts and other year-end-adjacent gifts are a strong way to celebrate the coming of a new year and show employees that they’re valued for all their contributions.

Bulk gift ideas for employees range in both scope and style. Some workplaces might opt for smaller bulk gifts given periodically, while others might go for big gifts near the year-end. Some teams, especially working in physical offices might particularly enjoy bulk gifts meant to be shared, such as batches of cupcakes, icecream, or charcuterie spreads. Remote workers can particularly appreciate bulk gifts meant to enhance self care, or improve their home office—spa items, office essentials, and other gifts that make it easier to get comfortable at home.

As is the case in any employee gifting efforts, timing and intention are crucial. Employee appreciation gifts under $20 when given at the right time—for instance as team members are coming out of a stressful crunch time—hold the power to make meaningful impacts. 

Bulk Small Gifts

Bulk gifts can be made most effective when they leverage universality. For instance, everyone eats. While this may seem like something goes without saying, it’s important to remember before sending golf paraphernalia to an entire set of team members who may or may not have any interest in golf. Bulk small gifts that can be used or appreciated by nearly anybody—for instance, spa items, food and drink, gift cards and office essentials—may be more widely appreciated and carry the type of impact you’re looking for.

Around the year-end, bulk Christmas gifts such as candy and baked goods are an excellent way to reach out to team members and send a powerful message that they’re highly appreciated for all they do. While cheap bulk gifts for employees, especially if perceived as low value and generic can send the wrong message, bulk gifting doesn’t need to be costly; with the right inexpensive bulk Christmas gift ideas for coworkers, teams can celebrate the holidays and the end of another good year with gifts that leverage meaningfulness and thoughtfulness. Gifts such as gift cards are widely appreciated and with the right timing can be a delightful way to end the year. Similarly, delicious food and drink gifts offer cheer at crucial times of the year. Funny bulk gifts, such as a custom note sent on a potato from Postal vendor Potato Parcel can become cherished memories that the whole team can laugh about for months and years to come. 

Bulk Thank You Gifts

Bulk gifts are an ideal option for thanking entire groups and teams whose efforts have made a positive impact on an organization. There are a range of use cases for bulk thank you gifts, where it makes sense to thank an entire team or group.

Whether your marketing teams have recently put in the time and effort to overhaul your brand presence to keep up with market trends, your sales team has made a valiant push to end the quarter on a great note, or your operations team has ensured smooth operations for another successful year, bulk thank you gifts are a powerful way to show that their teamwork and efforts have not gone unnoticed. In medical settings, bulk thank you gifts for nurses are a great way to reward valued team members who’ve ensured that things run smoothly even in a very high-stress environment. Even inexpensive bulk employee thank you gifts can have a powerful impact.

Bulk gifts are a powerful way to thank executives who’ve made difficult decisions and steered the organization toward positive outcomes. Preparing groups of recent recruits to engage in a positive work culture with welcoming bulk thank-you gifts is an excellent way to start off a fruitful and positive relationship.

With customer experience being so important to operations, thanking long-time MVP clients with bulk gifts is an excellent way to affirm your commitment to positive customer experiences and their continued business. In a competitive market, whether domestic or global, bulk thank you gifts are also an excellent way to welcome new clients and let them know that you intend to provide them with the best possible experience and that they’ve made the right choice. 

Bulk Staff Appreciation Gifts

Bulk staff appreciation gifts are an excellent way to combine communal experiences with the delight of receiving thoughtful gifts. While staff appreciation gifts during covid were often aimed at individual experiences—self care kits, and home office essentials being ways organizations offered workers comfort in their new home offices—staff appreciation gifts might look a little different as workers return to the office.

As many workplaces transition back to physical offices from remote work, workers might be ecstatic to get back to working in a setting with more social interaction, while others might be struggling to adapt once again to a new setting. In both cases, staff appreciation gifts in bulk that can be enjoyed together are an excellent way to bring team members together and create positive memories that fuel camaraderie and boost morale and productivity.

Staff appreciation gifts under $10 per person can have a powerful impact on teams returning to office work. Gifts that offer exciting experiences in food and drinks—such as a batch of cupcakes for the office from Postal vendor Baked By Mellisa, an office ice cream party kit or a set of Wildwonder mocktails which combine great taste and gut-health for a delightful and sparkling experience—are a great way to let teams enjoy delicious flavors and experiences together. 

Cheap Bulk Employee Appreciation Gifts

While gifting always has the power to grow, strengthen, and foster important positive relationships in business, there are ways gifting can go awry and send the wrong message. The perceived value of a gift can be taken by recipients as representative of how much you value them. Think of receiving deodorant or a gift from the gas station down the street as a birthday or anniversary gift. It could create some negative feelings. The same principle applies in business.

Cheap bulk employee gifts can send team members the wrong message if they’re perceived as overly generic or of very low value. They can come across as thoughtless and impersonal, and at worst, send the message to valued employees that they are, in fact, not valued for their contributions. Though it might seem as though any gift is better than no gift at all, it’s important to consider that gifts have the power to send a message to recipients about how much you value them. If that perceived value is low, that can become a hurtful message.

Employee appreciation gifts under $10 can be perceived as thoughtless, especially if they’re generic or sent with less-than-ideal timing. Bulk gifts under $5, especially generic or impersonal gifts under $5 sourced from Amazon or discount stores can hurt relationships and send a message that recipients aren’t worth any more effort or costs. 

Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts

In a productive and positive workplace, relationships are crucial. As the workforce has changed, and roles have shifted, there are some new challenges that people ops and HR teams face, however. While many organizations have shifted back to a physical workplace with workers returning to offices, many have either stayed cautious about returning to the office or permanently adopted remote and hybrid roles, and many workers are still operating from home or remotely. It’s important for HR and people ops teams to have ways to engage with these workers and foster a positive work environment for everyone involved. While bulk thank you gifts for employees are appropriate in many cases, sometimes it’s important to send thoughtful personal gifts to individuals.

Unique employee appreciation gifts can be much more meaningful than generic alternatives and send the message to recipients that they’re uniquely valued as individuals. Remote employee appreciation gifts are a powerful way to affirm how much you value employees even when they’re working from home and communicating through digital channels. Personalized gifts have the power to make a much greater positive impact than generic and inexpensive staff appreciation gifts. Personalized employee appreciation gifts are often well-received and perceived as thoughtful.

Bulk Thank You Gifts for Customers

Bulk thank you gifts go beyond internal gifting. In nearly any business, your clients or customers are your first priority. Without them, you wouldn’t be the success that you are. Just as bulk thank you gifts enable people ops teams and HR teams to thank entire groups and teams for their dedication, fostering loyalty and engagement, they enable customer success teams to achieve similar results with customers.

There are numerous client gifting use cases. Bulk thank you gifts for customers are ideal for groups of new customers as a way to say thanks for choosing your company, for groups of long-time customers as a way of affirming your appreciation for their ongoing business, and for groups of customers who have given you invaluable feedback on their experience. Even inexpensive thank you gifts for clients, when perceived as thoughtful and sent at the right time can make positive impacts, driving loyalty and encouraging referrals and renewals. Some inexpensive thank you gift ideas might include chocolate bars, personalized cards, tea or coffee, or gift cards.

Whatever your bulk gift needs, Postal can help you ensure that they’re thoughtful, meaningful, and well timed—at the scale you need. Whether you need to scale up your gifting efforts, engage with employees and create a positive work environment at the office or among remote teams, or change the way you interact with customers for the better, be sure to reach out and request a trial with Postal, where you’ll have access to a huge marketplace of vendors and gift options, the automation tools you need to scale your gifting strategy, and your entire gifting strategy at your fingertips on one easy-to-use platform.