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Drive brand loyalty, increase conversions, boost overall employee happiness, and improve customer health scores with Postal

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Unique Corporate Gifts

Digital outreach has become a day-to-day reality of marketing, sales, and internal work culture. With digital marketing everywhere, many consumers may feel inclined to simply tune it all out. While some forms of digital outreach are certainly more effective than others, and it’s important to fine tune your digital outreach efforts, integrating offline experiences into your outreach strategy can be a powerful way to stand out, and create meaningful connections.

Gifting can be a particularly powerful way to foster positive connections. There are numerous situations where the right gift, given at the right time, with the right messaging can create a powerful impact. Gifting can be useful in client relationships, prospect relationships, and employee and colleague relationships.

It’s important, though, to consider the factors that go into a gift that’s well-received as a meaningful genuine gesture of appreciation; the messaging behind a gift, the perceived value of a gift, and the memorability of a gift all play a role in creating an experience that feels meaningful and thoughtful to recipients.

In a world where digital outreach efforts are increasingly common, finding ways to stand out is important. Through gifting, that’s entirely possible—but it’s still important to consider how a gift might be perceived. Inexpensive motivational gifts for employees, customers and prospects may not be as well-received as truly unique corporate gifts.

Cheap or generic gifts can come across as uninteresting, superficial, and insincere. Conversely, unique or personalized gifts for employees, clients, and prospects can send the opposite message—that you’ve carefully considered how to show your appreciation, and that you highly value your relationship with the recipient. The best corporate gifts for clients, prospects and employees will be memorable, taken as meaningful, and feel personal.

Just as offline experiences such as gifts are a way of standing out among a flood of digital noise, unique corporate gifts are a way of standing out and delivering truly novel memorable and meaningful experiences, that can drive positive relationships and foster feelings of goodwill in the long run.

Best Corporate Gifts 2022

For many in the workforce, 2022 has been a year of intense transitioning. While some companies are returning to fully in-office work, many others are adopting remote and hybrid roles for the long run. As roles shift across the workforce, many organizations have begun to rethink the way they do business. In many instances, corporate gifting might reflect these larger changes. In 2021, Coresight Research released a gifting report which showed a gifting industry poised to continue growing. This year, Coresight released another report which shows that gifting trends seem nowhere near slowing down. Among their findings are some clues about what might be the best corporate gifts, 2022.

Gift cards have a significant lead on types of gifts purchased—the two most common types reported by corporate gift buyers as categories they’d purchased over the last 12 months and planned to over the next 12 months were physical and digital gift cards, followed closely by gift baskets excluding edibles. These findings, which show gift cards and corporate gift baskets as some of the most commonly purchased gifts may not be surprising to corporate gift givers, but another trend seems to be emerging as well—the category of experiences increased from the previous 12 months to the coming 12 months by a notable 8%, showing that many organizations may be focusing increasingly on providing experiences more as part of their gifting strategy.

Unique high end gifts and experiences may increasingly play a role in gifting strategies in coming months and years. The best corporate gifts for employees will vary between organizations, but as many workers either adapt to online positions, or return to the office, it seems that gifting is one way employers are able to create a sense of unity among teams. 

Luxury Corporate Gifts

Luxury corporate gifts are excellent for reaching important VIP recipients and C-suite executives, showing a heartfelt thanks, and truly celebrating accomplishments. These might be corporate holiday gifts, gifts given for important milestones, or a way of really impressing VIP clients. Luxury corporate gifts can take many forms—from real life experiences and luxury items to luxury virtual gifts that offer online or virtual experiences. When reaching out to make an impact with higher-ups, executive corporate gifts might be designed to be particularly useful, luxurious or speak to recipient interests. Unique executive gifts may be more memorable than high-quality but common gifts, and leave a bigger impact as a result. Whether you’re looking for ways to engage in luxury client gifting, or really celebrate high-achieving employees, it’s sometimes important to take gift efforts that extra step. These premium gift ideas are aimed at creating luxury experiences to be remembered:

  • Premium Steak Dinner for Four: This gift focuses on offering recipients a memorable dinner experience. With top cut sirloins, stuffed baked potatoes, and even caramel apple tartlets, your recipient will have everything they need to truly relax and enjoy some amazing food.
  • Artisanal Pinot Noir And Cheese Pairing: With a bottle of Ghostwriter "Ahlgren Vineyard" Pinot Noir, three artisanal cheeses, and more, you can create a stunning and hard-to-forget wine and cheese experience perfect for wine and cheese lovers.

Branded Corporate Gifts

Branded corporate gifts enable employers, field marketing teams, and sales teams to create impactful experiences that can be tied back to the brand, over and over. Customized corporate gifts with branding are an opportunity for organizations to spread their brand and delight recipients at the same time. Branded gifts for clients help establish your brand, and branded gifts for employees can offer encouragement to take pride in the organization they’ve played a part in the success of. Unique corporate logo gifts create lasting impact from novelty and tie that impact with the brand. The best corporate branded gifts are delightful, memorable, and often useful. These branded gift ideas combine branding and delight to create memorable experiences:

  • Branded Flower Kit: This gift offers recipients a way to grow something beautiful—with marigold seeds, and your branding, this is the perfect way to create a memorable metaphor about the relationship you hope to grow together with your brand and recipient.
  • Branded Champagne Celebration: With gorgeous champagne flutes, sent in branded packaging, offer recipients a toast to a mutually beneficial relationship and show your appreciation for their engagement.

Personalized Corporate Gifts

Personalized corporate gifts are another approach to creating unique experiences for recipients. Personalized gifts aim to create experiences that are thought-out with a recipient specifically in mind. Personalized gifts are an excellent way to honor the individual, and make it clear that you’ve thought of them. Personalized executive gifts are an excellent way to honor the accomplishments of or show appreciation for higher ups, and personalized business gifts for clients are an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment to their client experience on an individual level. These personalized gift ideas encourage individuality and are aimed at showing recipients that you care about what makes them special:

  • For the amatuer chef—Parmesan, Garlic & Rosemary Olive Oil with Traditional Style White Balsamic Gift Box: If you have a recipient in mind who’s always trying new recipes out, or looks forward to cooking dinner each day, offer them a gift that runs with that idea. Infused olive oils and premium balsamics are a staple in many kitchens, and this gift set encourages recipients to keep cooking up wonderful meals.
  • For the avid gardener—Scuddles Garden Tools Set: Whether they’re a client, prospect, employee, or colleague, chances are you know someone who cherishes their time digging, planting, and curating their garden. With gloves, organizer, and tools, this gift set is the perfect way to encourage their passion for gardening.

Unique Client Gift Ideas

Customer and client experience is crucial for long term success. Effective client gifting can be a powerful reminder of your commitment to that experience at every stage of a client or customer relationship. Client gifting use cases are numerous—from onboarding new clients to reaching out to clients who’ve stopped responding or may not renew service for another period, there are many opportunities for businesses to show their commitment to customers and clients through gifting.

Whether you’re looking for ways to create delightful experiences through thank you gifts for clients, or promotional gifts for customers, finding unique client gift ideas can be essential to a successful gifting effort. For client gift ideas, 2022 is a pivotal time during which some of your clients may be transitioning back to the office or getting ready to adapt to a remote position for the foreseeable future. These corporate gift ideas for clients work either way to create unforgettable experiences:

  • Flavors of Fall Box: If you’re looking for fall client gift ideas, look no further. With Wild Bill’s Pumpkin Soda, baked apple cinnamon popcorn, and fall scented candle, this gift set can prepare anyone for fall.
  • Happy Camper: Marshmallows, roasting sticks, a mug, candied pecans—everything a recipient needs to enjoy a wonderful evening, enjoying the weather and delectable snacks by a campfire.

Corporate Gift Ideas For Executives

Sometimes, it’s important to send gifts to the higher ups, whether internally, or when reaching out to prospects, partners or clients. Whether aimed at external executives, or corporate gift ideas for employees internally, high end executive gifts aim to wow with premium products, excellent experiences, and great gifts. These corporate gift ideas for executives aim to impress:

  • Apple Airpods Max: High quality audio, unwaveringly comfortable fit, noise cancellation, and spatial audio make these headphones not only an excellent gift, but infinitely useful.
  • Caviar and Bubbles: With The Caviar Company's Classic White Sturgeon Caviar, Cowgirl Creamery Creme Fraiche, and caviar-flavored potato chips, this makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves caviar.
  • Gourmet Popcorn Sharing Tin: As executive holiday gift ideas go, this one relies on the simple pleasure of enjoying excellent popcorn. With a variety of novel popcorn flavors, including cookies and cream, chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon swirl, and more, recipients will enjoy discovering how many ways popcorn can please.

However you use gifting to elevate relationships with and within your business, Postal makes gifting simple, while keeping it unique and personal. With powerful automation tools, help with curation through Postal Concierge, a vast marketplace of gifts and vendors, and a central platform from which you can manage it all, be sure to request a free trial with Postal and learn for yourself how Postal’s Offline Marketing Engagement platform can change the way you go about gifting.