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Gift Baskets for Coworkers

Gift baskets are a wonderful way to honor and celebrate milestones and accomplishments of colleagues and employees. Gift baskets for coworkers combine a selection of items aimed at offering a recipient an enjoyable experience with an emphasis on presentation.  There are numerous cases where gift baskets are an ideal opportunity for gifting within a workplace. These can include coworkers leaving, promotions, professional milestones, and birthdays.

Gift baskets are an ideal gifting format, since they can include a variety of items designed to create a cohesive and enjoyable experience. Corporate gift baskets for employees are a particularly effective way to honor recipients, reward efforts, and show appreciation for valued team members. A gift basket for a coworker leaving is an effective way to celebrate time spent together and offer a gesture of appreciation as well as high hopes for what’s to come.

With gifting, it isn’t always the material gift that’s important; it’s important that gifting efforts are well-timed, received as personal, and meaningful. It’s important that the gesture of gift-giving is perceived as authentic and genuine. Gifts that are perceived as meaningful can significantly out-perform gifts that are perceived as generic and thoughtless.

Gift baskets are no exception. That’s why it’s important to match gift baskets to recipients and ensure that they’re perceived as thoughtful and meaningful. There are a number of ways that this can be accomplished, such as making DIY gift baskets, curating the contents of gift baskets to individual recipients, and carefully selecting baskets.

Timing is always important with gifting—late minute gifts can be poorly received, and gifts can have the greatest impact when they’re the least expected. Surprising and thoughtful gifts can create some wonderful and memorable experiences and leave a lasting impression on recipients. These gift basket ideas are designed to create impact and memorable experiences. 

Best Gift Baskets for Coworkers

The best gift baskets for coworkers will be received as personal and meaningful. There are various ways to achieve this feat, but it’s always important to remain cognizant of individual interest, as well as the timing of a gift and the intention behind it. Thank you gift baskets should clearly correlate with an event they’re offering gratitude for, for instance, and in each case, gift baskets can be a lot more effective if they speak to recipient interests.

If you’re gifting for your resident beer expert, a set of artisan microbrews might create a wonderful experience. Finding a gifting platform that works with various vendors and helps with gift basket delivery can expand your options when it comes to gift baskets, significantly—making it easy to source everything from Williams Sonoma gift baskets to Amazon gift baskets containing items specifically picked to appeal to your recipient. Some of these gift basket ideas are ideal for coworker gifting:

  • Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket: This gift basket combines some truly excellent microbrews (Grey Lady Ale by Cisco Brewers, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and Sam Adams,) Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper kettle corn, a 5qt metal bucket, Cheesy Cheddar popcorn, and roasted pistachios to create an unforgettable microbrew experience, complete with snacks and chilled beer.
  • The Gardener Basket: Perfect for gardening, this basket is curated to include the essentials for plant lovers—a dried wildflower bouquet, a Swarm of Bees candle from Tatine, a seed collector kit, a wildflower seed packet, and a wildflower notepad, all packaged in a hanging plant basket.
  • Smoked Salmon & Wine Gift Basket: For foodies, seafood lovers, and wine lovers alike—this basket has all the essentials for a lovely evening in snacking: a bottle of wine, two wine goblets, a gorgeous cutting board, Capeachio's Original Water Crackers, Seachange Maple Glazed Wild Smoked Salmon, and lemons. 

DIY Gift Basket Ideas for Coworkers

Since gift baskets that are personalized and perceived as thoughtful can have some of the most impressive impact, creating a DIY gift basket can sometimes be the way to go; DIY gift baskets can be hand created to include items of interest and recipients might be particularly touched and impressed with how much thought goes into them. Sometimes, when implementing gift box ideas, DIY affords you a lot of opportunity.

However, DIY gift baskets present their own challenges. They can be extremely time-consuming to put together, and nearly impossible to create at scale. For many organizations, creating DIY gift baskets for colleagues and coworkers simply isn’t feasible.

For situations where it is feasible, however, clever gift basket theme ideas are a must. These DIY gift basket ideas for coworkers and gift basket ideas for friends can create some lovely and memorable experiences for recipients: 

  • Local goods gift basket: Create an assortment of items that you can only—or more easily—find locally—locally brewed beer, non-perishable local food staples, local candies, local honey, socks or other apparel with the town or city’s markings. Perfect for sending to homesick colleagues, anyone planning a visit, or anyone you would like to introduce to your hometown or city.
  • Coffee or Tea Gift Basket: Whatever your recipient’s warm or chilled beverage of choice is, you have a lot of options here—a couple of mugs, some of their favorite tea leaves or favorite roast, cookie sticks for stirring, some leaves or beans they haven’t tried yet, cookies, and a nice teaspoon.

Unique Corporate Gift Baskets

It’s always the thought that counts. That’s why for corporate gifts, it’s important to send thoughtfully curated and personalized gifts. The best corporate gift baskets will combine timing and personalization to come across as thoughtful and meaningful.

Sending unique corporate gift baskets that create memorable experiences for recipients helps ensure that they won’t soon forget the gift and it carries the kind of impact you’re looking for. Unique gift baskets, curated to spark delight and enamor recipients are often the most well-received. Whether you’re sending client gift baskets or looking for corporate gift basket ideas for employees, it’s important to remember that gift baskets should be thoughtful and meaningful.

From corporate holiday gift baskets for entire teams to individual gift baskets, aimed at recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of a colleague, it’s always important to make them feel personal. Luxury corporate gift baskets are an excellent way to reach out to colleagues and coworkers and remind them that their dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed. Perfect for high-performers and coworkers who’ve recently received a promotion, luxury corporate gift boxes are an excellent way to send a positive message and celebrate accomplishments. 

Employee Gift Baskets Under $25

Employee gift baskets don’t need to break the bank to create a lasting impression. Employee gift baskets under $25 can create memorable experiences and send a clear message to recipients that they’re appreciated for all their hard work and loyalty. Whether you’re looking for get well soon gifts under $25 or bulk gifts for the same price, the right gifts can have the right impact. These gift ideas are all in the $25-$30 range and can delight recipients:

  • White Wine Gift Box: Looking for wine gift baskets under $30? This box is perfect for anyone who enjoys wine or just needs a small break from their daily hustle. Containing a bottle of 2018 Sozo Chardonnay, and a custom printed thank-you card, this set has everything you need to unwind and enjoy an excellent glass of chardonnay.
  • Cheese Pairing Collection: Runamok’s cheese pairing collection is an assortment of premium infused maple syrups designed specifically to pair with cheese. Including mouth-watering flavors such as pecan wood and hibiscus, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill everyday maple syrups.
  • Assorted Pretzelwiches 12 Pack Box: Pretzelwiches combine excellent pretzels with delicious filling and toppings. With flavors such as toffee, mint, s’mores, and brownie, these are perfect for pretzel lovers, sweets lovers, and anybody who enjoys delicious snacks.
  • Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies: What do you get for the vegan that has everything already? Cookies. These chocolate chip cookies from Dana’s Bakery aren’t just vegan—they’re also gluten-free, nut free, and kosher. 

Employee Gift Baskets Under $50

Employee gift baskets under $50 can also be excellent ways to show appreciation for employees and stoke positive feelings. These $50 range gift basket ideas can create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact:

  • Honey & Almond Spa Gift Basket: This basket has everything for the recipient who needs some time to relax. With a range of all-natural bath products designed to create a relaxing spa experience.
  • Berry Breakfast Box: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? This gift box has the essentials you need to enjoy breakfast the right way, including English muffins, fruit preserves, loaf cake, scones, and Tiffin blend coffee. This makes a perfect employee appreciation gift box.
  • Red Wine & Chocolate Gift Box: What do red wine and chocolates have in common? Aside from antioxidants, they’re delightful and relaxing. This box combines the two to create a wonderful experience with a bottle of 2015 Sozo Cabernet, package of Armoire salted dark chocolate, and a custom-printed thank-you card.
  • Favorite Treats Gift Basket: If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift baskets under $50, look no further. Full of delightful treats including kettle corn, roasted peanuts, Butterfields Candies Cherry Buds, Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels from Morley Sanders, chocolate covered cherries, and Cinnamon Pecan Straws from Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory, this basket is sure to delight anyone with a penchant for snacking. 

Holiday Gift Baskets for Employees

The holidays are an important time for people. For some, it’s an important time during which they honor their faith or spend time with their families. For others, it’s a time of reflection in which they contemplate the year’s end and how their next year will go. Holiday gift baskets for employees and corporate gift boxes for employees are excellent ways to remind team members that they’re a valued part of the company.

Holiday gift baskets can include anything from delicious sweets—as is the case in the Chocolate Classic Gift Basket (which includes 11 different types of sweet treats—)to something a little bit warmer, such as a Soup Gift Basket from Spoonful of Comfort, including soup, a half dozen bacci rolls, a half dozen cookies, and even a ladle.

Gift baskets for employees working from home can include office essentials, self care items, and comforting food. Gift baskets for office staff can include shareables such as cookies, and in either case, the best gift boxes for employees will carry a personal sentiment. The best holiday baskets for clients, similarly, can include all sorts of delightful items, but the most important factor will be gifts being received as personal and meaningful. 

Whether you’re looking to scale your gifting efforts while retaining a human touch and personal impact, you’re looking to find ways to vitalize your workplace with a positive culture, or you want to level up the way you engage with clients, be sure to reach out to request a free trial of Postal’s Offline Marketing Engagement platform, where you’ll have access to a vast marketplace of vendors and gift items, and automation that keeps gifting feeling personal at scale, all through a centralized platform where you can oversee your entire gifting strategy in one place.