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Corporate Gifts For Clients

Engaging with clients and customers in positive ways is a crucial part of business. Customer experience affects factors such as churn, and in turn has an impact on every part of an organization. The quality of products and services is one of the most important parts of creating a positive customer experience, but another important factor is the interpersonal relationships you build with valued clients and customers. It’s important to find ways to affirm to customers and clients how much you value their ongoing business.

A powerful way to show customers and clients appreciation and show how valued they are is through thoughtful gifting with effective timing. Corporate gifts for clients can show important clients how much you value your relationships—and your intentions to offer them the best experience possible as a client. Timing and intention are everything with corporate gifting; when presenting gifts, it’s important to find ways to make the gesture come across as meaningful.

Though the holidays present an ideal opportunity for gifting, and business Christmas gifts are generally very well received, corporate holiday gifts are not the only type of gift that can be useful in cultivating positive client relationships. In fact, client gifting use cases are broad, and there are many ways client gifting can enhance client and customer relationships.

Corporate gift baskets are a popular format for sending client gifts, and they enable senders to create experiences for recipients that can be themed or aimed at certain holidays, personal and professional milestones. The best corporate gift baskets for clients will create a memorable and positive experience. To create experiences that are memorable, sometimes it can be necessary to send unique corporate gift baskets—novel gestures which are hard to forget. Some corporate gift basket ideas make use of personal milestones, such as having a child or buying a house with gifts that are aimed at those events, while others offer universally appreciated items such as delicious food. 

Unique Corporate Gifts

Since making an impact is very often the goal with client gifting, finding ways to send unique corporate gifts is one of the best ways to ensure that a gifting experience makes the type of impact you’re looking for. As far as the best corporate gifts, 2022 has been a year of transition. While many businesses are having workers return to physical workspaces, many more are opting to retain remote work as a permanent or continuing format for work. As such, virtual gifts include eGift cards, and premium streaming subscriptions have become equally as important as physical gifts such as self-care items, food, and office essentials.

The perceived value of a gift can be taken as an indication of how much a sender values a recipient, and for clients and employees alike, it’s important to ensure that the recipient feels properly valued.

Unique corporate gifts for employees—as well as for clients—can create a far better impression and leave a better impact than cheap corporate gifts, or corporate gifts perceived as generic. Unique client gift ideas, such as a Healthy Sorbet Machine from Uber Appliances, a French Macaron DIY Baking Kit, or a Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket, can create unforgettable novel experiences that recipients tie with your brand. Similarly, branded corporate gifts, such as a branded sleeve of cookies, a branded box of premium coffees, or a personalized cutting board can create a connection between your brand and delighting gift experiences. 

Luxury Corporate Gifts

Whether you’re celebrating the accomplishments and dedication of a high-achieving employee, reaching out to say a long-time client thank you, or anything in between, luxury corporate gifts are a powerful way to send an important message of appreciation to valued recipients. High-end gifts can be far more effective at sending the right message in certain situations, where wowing a recipient is a must.

Unique executive gifts that offer unforgettable experiences, such as a The Rosé Picnic Pack—complete with Rosé, wine glasses, and artisanal cheese, an Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug, or Kentucky Mule Gift Basket—complete with Maker's Mark Whiskey, Fever Tree Ginger Beer, copper mug, and snacks, are powerful ways to send a message of appreciation, whether you’re reaching out to an important client, or celebrating the accomplishments of a coworker or colleague.

While these premium gift ideas are aimed at creating specific experiences, Executive corporate gifts can take other approaches as well—offering high-end office essentials, or items designed to make frequent travel easier. The important thing is that luxury corporate gifts stand out among the rest and wow recipients. Luxury branded gifts are an excellent way to tie premium experiences and goods with your brand. Luxury corporate gifts with logos of your company can remind a recipient each time they use it, how much you value them. 

Business Gifts For Clients

Since customer retention can be so crucial, with acquiring new customers often being far more costly to companies than retaining existing ones, focusing budgets on customer retention can very often yield better returns. Successful customer retention affects a business at nearly every level. Loyal customers are more likely to refer your brand to others, having return customers is better for your reputation, and retaining customers frees up marketing and sales teams’ time so that they can focus on growing a brand rather than just keeping up with lost customers.

Business gifts for clients are an effective way to underscore your appreciation for their continued business. Even a small token of appreciation can go a long way in showing clients that they’re highly valued. Some free gift ideas for customers of a small business, such as writing personal thank-you notes and offering complimentary promotional products can be effective at a small scale.  Some inexpensive gift ideas for clients, such as sending a plant they can place on their desk offer a way to continually remind them of your commitment to their experience. Whatever you aim to do, gift ideas for professionals should make use of timing. Around the fall, client gift ideas can be aimed at the spirit of the season. Christmas gift ideas for clients, such as sending a Happy Holidays Gift Set, complete with cards, a candle, Jcoco Happy Holidays Dark Chocolate Truffle Bars, and even red-tipped matches are an excellent way to send cheers near the year-end. 

Corporate Gift Baskets For Clients

Gift baskets are an excellent way to reach out to recipients and offer cohesive experiences. Corporate gift baskets for clients can be themed, or offer an assortment of items designed to create a delightful experience. Gifts for clients during covid, for instance, might focus on self-care or at-home work, with baskets that include office essentials for working at home, or spa items designed to offer recipients some time to take care of their mental health and unwind.

Unique high-end corporate gifts, such as a Tee Party Gift Box, complete with Bridgestone golf balls, a DeCAPitator Bottle Opener, golf tees, BoomPods SoundClip Speakers with Alexa, and even Single Malt Scotch Caramels by McCrea's Caramels offer recipients a comprehensive experience (in this case, an unforgettable day of golf) to be enjoyed and remembered.

Other corporate gift ideas might offer experiences such as a day at the park, in a gift box that includes a water bottle, gummy bears, a rose hibiscus facial spray, a yatzy game, a sparkling non-alcoholic mixer by Avec, mango margarita dried fruit by Watermelon Road, pineapple candy by Tamalitoz, and even a pocket notebook to remember their day by. 

Personalized Corporate Gifts

Generic gifts can easily fall flat and send the wrong message to recipients. With gifting, it really is the thought that counts, and to that end, a little bit of personalization can go a very long way. Personalized corporate gifts can be perceived as much more thoughtful than generic counterparts, and become much more meaningful to recipients as a result. Whether you take the route of gifts that are picked out with a recipient in mind, or go with customized corporate gifts, the end result is that a gift is often perceived as much more thoughtful. Personalized business gifts for clients have the power to show that you value important relationships on an individual level.

In business, a personal and human touch is an often overlooked but crucial element in creating important relationships. Gifts for business professionals can easily be tailored to the personal interest of recipients and be sent in the event of important personal milestones. Personalized gifts for professionals can include customizable personalization—such as a cutting board with a map of a recipient’s hometown, or simply be aimed at their personal interests—such as a set of Caramel Hazelnut Chocolate Golf Balls sent to a known golfing aficionado. 

Corporate Gifts For Employees

Corporate gifts aren’t only an excellent way to engage with customers and clients. They’re also a great way to foster a positive work culture internally. Corporate gifts for employees are a powerful way to show long-time employees that their dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed, welcome new hires into the fold, and recruit new talent by showing a gesture of goodwill after meeting.

Gifts for employee appreciation can be a powerful reminder to valued team members that they’re appreciated, and even inexpensive motivational gifts for employees are a strong way to remind team members that they’re part of a team that values their input. When it comes to corporate gift ideas for employees, personalized gifts for employees that take into account individual interests and affinities, such as REBO Smart Bottles for the environmentally conscious, or Jade Pothos for plant lovers, can be some of the most powerful motivators. 

Whether you’re looking to take your employee appreciation and work culture efforts to the next level, or find new ways to scale your client gifting strategy easily, be sure to get started with a free trial of Postal, and discover how through powerful automation tools, easy integrations, and a vast marketplace full of vendors and gifting options, gifting can be personal, thoughtful—and easy—all at scale.